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A Must-Have Resource For Work From Home Newbies

If you’re a work-from-home newbie, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. And I don’t blame you one bit. Because if you have left or are about to leave a secure job for the work-from-home life, you want to make sure it’s the right decision.
I happen to know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, when I started working from home – I guess you can say I kind of threw myself into it.
My Story
My story goes something like this…Before I started working from home, I worked for a Fortune 500 company. I started out as a customer service rep and worked my ass off to manager’s assistant within two short years.
Soon I was climbing the ladder of success. But that came at a hefty price. I started working long hours and that kept me away from my family.
My oldest daughter started to rebel and I ended up with depression and anxiety over all the stress I had trying to balance a demanding job and family.
On August 2007, I had enough of the B.S. at work so I just quit. No two-week notice, nothing. I packed up my stuff and walked out.
I had no plans whatsoever. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But one thing was certain – I had to come up with something quick.
It took me about a week but when the shock wore off after what I’ve done I started looking for another job. And that’s when I came across an article that talked about making money from home.
The more I searched the more opportunities I found. Unfortunately, my first work-from-home job was a scam but I had to look past that because I was not about to go back to Corporate America.
While I figured out what I wanted to do, I did freelance projects, filled out online surveys and did data entry work to keep money coming in.
Even though the side hustle gigs was making me money it wasn’t enough to substitute the income. Yes I had the freedom but freedom wasn’t paying the bills.
Finally, My First Work From Home Job
I landed my first legit work-from-home job as a customer service rep for Transcom. At that time they were known as Cloud 10.
I could not have asked for a better job. I worked the night shift which meant I was able to take my kids and pick them up from school.
Unfortunately the position didn’t last long because the night shift was removed due to low call volume. But by that time I already had notebooks of notes and resources. And since I was already sharing work-from-home jobs with my friends, I decided to start a blog to share legit at-home jobs and side hustle gigs.
A couple of years later I started writing about my mom moments. That’s when Not Now Mom’s Busy was born.
A Must-Have Resource For Work-from-Home Newbies
If I could go back and do it all over again, I would certainly take more time to research about working from home instead of jumping in without a clue like I did. The sudden loss of income hit us hard.
That’s why I always encourage people who ask me about working from home to sit down and weight the pros and cons to be sure it’s the right decision for the whole fam.
But there’s no use cryin’ over spilled milk. What I can do is share all I’ve learned with you.

A Guide To Work From Home Success – A Must-Have Resource For Newbies
I’ve compiled all my notes and put them in this work-from-home guide. I did this so that you, dear reader, will have all you need to find the perfect work-from-home job or home-based business for you.
Here’s what you’ll get in the guide:
A list of companies that hires at-home employees
Side hustle gigs to make extra money
Home-based start up ideas
Helpful tips to prepare you for a phone interview
How to spot a scam
The pros and cons of working from home
And more!
To get this must-have resource, click here.
If you know anyone who is looking for a legit at-home job or side hustle gig to make extra money please share this post with them.



30+ Companies Always Hiring Remote Workers

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to allow employees to work from home. A new normal a lot of people have embraced and have grown accustomed to.
But when companies are given the all clear to go back onsite, a majority of their employees will prefer to continue working from home.
As a matter of fact, a survey conducted by Global Workplace Analytics shows 76% of employees want to continue to work from home post CoVID-19.
34 Companies That Hire Remote Workers
In another study done by Gallup’s research, it shows more than 50% of office workers would be willing to quit their to work from home.
That said, in case you’re one of the ones looking for a work from home job, here is a list of 30 companies always hiring remote workers.
American Express
Capital One
Enterprise Holdings
LanguageLine Solutions
Red Hat
United Airlines
UnitedHealth Group
Working Solutions
Global Workplace Analytics also indicated employers can save $11K per half-time telecommuter per year, I think it’s safe to say this list will be getting longer as the years go by. And that’s great news for remote workers around the world!
Get More Work From Home Jobs
To get more work from home job opportunities, check out our job search page. And follow Not Now Mom’s Busy on Facebook and Twitter for daily job posts!
Good luck!



25 Home Decor Color Match Palettes

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Guess what?
This hard working girl just closed on her DREAM HOUSE. I had been looking forward to this for a long time, planning it for 4 long years!
Now, that I am home owner – I’ve already begun starting to decorate and putting my own personal touch to every single corner of my house. My first task at hand, painting!
Did you know that you can simply take in a photo on your phone into your local paint store and they can color match those colors right from your phone?! Totally true. 🙂
With these gorgeous home decor color match palettes, you’re sure to find the perfect shade and color combinations for your space.

