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Sales Funnel & Marketing Funnel Builder for Online Business!

Learn Why Sales Funnel and marketing funnel builder are Compulsory for Every Online Startup Business and for digital marketers. The Best Digital marketing tool

The very important part of any Successful Online Business is its productivity, quality, and automation system and forgetting that they use some tools and gadgets which improve their productivity & quality as well as reduces time and effort, Sales Funnel Builder do the same for online business success.

With Sales Funnel any Online Startup Business can share their message and piece of information with their potential customer.What is a Sales Funnel Builder:- 
Marketing or Sales Funnel is a platform where any product and service can be described in detailed information through contents, infographics, images, and videos.The funnel, which is sometimes called a marketing funnel or sales funnel, illustrates the idea that every sale starts with a massive range of potential customers, and ends with a far smaller range of individuals who definitely becomes a customer. This information includes benefits, features, testimony, stories and pricing details.In short, it provides detailed answers to the questions, people looking for a Sales Funnel also includes the feature of a landing page as it captures the lead or e-mailing information of an interested visitor, and display on your browser with a web-link or custom domain name.But Sales Funnel is wider than a landing page. Landing pages especially used as a home page of a website but Sales Funnel itself a complete website with content only a few pages.How the Sales Funnel Works In an Online Business:-
In simple words, you get your online visitors to go through a “capture page”, where you can collect their contact information, usually a name and email, and then use email with additional “Call to Action” then You can eventually lead a sale with them and change them as a paying customer.

