Working during school hours is the dream of many moms, but frustratingly there don’t always seem to be many jobs that cater to the schedule and demands of families. 

My eldest started school this year, so I know firsthand the challenges of bringing in an income during school hours. Not to mention the fact that they’re not at school every week, making work and family life even more of a juggle. 

I understand that parents don’t necessarily want to put their children into care before and after school. It can be costly, and while some kids enjoy the bonus social hours with their friends, it can be a long, exhausting day for many others (like mine, so cue the mom guilt!). 

I’ve got your back, mama, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve searched for 20 of the best flexible jobs for moms to fit in around school. Many of them are even flexible enough that you can work around when your kids are home sick or on a break. 

20 Jobs for Moms During School Hours

1. Website or Content Writer

From freelance content writer, ghostwriter, copywriter, magazine writer to resume writer, grant writer, and technical writer…there is a writing specialty for everyone to earn money. You don’t need to have a degree or resume; you just need to have a flair and passion for the written word. (This is one of my jobs, but more on that later). 

2. Driver or Delivery Driver

Become an Uber driver, or if transporting people around isn’t what you want, you could be a delivery driver. Food delivery is a great option, and you could sign up with a company such as DoorDashPostmates, or GrubHub

3. School Administrator

Working at a school could be the ideal scenario as the hours and breaks will line up with your kiddo’s. The role varies but usually entails maintaining academic records, supporting faculty, and assisting students. 

20 Flexible Jobs For Moms During School Hours

4. Home Daycare Operator

Starting a home daycare is a wonderful option if you love kids or worked with kids prior to having your own. Your kids can be home with you at any time as well, so you’ll have flexibility, and they’ll always have other kids to socialize with. 

5. Teacher or Teacher’s Assistant

Teaching is a pretty obvious choice, but if you aren’t qualified, you could work in different support positions such as an assistant or aide. 

If you already spend a lot of time on social media, social media management could be a good fit for you. Every business out there has (or probably should have!) at least one social media platform. Business owners don’t always have the time or skills to manage their social pages’ content and engagement. Likewise, virtual assistants are always in high demand.

7. Online Store Owner

Being an online seller is an excellent way to make money. Sell your products on platforms such as eBay or Etsy, ranging from digital products, printables, photos, and e-books, to arts, crafts, jewelry, and used clothing, or start an online retail business. 

8. Tutoring

Tutoring online or in-person offers excellent flexibility, making it an ideal option to work around family commitments. You could start your own business or work for a tutoring company. 

9. Short Tasks

Short tasks, or micro jobs as they’re also known, are perfect because they can be completed in a short amount of time at any time that suits you. The tasks vary widely, so you can pick and choose your preferred specialty. 

10. Bookkeeper

Working as a bookkeeper is an excellent way to make good money, and it’s easy to get started if you love working with numbers and spreadsheets. 

11. Fitness Instructor

If you have a fitness background or a passion for exercise, you might consider teaching classes. Instructing other stay-at-home or work-at-home mamas could be perfect if they also have the flexibility to attend classes during school hours. Plus, you’ll be keeping fit!

12. Transcriptionist

If you’re unsure what this job is, transcriptionists take audio and video clips and transcribe them into written content. This could be the job for you if you can type well and efficiently. If you’ve never done it before, there are companies that hire beginners. 

13. Beautician

If you’re a beauty and makeup lover, and you’re looking for a fun job that makes you feel good, then a career in the beauty industry could be for you. You might like to start your own home-based business or prefer working for an established company that offers flexible working hours. 

14. Housekeeper/Cleaner

Chores like cooking, cleaning, baking, and laundry can all be turned into lucrative home-based businesses. Starting your own service business is an excellent option if you want to be your own boss. Look at your skills and interests and go from there. 

15. Call Center Representative

These days you can work virtually from home doing call center jobs, so if you’d like to get paid to talk on the phone, this could be a good fit for you. If cold calling isn’t your thing, there are other marketing alternatives (see link below). 

20 Flexible Jobs For Moms During School Hours

16. Data Entry Clerk

If you enjoy typing, have decent computer skills, and want to work from home, data entry may be the perfect position for you. The job usually requires you to take a transcript and input it into a computer program. 

17. Online Researcher

Internet research is an excellent way to make money from home, and there are lots of companies that hire freelancers to do their research. If you have background experience in a specific area, such as law, marketing, insurance, or real estate, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

18. Mystery Shopper

How would you like to get paid to shop? It’s even possible to be a mystery shopper from the comfort of home with nothing more than your phone.

19. Proofreader

If you’re a stickler for grammar and great at picking up typos, you’re in luck—proofreaders are in high demand! You can proofread from anywhere and go at your own pace. For a change of scenery, you could work in a cafe or while you’re waiting in the car at school pick-up.

20. Start a Business 

Many of the jobs on this list can be done through agencies or third party businesses, which might be a good way to get your foot in the door, especially if you don’t have experience in the role. However, you can quickly turn it into your own business to have even more flexibility, and you will probably find it more rewarding and enjoyable. 

Starting your own business from home is exciting, so here is a non-exhaustive list of five other ways you can be your own boss doing something you love. You might also like to read Why Back to School is the Perfect Time to Launch Your Work-at-Home Business.

What My Plan for Working During School Hours Looks Like

Phew, that’s quite the list! Are you surprised (and perhaps overwhelmed) by the number of job opportunities there are for school moms?

I just wanted to share my personal experience. Here in Australia, the school year starts in February. My biggest kiddo will be at school, and my little one will be in a 3-year-old kinder, which is only six hours a week spread over two days. It doesn’t leave me with a lot of kid-free time when you factor in drop-offs and pick-ups, but my plan will look like this:

Monday and Friday mornings will be kid-free, so that’s when I’ll write. I’m a freelance writer and editor, but I have consistent and reliable work doing that now. On the days that my youngest is home, I will write and do other jobs until the afternoon school pick-up. In the evenings and weekends, I’ll work on my sleep coaching business

Other jobs I’ll be doing include social media management and micro jobs, such as proofreading, creating images with Canva, transcription, and perhaps online research—whatever I can fit in and whatever I feel like doing. That’s the beauty of it! 

I have worked from home since my big kid was born, so my children are well aware that the afternoon is a quiet time when I work. Sadly the nap days ended not that long ago, which was when I was the most productive (read my nap tips here)! 

I hope my real-life example of working within school hours shows you how achievable and easy it is. I’d love to know what you’re considering doing. To add some variety to your life, why not choose several different jobs to keep it interesting and to ensure you’ve always got money coming in. That way, you can decide where your specialty lies as well, and who knows where it will lead. Good luck!

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