25 Home Decor Color Match Palettes
Decorating your home can be overwhelming; especially if you don’t have any idea what color schemes you should use! Get all the inspiration you need for your interior design with these beautiful 25 home decor color match palettes.

Isn’t that shade of pink beautiful? It really pops against the other neutral shades in the room. You could easily create a room with a pink focus wall in that color!
Dark Rich Blue – #2B2C31
Pink Popsicle – #EC4477
Green Zinnia – #B5C272
Pot-Pourri Pink – #F4E3D9
Alice Blue – #F8F9FB

If you’re looking for browns and yellows, here’s some neutral colors to inspire you. Who knew that neutral tones could come together for such an eye-catching look!
Black Beauty – #2E2721
Brown Bark – #8B705F
Treacle Brown – #EEB87A
Peach Syrup – #FDE3B2
White Smoke – #F2F2F2

Purple can be challenging to color match, but don’t be afraid to pair it with another bold color in conservative amounts. Purple rooms make me automatically think of elegance and wealth. What do you think of when you see purple decor?
Somber Blue – #55526D
Purple Monsoon – #7E6C7A
Cinnabar Red – #E63428
Citrine White – #FBF6E2
Gray Daze – #DADCD1

Isn’t this kitchen gorgeous! This is one of my favorite pictures. I just LOVE the teal. It plays so well with the charcoal black, beige, and white. Who wouldn’t love a kitchen like this?!
Bastille Blue – #2A2A34
Kingfisher Blue – #5596AA
Vineyard Blue – #AABFD4
White Lavender – #E6E8F5
Lilac Frosting – #DCD7DD

These colors remind me of a Tuscany setting. The deep beige almost looks like a rust-orange. Pair that with some natural colors like greens, grays, and browns, and you have your very own piece of Italy.
Cocoa Bean – #421B20
Tuscan Brown – #C26039
Wild Willow Green – #BFD372
Pink Vanilla – #F1CBCA
Lilac Thistle – #C9C2CA

Anyone see that blue rose on the table…come on…tell the truth…is that real? How do you get a blue rose???
Radish Red – #A7263C
Amethyst Smoke – #AB9EB0
Antique Lavender – #836877
Pink Whisper – #F9D6DC
Periwinkle Gray – #D6D2E3

Mmmm…cake. 🙂 If you’re looking for more natural colors, these greens and yellows are perfect shades. Even in small amounts, yellow helps set the mood for a cheerful space.
Outer Space – #2A3330
Asparagus Green – #74B267
Banana Puree – #EBEA8E
Dusty Gray – #C6CBD1
Contessa Pink – #CB7A81

I spy teal! 🙂 I love the way the black, teal, and white look together! Black might not look good for wall colors, but you could get black and teal decorations and really tie the whole room together. To me, the colors marry well a masculine and feminine space.
Jet Black – #1B1612
Milk Chocolate – #975930
Eurasian Teal – #4E96A4
Spirulina Green – #447854
Twilight Gray – #DDD9DA

I can’t help it, I tend to really like grey walls. This is the perfect shade too: not too dark, not too light! This color match palette says feminine, cool, bright, and flirty!
Purple Viola – #8D7C9C
Turkish Rose – #C47A8B
Pink Charm – #F9CFDB
Ballet Pink – #F5E7DE
Gray Twinkle – #EDEEF2

Aren’t these sparkle lights in the background pretty? That was definitely added with photo-editing software, but still very pretty. Just a pop of purple to tie all the colors together. You could replace the purple with any color really: red, pink, etc. but I think purple and green look really pretty together. It’s a beautiful mix of warm and cool colors.
Gravel Blue – #8D949E
French Purple – #93619E
Wasabi Green – #889C47
Delicate Peach – #FFF4D6
Orange Tinge – #F1B27F

Yellow is so cheerful and can brighten up ANY room! This color match palette says to me warm, cozy and comfortable!
Pearl Gray – #E7E0D8
Cozy Yellow – #F7CF53
Saratoga Green – #53621F
Valencia Red – #D35141
Bourbon Biscuit – #72361C

I absolutely adore these headboards and they are grey to boot. So elegant and pretty giving such a clean, crisp look!
Gazebo Gray – #CFCECA
Crisp Blue – #D7DDE9
Gray Echo – #B0B4BF
Manatee Gray – #9AA2AD
Dolomite Blue – #444A56