Sales Funnel Stages will range by way of Online Startup business enterprise, however, they’re commonly divided into 4 sections. These stages include the most important quality of customer potentialities.Awareness:- At this stage wherein clients have determined a hassle, all started trying to find a solution and turn out to be aware of an organization via content advertising and marketing, and email marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and marketing or other avenues.  
Interest:- At this stage, Actual potential customer shows their interest in the product but the number goes down, however, the opportunity of an income conversion will increase. this is generally whilst the customer will have interaction with the agency, request more information, and ask questions.  
Decision:- This is the time when a prospective client thinks about the benefits and outcomes of the product and compares the actual and perceived values of the product comparatively. And he also focuses on why and how quickly he needs the product. 
Action:- all of the previously referred to degrees funnel down into the very last step: action. At this stage, the customer has decided to purchase the product and take the action. 
Different Types of Sales Funnel for Different Online Business:- 
Here you can find many types of sales funnels for everything for digital product selling funnels as well as physical product selling funnels. Each of these funnels has a specific purpose and importance, you can make any of these in one or two hours. Sales Funnels, you can use any for your Online Business growth.
The Sales Letter Funnel:- This funnel uses a long-form sales letter to sell the product or service upfront. when you sell your front end product to your customer, you can upfront them another offer, and then you will have up-sells & down-sells immediately after when you sell your main offer to your customer. and it increases your average cart value and reduces the cost of the advertisement.
The Squeeze Page Funnel:- These Squeeze pages don’t have much distractions. times, even not a logo or any extra links or any complicated footers. The best way to get best conversion rate on these squeeze pages is to use a curiosity-based headline and get the desired result.
The Membership Funnel:- Membership Funnels were created to sell people into membership sites, paid newsletters, and more, but in this Funnel, we will be using a video sales letter. Here you offer some type of trial On the first page, and someone will signup for this. On the Next Page “ThankYou Page” they get a link to create their account in the member’s area with their own unique username and password and content unlocks based on the user’s specific purchases.
The Video Sales Letter Funnel:- Video sales letter funnel has a video that makes the sale for your product or service. You can include an order form bump on the order form, and then we normally have an upsell and potentially a down sale.
The 2-Step Tripwire Funnel:- A Tripwire is a low price ticket the front end product that is so irresistible people ought to purchase it. when they put in their credit card, you may then upsell them your greater expensive products through Order form Bumps and One-click on Upsells or Downsells.The Survey Funnel:- There are two main objectives of a survey funnel. The first is to help your visitors connect more with you as they need to answer the questions and make micro-commitments. The second is that you allow to find out who your visitors are, and then you can show them a different sales message that they are.
Live Demo Funnel:- live Demo Funnel is an excellent way to present your product by showing the live demo and actually using it in front of your customers. This offers the host a way to reply to live questions and demonstrate their product. try this by hosting a periodic live show that others can also attend live. Remind visitors where they could get the product you’re showing and keep additional episodes below.
The Lead Magnet Funnel:- A lead magnet funnel is similar to other opt-in funnels, but here you are giving something in exchange for the visitor’s e-mail address. This can be a report or video, but it is usually something that they are exchanged for their e-mail address.
The Hero Funnel:- This funnel created for sharing some of your stories, bio, getting people to join your email newsletter, and then asking them to follow you on your social media accounts.
The Auto Webinar Funnel:- The Auto Webinar Funnel is used after an entrepreneur has proven their offer several times previously and it is the historically best converting webinar uploaded online. Auto webinars are an automatic system which can be played every hour around the clock like a recording and keep selling your products & services automatically for you. Here someone registers for this auto-webinar on the registration page, then they are taken to a confirmation page where they can see the date and time for their event. Then they get emailed links in their inbox,  By clicking on the link get them excited about the training they either are about to get on, or just completed. When live presentation time has passed, they get emailed links for recordings of the same presentation, where they have the final chance to watch the replay of that webinar.
The Homepage Funnel:- The Homepage Funnel lets the online marketer have elements of a traditional “home page” internet site, but turn it into a real lead funnel. the primary web page tells the story of the business and invites visitors to opt-in. They also can pick from the most popular products featured below.
The Webinar Funnel:- The Webinar Funnel is a kind of tutorial or online class which gives the entrepreneur extra time for explaining all benefits, myths, how to use training, etc for closing potential customers at a higher price point, as most webinars are minimum one hour long enough for doing this all. The Webinar Funnels are a kind of event and it divided into two phases. The first Phase:- visitors attending & hearing success stories to increase curiosity. This live version is usually hosted on a 3rd party Webinar Hosting Services. In the second phase, visitors can attend the live webinar or watch replays In between the buy window begins to close, this phase creating a great scarcity and urgency & take buying Actions.
The Ask Campaign Funnel:- It is similar to Servey Funnel, Here you should ask an open-ended query or question such as, “What’s Your #1 Challenge/Question With ABC?” Customer’s feedback or responses give you the ideas, which help you discover the myths and expectations of potential customers before they’ll become your customers. You can also offer the product as a gift if they respond to your campaign for a better result.
Product Launch Funnel:- This Product Launch Funnel gives an option to an online marketer, to create curiosity about the upcoming product, before a customer is ready to buy. Here some small marketing campaigns “previews” for the product are sent, usually at least a day or two apart, to build scarcity and urgency for the last day when the “cart window opens” for a limited time for buying the product or service. The most important feature of this Funnel is closing the buy window after a few days.
The Daily Deal Funnel:- You can quickly create an offer, and run it as an evergreen campaign to consistently get new people into your business. It start with a Two-Step Order Page with a special offer of the day, then in the next step on the Thank You Page, you can encourage your customers to share this special offer with their relatives or friends.
The Storefront Funnel:- The Storefront Funnel is a small funnel this is much like window shopping. It’s a single page in which all of your products placed collectively with hyperlinks to other individual funnels and products. It seems like a more traditional eCommerce website, but every product pushes right into a funnel that successfully sells that product.
The Bridge Funnel:- This is especially helpful for affiliate or network marketers who don’t control the affiliate landing pages and they are sending their valuable visitor to those pages where they want to signup. This landing pages are pre-frame about the value and importance of the final products. and bridge the gap of a visitor’s mind with awareness and curiosity. this page gives you an ability to pre-sell before sending visitors into an affiliate funnel you don’t control.
The Summit Funnel:-  It happens when you put together an online event with multiple speakers. Where any visitors can join the summit for free by register their name online, and then most probably upsell them on the recordings session. This is a great way of Brand Creation and list-building. Also on the Sales Letter Page, You’d show a biography of each person and put their headshot on the registration page. Here upsell would include offering the recordings of the event, and then on share page visitor can share the event info with his friends.
Why Every Online Business Should have Sales Funnel Builder?:-
“Sales Funnel Builder”not just an option for online business but it’s a fuel a power source for his “Online Business” it is a great truth that every online business survives when it has enough “Traffic, Leads, and Sales”. and Sales Funnel Builder is a tool which generates these all with systematic way.

