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You can get your Pilates or yoga license and begin teaching private lessons from the convenience of your own house. You can charge $20 per hour or more, depending upon your experience and what your customers want to pay. If you’re the crafty type, offer your art work on sites such as Etsy.

Bank tellers begin around $12 an hour, usually. Other perks of the task consist of benefits, the option to work part time and the option to add to a pension. Phlebotomists work in laboratories collecting blood samples from patients. A state license or accreditation is required, in addition to a high school diploma or GED.

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A nanny is a great side task for a stay-at-home mom. You can work just one day per week or as much as five days per week, it depends on you. Per hour rates depend upon the number of kids you’re seeing and their ages, however it’s constantly more than base pay (amazon.clom).

Baristas make a little more than minimum wage, plus ideas. Bartenders work nights, nights and weekends. Per hour wage is low but ideas are high, and you’ll win cash after each shift, often as much as $400. Yes, you need a master’s degree or greater, however being a medical psychologist generates $100 per hour or more, making it one of the highest-paying part-time jobs in the U.S.Depending on the kinds of articles you write (length, topic, etc (your mom).) and the company you work for, you can charge up to $100 per hour.

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Many freelancer authors begin out making much less. Perhaps writing is not your thing however graphic design is. Freelance your work and make up to $50 an hour. Get your innovative juices flowing and work as an interior designer. Depending on your experience and types of clients, you may be able to make upward of $100 an hour.part timepart time

Like psychologists, they are among the leading part-time earners with a lot of making more than $50,000 annually. Sure, some accounting professionals work long hours in an office, however others quickly work from house and only work part time, or only work throughout tax season – state of ms jobs. Accounting produces an exceptionally steady task, pays well and is expected to grow faster than average.

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Speech pathologists charge $60 per hour, however even the ones who work in schools can make $40 per hour or more. You’ll require a degree, however therapists can specialize in injuries, sports medicine or kids’s development. Typically, physical therapists make $60 an hour and work part time. This post was originally released on SheKnows.

If you’re thinking about a part-time job, you might be worried that top-level, expert jobs don’t provide part-time schedules. But fortunately, we investigated our database to discover a range of, and that happen to pay extremely well. This list covers 13 high-paying, part-time tasks, all of which can have per hour earnings of more than $50 or more.

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With an A+ score from the Better Service Bureau, the regular monthly subscription costs allow us to fully veterinarian and verify all of the tasks on our sitemaking sure that customers have a safe and positive job browsing experience. According to the most current information from the Bureau of Labor and Data, part-time employees make up about 17% of the total U.S.part timepart time

Most of part-time employees in the U.S. are working part-time for non-economic factors, which suggests it’s not because they can’t find a full-time task or because business conditions make it difficult to work full-time hours. Moreover, a recent FlexJobs survey of more than 7,300 employees found that more individuals reported having an interest in a part-time schedule (46%) than being interested in freelance work (39%). Handling doctors, nurses, and other medical staff might be needed. A medical degree and board accreditation are usually required. $50/hour Nurse practitioners usually have a postgraduate-level education that enables them to analyze patients, identify health problems, and provide and prescribe treatment and medication. Nurse professionals work closely with physicians to provide healthcare.

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A doctor of pharmacy (Pharm – jobs columbus ne. D.) degree is generally needed to be a pharmacist. $98/hour Physicians identify and deal with injuries or health problems. Analyzing patients, taking case histories, upgrading charts, ordering and evaluating tests, and suggesting treatment plans prevail responsibilities. $52/hour Doctor assistants, or PAs, carry out physical tests, evaluate patient findings, counsel and educate patients, administer treatment, display development, and more.

$ 133/hour A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that handles the treatment of psychological disorders. Psychiatrists may operate in a range of settings, such as medical facilities, personal practices, clinics, nursing homes, and more. An understanding of basic psychology and psychotherapy skills are needed. $50/hour This high-paying, part-time job requires collecting data by means of studies, web searches, and interviews; determine essential details spaces; and evaluate info to identify patterns and opportunities.

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$ 62/hour Senior item supervisors oversee taking an item from principle to production. Leading market research, defining product requirements, and teaming up with other teams are common tasks. $66/hour This function includes establishing detailed task plans, coordinating meetings with stakeholders, tracking task budget plans, and determining task efficiency. As a senior role, a bachelor’s degree with several years of experience is most frequently required for this high-paying, part-time job.

Analyzing user requirements, creating designs and diagrams, making sure functional programs, and advising software application upgrades are some common responsibilities. $63/hour Somebody in this high-paying, part-time task will develop and execute user experience styles. Creating mockups and models and considering consumer feedback and user research analysis for designs is typically required. amazon jobs boston. If you’re on the hunt for a high-paying, part-time job, FlexJobs is an excellent place to begin.

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