If you like the look of wood, here’s a nice neutral brown that goes with just about anything. When it’s paired with the black, green, and grey, it has such an earthy, outdoorsy feel.
Black Forest – #222627
Peru Tan – #7B3B20
Quicksand – #E5C999
Green Amulet – #7D986F
Hawkes Blue – #D3DAE2

Can you just see your last name spelled out in mugs on a shelf for decoration? Such a clever idea! The neutral colors with the bright pops of color create such an attractive look!
Congo Pink – #F3887E
Yellow Duckling – #F4EF71
Lakeland Blue – #60A2C2
Vintage Lilac – #CCC1C7
Cornish Cloud – #F2F4FF

This reminds me of Morocco. It’s a fun way to introduce browns, blacks, and teals together along with your wood furniture.
Blue Aquarium – #01B3C1
Sour Apple – #9DC263
Moroccan Coral – #F35D5E
Dynamic Gray – #E9EAEC
Paris Pink – #F6DED2

If you’re going old world style, this coffee table fits the bill. Isn’t that such a cute idea to make a home seem “woodsy”. I can imagine these colors in a cabin by the lake. The deep blue of the lake, the brown from the tree trunks, and yellow from the sun.
Profound Blue – #163047
Leather Brown – #AE703F
Opaque Pink – #D2595E
Durian Brown – #DACA8E
London Smoke – #C5C4C2

These colors would be great for a sailor theme room. Maybe a kids room too. I love how the blues play well together with the white, yellow, and grey. The yellow pillow is like a drop of sunshine.
Sailor Blue – #445C82
Herbal Garden – #88AB2B
Yellow Embrace – #F7D081
Blue Splendor – #C3CAD4
Dewdrop Gray – #DCE1E5

This is one of my other favorite spaces. Of course it’s grey, so you can add in pops of color anywhere you want. If you look closely, you’ll see some burgundy on the table by the mirror. Very classy.
Gray Licorice – #43443F
Lilac Stork – #B9AEAA
Spring Peach – #ECB395
Classy Purple – #AF7987
Petticoat Gray – #F4F4F4

Those lights are gorgeous, as is the backsplash to the stove! It’s really an interesting way to combine grey, black, and brown. Those colors don’t seem to mix usually but here, they absolutely do! It makes me want to pull up a chair, watch someone cook, and just hang out!  🙂
Black Raisin – #1C1D21
Mohawk Gray – #7F6D63
Mocha Truffle – #9E8768
Dainty Pink – #F6E0C8
Heirloom Gray – #DCD7D1

Yellow, red, and green. This would be great for a dorm room or boys room. This color match speaks optimism, cheer, and relaxation all at the same time.
Yellow Pursuit – #EBDD70
Turkish Delight – #EB7871
Babbling Brook – #A1EAF0
Blue Igloo – #EEEFF4
Pink Musk – #F2EBE5

I’m in love with those curtains. They match the backsplash perfectly and it’s fun to see green and grey paired together. These are more minimalistic colors but yet seem warm at the same time.
Inkwell Blue – #576160
Green Artichoke – #8C9671
Quicksilver Taupe – #B3A9A7
Brushed Gray – #CECECC
Salt Glaze – #E8E9EB

Wood floors….MY FAVORITE! In the house I just bought, I have wood floors. They are a lighter wood color, but so beautiful. Take inspiration from your floors! Pick tones and colors that coordinate and play well off each other.
Dark Sable – #241510
Walnut Brown – #9B7159
Orange Soufflé – #F4BF93
Graceful Pink – #FBECE7
Gray Nimbus – #E6E7E9

When I see these colors, I automatically think game room. Wouldn’t it be fun to have red, pink, and beige in a game room?! Red is energizing so it would definitely be a fun room, that’s for sure!
Midnight Opal – #2C2934
Berry Smoothie – #E8455A
Tender Pink – #F1D0C1
Jolly Pink – #FEAFCE
Lemongrass Green – #E7ECB2

I’m a sucker for brick walls. I have no idea why, just love them. They kind of remind me of a trendy loft space. You could create a faux brick wall as the focus wall in your decorations. Pair it with teal, green, and soft yellow and tie it all together with a checkered rug. Smart!
Luxury Dark Chocolate – #2B2623
Sea Voyage – #468282
Pink Allure – #CF7A77
Dill Green – #637C5F
Oatmeal Beige – #EEE3B6

So often I see pale yellow with grey and it looks really cheesy. Like someone is trying too hard, but these color match palettes look WONDERFUL together, especially when you bring some bright red pops of color into the mix!
Red Pop – #CA0202
Raspberry Coulis  – #C75D81
Peach Swirl – #ECCFAF
Fortress Gray – #B7B7BF
Lyrical Gray – #E8E8EA
Have these home decor color match palettes inspired you? If so, be sure to bookmark it on your phone for later so you can show your local paint store the exact colors you want!