With the help of Sales Funnel Builder, you can create any Marketing Sales Funnel mentioned above, for sharing awareness and information about your products and services. And can convey your message in a proper manner in the competitive market.The most important thing is to build Automation and Flow in the business. also, these tools reduce your time and efforts, because you can target your vast market without or no active participation.4 Best Sales Funnel Builders For Online Business:- 
1.Click Funnels:- 
ClickFunnels is my #1 Choice for my online business. It has everything which I need to create any Sales or Marketing Funnel. ClickFunnels is a cloud-based website hosting solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for an online selling platform. The funnel is best for the users looking for a easy to use and ready-made platform to host their blog or website.Main Features of ClickFunnels are…
Build landing pages for sales & marketing with a drag-and-drop editor. 
Make Sales funnels for sending the right product to potential customers and follow up with them after the purchase. 
Send followup emails and SMS messages. 
Include memberships and logins in your site. 
It’s easy to set up & get going with your first marketing funnel. 

 The important feature of this the speed to perform or execute, as it carries everything for you, with sample funnels. It has great features such as A/B testing of any landing page variations and the auto-responder. You can have bump sales, Time Offers, upsells, and down sales.There is a backpack that will allow you to have affiliated for your product or service.  The community and a chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs through events like Funnel Hacking Live. Clone & customize any Affiliate Funnel.2.Kartra Sales Funnel Builder:-
Kartra is quite new to the online marketing industry. still, it seems great with its amazing features when you actually use it you will experience a difference in the quality of the features. that allows you to build:- Membership Sites E-mail Auto-Responders Online Courses Shopping Carts Affiliate Programs Market Place.Main Features of Kartra are…
Instead of having your resources spread across different platforms, such as your courses, automation, membership site, and customer support, you can have it all in one place. This simplifies your business and removes the hassle of switching between platforms, worrying about integrations, and having to get HTML codes. The dream!One of the main reasons I love Kartra is how goal-oriented it is. Every time you create a product or landing page inside Kartra, it forces you to go through the essential steps to maximize your leads and sales. In particular, Kartra will encourage you to think of the last stage in the process of your goal.3.Lead Pages for Lead Capturing:-
LeadPages is a digital marketing tool that you can use to collect your subscriber’s emails or leads. They created hundreds of templates for helping you to make high converting and targeted market-based landing pages and allow you to easily send content upgrades. but it does not mean it’s an auto-responder, actually, it does not allow you to send regular emails to your list.Main Features of LeadPages are…
LeadPages has quite a lot of features that can help bloggers and entrepreneurs a lot. Let me share some of these…Webinar Hosting  Send Content Upgrades Automatically. 
Create Opt-In Boxes within Blog Posts. 
Create Landing Page Opt-In Forms. 
To Build Sales or Marketing Pages. 
To Collect Email Subscribers Through Text Messaging. 
To Create Viral “Thank You For Subscribing” Pages. 
To Host Videos For Free Courses. And Many More…
4. Kajabi Funnel Builder & CRM:- 
Kajabi is a content marketing platform to sell content online. Here you can get all the tools you need your online business growth. such as a course creator tool which can turn your content into a digital product, a website which shows off your store of digital products, other sales tools to make getting paid for your content easily landing pages to grow your audience, email marketing to turn your leads into customers, and much more. GORGEOUS and beautiful design.Main Features of Kajabi are…
That makes your membership site and online courses look very professional and systematic.
Create broadcast and transmit in life for your clients.  
User-friendly course management system. 
Looks nice, easy to use for the front end user. 
It’s easy to use software for your course management system, 
Integrations with convert kit, Shopify, also they also constantly add new features. 

The best feature of the Kajabi site is that you will get everything is under one roof, such as landing pages, emails, sales pages, websites, shopping carts, blogs, online courses, marketing funnels, etc. The customer service is excellent and they listen to their customer’s feedback.Here I tried to add as much information as I can for your benefits. I hope you must have got value from the “Sales Funnel & Marketing Funnel Builder for Online Business?” post.Tools and Software are an essential part of any business, get more biz tools which can manyfold your profit and productivity… My Best Online Biz Tools Recommendations Please let me know if you have any queries, confusion, or suggestion in the comment box below. Also, share the post with your friends if you find it valuable for them.This Site especially created for the vision of sharing information which can solve your money-related issues and shows ways to make money online and passive income streams. so join the family and become part of it…

Thanks Make it a Great Day 
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4% Challenge for Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams

$10k/Month Success Challenge for Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams. Ways to Make Money While sleeping and become successful entrepreneur.