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A How-To Guide for First-Time Freelancers

Ashlee of Work from Home Happiness is sharing her tips for first timer freelancers who are just getting started. To connect with Ashlee, you can find her on Twitter and create your own freelance service site — and it’s much easier (and affordable) than you may think.
Having your own corner of the Internet gives you a chance to showcase your skills and promote your services. Plus, it’s a one-stop shop where clients can check out your portfolio, learn about your services, and contact you for more information. If you maintain a blog on your freelance service site, even better. This can be a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and bring in organic traffic through Google. A freelance service site is really an easy-peasy, super affordable and excellent way to appear as the perfectly polished freelancer that you, no doubt, are.
Rinse & Repeat
Freelancing is more of a marathon than a sprint. It may take weeks or months before your first client comes your way. This may be especially true if you opt not to sign up for freelance marketplaces. And that’s okay! The important thing is to be persistent and consistent. Make it a point to do at least one thing for your freelance business every day — especially if you’re holding down a 9-to-5 while starting a freelance side hustle.
In the world of freelancing, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. So, keep on keepin’ on – perfect your pitch, get your name out there, network like crazy. Before you know it, you’ll be a full on freelance pro and proudly join the ranks of millions of independent workers around the world.


Where To Find Remote Internet Researcher Jobs

I was going through older posts over the weekend and I came across this one about making money online as an internet researcher and decided I should update it and share it with you again.
There’s one thing we’re always doing when we’re online – researching the internet. Whether it’s work-related or for personal use, nowadays everyone knows their way around the World Wide Web. Believe it or not but this is a great skill to have because there are companies out there who hire internet researchers and the best part is they get to do it from home.
I’m sure you’ve come across an internet research job but passed it up because you thought it was just another scam. I don’t blame you one bit because I know how that goes. My first work-from-home job was a scam and after that fiasco I was weary about applying for anything that I didn’t recognize.
It wasn’t until I started blogging about working from home and started researching the possibilities and discovered that there are some legitimate internet researcher jobs out there. In fact, a couple years ago I took a risk and applied for an internet researcher job I found on Hire My Mom. Turns out the company was and I worked with them on a four-month project.
I’m also still a member of SmartCrowd Lionbridge and every now and then I’ll complete a research project for them.
So you see, not all internet researcher jobs are a scam, you just have to look closely at the job you’re applying for.
About Internet Researcher Jobs
When you accept a job as an internet researcher, you’re given a particular topic and are asked to a general query on different search engines and verify what you found pertaining to that topic. Pretty easy right?
If you spend your time browsing the through the internet to search for specific information then you already have some experience as an internet researcher. But besides knowing you’re way through the internet, there are some other requirements employers are likely to ask for.
For instance, they will want their candidates to
demonstrate accuracy
be very detailed
be familiar with different web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
follows directions
have a reliable computer with high speed internet
have dependable means of communications
be familiar with software like Microsoft Office software program in case you’re asked to put your data on an excel spreadsheet.
know how to handle simple technical issues like deleting cookies and clearing caches they may also expect you to know.
There are also research tools you should become familiar with if you’re not already. Here is just some of most commonly used ones:
Concierge Safari plugin – This plugin is a multifunctional scratchpad, bookmark managing tool and search history sorter.
Eagle Filer for MAC – This plugin organizes, archives and searches your email, web page files and other stored information. The tagging feature makes it easier to find notes you saved a year ago.
Springnote – Use this tool to keep notes and ideas online. You can share your work with others and every member of your group can read, write and share information.
Google Docs  – Create and format documents and allow others to view, edit and share them.
Where To Find Work As An Internet Researcher
Here is a list of companies that have hired internet researchers in the United States and other countries. If they’re not hiring at this time you can always come back to check out their openings.
Ask Wonder
Bid Ocean Network
Click N Work
Hire My Mom
IT-Boss Research
Just Answer
Worldwide 101
You can search freelance sites like Upwork for internet research jobs. There is also a job search site called

How To Make Working From Home Work For You

Disclosure: This post includes an Amazon link to planner to keep organized when working from home. If you purchase this product through this link, I’ll receive a small commish at no cost to you.
The CoVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people are working these days. The office cubicle is a distant memory and the couch has become a common workspace.
As a matter of fact, Global Workplace Analytics estimates 56% of the U.S. workforce does some kind of remote work.
This type of work benefits moms who want to stay home with their kids and empty nesters who might want to make extra money and for introverts where the work from home life is ideal.
But for people who have been working in an office, working from home is a new normal and it might take some time getting used to.
How To Make Working From Home Work
There are some people who may end up going back to the ‘normal’ work life because working from home didn’t cut the mustard.
But if you’re willing to stick it out and make working from home a permanent thing, here are some things to have success with the work-from-home life.
#1 Create A Distraction-Free Workspace

Most employers require remote workers have a dedicated workspace that is free of distractions and noise. If you don’t have a room to turn into a home office, you can section off a spot in your home like your bedroom.
The most important thing to remember is that is has to be free of distraction and noise.
#2 Brush Up On Your Skills

If you’re returning to the workforce or haven’t used your talents in a while brush up on your skills. For example, provides timed typing tests to test your speed and accuracy.
And Udemy has tons of online courses such as learning customer service and office productivity to learn Microsoft, Google and more.
#3 Search For Work-From-Home Jobs On Trusted Sites
Nothing will bring on the work from home blues like coming up empty on job searches. When you come across scams and get rich quick schemes, it can make you wonder if working from home is worth it.
To be sure your job search returns legit work from home jobs, only search for remote jobs on trusted sites like Zip Recruiter and Flex Jobs. Our work from home job search page is powered by Zip Recruiter so you don’t have to go far!
#4 Be Organized When Working From Home

Be organized with your daily job search routine. For example, start with a planner to keep appointments and keep track of important things like:
the jobs you applied to
to make a note of when cover letters were sent, name and email address of recruiters, etc.
I love this girlie planner by Tri-Coastal Design has space for plenty of notes, a monthly to-do checklist and large tabs to find the page you need. It also comes with stickers and each month includes an inspirational quote. You can find this planner on Amazon.

#5 Use Ergonomically Correct Equipment
If you plan on working from home prepare to do a lot of sitting. I don’t need to tell you about the dangers of prolonged sitting and how it can be bad for your neck and back.
So be sure to use a ergonomically correct equipment like a keyboard with wrist padding or a chair that provides lumbar support. You can find equipment on sites like ErgoMania who provides a variety of ergonomica equipment like chairs, keyboards, desks, foot solutions and more.
#6 Take Care Of Yourself While Working From Home
Last but not least, and this is important – take care of yourself. Take breaks. Get up and walk around the house. Take a stroll down block to soak up the vitamin D. Spend time with the family. And munch on healthy snacks.
Wrapping Up
I hope these tips to make working from home are helpful. Here’s to your work-from-home success!


These States Have The Most Work From Home Jobs

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to FlexJobs for work from home jobs. If you sign up to FlexJobs, I’ll receive a small commish at no cost to you.
A lot of folks have been working from home since the pandemic outbreak. But as states are reopening and businesses are going back to normal, a majority of those folks want to continue doing remote work.
If not for safety reasons because of the coronavirus but because they realize it’s a better option for them and their family.
States With The Most Work From Home Jobs
When you search for work from home jobs you might have noticed something. That not all states have remote work available. And that some jobs require employees live in a particular state.
Well, FlexJobs* wrote a great post with a list of the states with the most work from home jobs as well as the companies within those states.
Here are the 15 states that made their list:
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Some companies prefer their employees live in their state so that they can attend meetings, training or any other in-office event.
Now you don’t always have to live in these states to find a work from home job. A lot of companies will accept out-of-state candidates. The job description of a company’s listing will tell you if you need to live in their state or can work from anywhere.
For a breakdown by percentage and the companies that are located within each state, read FlexJob’s blog post here.
I hope you found these resources helpful! Don’t forget you can follow Not Now Mom’s Busy on Facebook and Twitter for daily remote job leads.