$10k/Month Challenge for creating multiple passive income streams:- Friends, Are you looking for having multiple passive income Streams? And also, looking for the residual or passive income, which could keep coming month after months to you
Here is 4% Success challenge for Online Affiliate Marketers to create multiple passive income streams while achieving 3 levels of success.Level 1:- Beginner $10k/Months 
Level 2:- Advance $100k 
Level 3:- Wealth Creation $1 Million and above

Now the question is that…What is the 4 Percent Challenge, and how it works? So, here is my answer or a complete review of the 4 percent group and its success challenge, all about its multiple income streams ecosystem, programs, and training, more on about the digital product market place.
So let’s start…What is Four Percent Group & Multiple Passive Income Streams?:-
Four Percent Group basically aims at providing the training and an easy to follow SYSTEM through which people can make money in the long run with the affiliate marketing system.This is an online affiliate marketing and training platform created by Vick Strizheus Who is one of the dominant entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers in the online marketing industry.Vick Strizheus is an expert in online marketing and he guides you the easy to follow the blueprint to online success. He has more than 12 years of experience in Internet marketing and making money online so he for sure knows the online things very well.The most important thing about 4 percent Group are…It actually teaches you the success secrets. It actually let you know, how the law of compensation works. It does not just teach you theories but actually create an empowered person in you.It is not a quick-rich scheme, it is a step by step training program of creating a scalable successful business online. It also a market place of many digital programs related to online business such as internet traffic mastery, Insta Traffic Mastery, etc.Mindset mastery is the core element of this group. It follows the basic principles of creating a successful life such as…Who do you listen to?:-Listen to the person who already has achieved whatever you want to have, and has experienced situations where you are right now. Teach-ability Index :- This contend two-componentHigh willingness to learn: – Do the all step exactly in the way you are asked to do and don’t doubt and fear.  
High willingness to accept changes:- Accept all changed situations & conditions. sometimes you won’t find the situation your accord, but accept it as it going to change your entire life. So find yourself on the scale 1 to 10 what is your teach-ability index. without it, you can’t go further
Training Balance Scale:- – Training Balance Scale is a scale where we divide all necessary elements of anything such as business in two categories.1. Thought and Feelings:- Happy, Sad, Satisfied, bored
2. Actions & Activities. The myth is this should have balance (50-50)%, but in actuality, there is a balance at (99-1)%. So focus your all attention on the thinking side and action will be taken automatically.
Four Stages of Mindset Mastery: –  There are 4 stages must be mastered for sure success.Unconscious Incompetent:- You don’t know what you don’t know.  
Conscious Incompetent:- You know the stuff that you didn’t know.  
Conscious Competent:- You know the stuff and now consciously applying these in your life and career. 
Unconscious Competent:- Now you unconsciously doing the things & getting results automatically. 
Example:- Selecting Your BusinessStage 1:- You don’t know which business should you do. should you do business or go for a job.
Stage 2:- You know now which business or job you should do but don’t know how to do.
Stage 3:- Here you start learning the stuff of doing the business you chose.
Stage 4:- Now you know subconsciously how to do business, and you are doing this automatically and getting the result in terms of profit.
What is 4 Percent Success Challenge?:-
The Four Percent Challenge is a training program that will teach you how to get from zero to $10K at your own pace. You will be learning certain lessons every day with specific tasks, limited at a time so you can digest each session each day easily.

 Four Percent follows the system called “Daily Success Pill” where you need to digest 1 pill in a day. But it doesn’t mean you have to rush for finishing the training without understanding the concept. It is totally fine to complete 1 session in 2 or 3 days, as this is the challenge for developing yourself for making $10k/month. Therefore not only just listen or watch the training but also actually implement this knowledge on yourself by doing the things.Do you know what is the meaning of Daily Success Pill?…

 This pill contains 5 ingredients such as:-
MIC:- Motivation, Inspiration, Creativity.
D & G:- It Stand for the “Direction & Goals”.
ASME:- It Means “Automatic Success Mechanism Enhancer”.
MGA:- It stand for Marketing Genius Activator.
SSMAB:- it means the Strategically Specific Massive Action Booster.