25 Companies That Lets You Work From Anywhere

A work from home job is just like an on-site job. You need to have certain skills and experience. Your workspace should have necessary equipment to do the job. And in some cases, the company wants you to live in the state where they’re located.
The most common question I get asked about working from home is why do employees have to live in a certain state. And the answer to that is – because some companies want their employees to attend meetings or training on the job site instead of virtually.
Last week I shared a list of states that have the most work from home jobs. Now, I’ve got a list of companies that will let you work from anywhere in the U.S.
These Companies Will Let You Work From Anywhere
Take a look at these 25 companies that will let you work anywhere in the U.S.
C3 (Customer Contact Channels)
Century Link
Conduent – use keyword ‘virtual’
Dialog Direct
Sutherland Global Services
VIPdesk Connect
World Travel Holdings
Xact TeleSolutions
The way things are going now with the coronavirus, I wouldn’t be surprised if more companies relaxed their in-state policy and let their employees work from anywhere. That would be a win-win for everybody.
Good luck in your search! Check out our work from home job search page for a list of who’s currently hiring. And don’t forget to follow Not Now Mom’s Busy on Facebook and Twitter for daily job leads.



Easy Chicken Mole Recipe

This is an updated post from the Easy Chicken Mole recipe I did as a sponsored post for Dona Maria Mexican Sauce about three years ago.
It’s funny. My mom used this brand for as long as I can remember and it’s why I use it when I make this dish for the fam. Sponsored post or not, I still would have recommended this sauce to you. 🙂
Making chicken mole the old school way takes way to long. You have boil the spices and then blend them to make the sauce. And for busy moms like you and me, the less time we’re in the kitchen, the better!
Chicken Mole Recipe
So without further adieu, here is my easy chicken mole recipe…
The total prep time for this is about 30-45 minutes (mainly because of boiling the chicken) and serves 8.
What You’ll Need:
boneless chicken breast (you can use boneless thighs or even a whole chicken)
a jar of Dona Maria Mole Mexican Sauce
garlic powder
peanut butter (optional)
How To Make It
Boil the chicken until it’s fully cooked. Remove the chicken, save 4 cups of the water and discard the rest.
Preparing the Sauce:
In a blender, add Dona Maria mole sauce, 1/2 tsp of cumin, a 1/2 tsp of garlic powder, 1/2 tsp of salt and about a spoonful of peanut butter. The peanut butter adds a little sweetness to it, but if you like the spice, you can leave it out. Add 2 cups of the water and blend the ingredients until it’s mixed well.
Place the chicken back into the pot and add the mole sauce. Cook on a low heat stirring occasionally. As the sauce starts to thicken, add 1 cup of water. If you like the consistency of the sauce, no need to add more. But if you don’t, add the other cup of water and stir.
Serve with Mexican rice and refried beans and you’ll have yourself an authentic Mexican meal! You can pick up Dona Maria mole sauce in the Spanish food aisle of your grocery store. Hope you enjoy the recipe.
Happy cooking!



How To Prep For A Meeting With The Boss About Working From Home

When life gets back to normal the hustle and bustle of working in an office will go full speed ahead. And working from home will become a memory. But not everyone will be headed back to the office.
Global Workplace Analytics shared stats from a gallup poll that shows 35% of employees would change jobs for opportunity to work remotely full time.
If you’ve been thinking about quitting a job to work from home, have you considered whether your current job is telecommutable?
Quitting a job you’ve devoted so much time in along with the blood, sweat, and tears is hard to do. Before you resign why not evaluate your job’s responsibilities and see if you can perform them from home.
If you’re ready to sit down and talk to your boss about working from home, here are some suggestions to prepare you for your meeting.
How To Prep For A Meeting With Your Boss About Working From Home
Before meeting with your boss to introduce the idea of working from home, it’s important that you be prepared. 
Here are some things you can bring up in your meeting:
Explain the reasons why you it’s important to you to work from home and how this would boost your productivity.
Outline your responsibilities and describe how you would be able to perform those tasks at home.
Discuss your home office set up and how you have the necessary tools that will allow you to perform your job.
Go over how your plans for communicating with him or her.
Reassure your boss there won’t be any distractions while you work from home. Make sure you have your childcare needs in order before your start working from home.
Convince your boss your performance will not be affected at all working from home and if extra measures are needed to persuade him or her. And if you can,look take supporting documents with the latest work from home stats to help your argument.
More specifically, point out that working from home will improve your job performance. And if the boss is still hesitating, recommend a trial period and meet weekly to assess how things are going.
Wrapping It Up
Being prepared at your meeting will show your boss that you did your homework and that you are committed to making it work for you both.
I hope you found this post helpful. And remember, you never know what you’ll get unless you ask! Good luck!