This pill, not just a common training, it is a mindset mastery program which involves both sides of training balance scale… Mindset & Thinking Enhancement by personal development material such as videos, books, goal cards etc. And Action part such as website creation, funnel creation, emails creation put these all into system etc for action steps.This Four Percent challenge includes 7-9 video tutorials in 1 session and there are 30 Sessions in each level it means here you would have 90 sessions for all levels. and by the 30th session, you’ll need to complete your $10k/month milestone or level 1 challenge for moving to next level challenge.

Challenge for Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams:- 
Now the challenge for making $10k/Month is ok but here is a more powerful feature of the 4 percent group that its ecosystem here you can create multiple streams of income with multiple eco-systems.Now the question is that…
Multiple Passive Income Streams Ecosystem & It’s Process?
Here is the ANSWER:- Ecosystem means, in terms of 4 percent group is when any potential user comes to the four percent site through your marketing efforts with your four percent affiliate link, he will be automatically plugin to the system where whatever product he buys in future you’ll entitle to earn the commissions without your extra efforts for that purchases.Four Percent Group is a market place of many digital products related to online business and online marketing stuffs and many of them can help a single user, he can buy many products for his or her business, and you’ll be entitled to earn commissions, on every purchase you can earn multiple incomes from a single user.
There is something more incredible and more exciting that is…Plugin to multiple ecosystems, means when yours linked visitor buy the product which is created by other online marketers rather than our percent group and becomes his trainee, you’ll automatically become the part of his ecosystem and whenever your directed visitor buys any product or service from that marketer, you’ll earn the commissions every time.This system of connecting multiple ecosystems with each other creates a web-net or multiple ecosystems and here you can create multiple passive income streams without spending extra money and efforts.Multiple Income Streams with 4% MSI’s Setup:-
Do you know, 4 percent group also have the system of third-party affiliate links integrations with 4 percent MSI’s setup, where you can integrate more than 20 third party affiliate program with your 4% membership ID.This simply means you’ll have additional “Multiple Passive Income Streams” because here you’ll earn money without your active involvement or doing any extra works.Here you can make money while sleeping as this is the system where your referral person will be recommended for these affiliate programs with your integrated links and they may subscribe many of these programs because these are the essential tools for online business.Consider one more thing that you’ll also be recommended for these online business tools because every business must have some tools and gadget for improving their productivity and quality as well as reducing your time and efforts.And if you think that you are asked to spend more money in 4 percent group then friends, you are on the wrong path. There is no such a sustainable business where you need not spend basic money on strong foundation.Some tools are not optional at all…such as Sales Funnel Builder, Autoresponder, Click Tracking System and the HUB or Website.You should spend enough money for necessary stuffs after all your all life depends on this business, this is your entire career, therefore you can’t take it carelessly. think and take right decisions.Learn More:-Sales Funnel Builder is Compulsory for Every Online Startup Business!Is Four Percent Challenge Legit or Scam:-
This is the hot query on the internet that, is 4% challenge legit or it’s a scam?. Many of blogger shared their reviews and some of these are genuine and some of these created just for attracting visitors on their sites or blogs…Now the question is that… What is the truth?
And here is my answer… I am learning from Vick Strizheus for 5 years and found, he is teaching the success principles mentioned in many self-development books such as “Think and grow rich”, “Law of Success in 16 lessons”,”Rich Dad Poor Dad”He is teaching the basics of real entrepreneurship such as Who do you listen to, Teach-ability index, Training Balance Scale, Mindset Mastery Philosophy.By including 2-3 training lessons in 1 session in a day related to goals and directions, Motivational speeches of any successful leader, Goals card creation, Definite chief aim selection, Daily action plans etc, activities involve…He suggests the trainees develop their inner power and become self-reliance, confident, non-complainer, and responsible, he says you don’t have a business, in fact, you yourself are a business, that’s why, create a business person inside you.According to him, if you do the easy stuffs, your life would be hard and if you do the hard stuffs then your life will be easy. but the problem is that 96% of people involve in doing the things which are easy or even not necessary at all. and these people never find their desire life. and they make excuses and keep on finding mistakes of others and keep saying… “THESE STUFFS NOT WORKS, AND THIS IS A SCAMMMM…”Let me share something more interesting about four percent group…Here is the site a third party trustworthy site of sharing genuine reviews of any site. here you can find more than genuine 176 reviews of the people, actually joined the 4 percent group. Here is snapshot of these reviews.Most of the reviewer on internet count Vick Strizheus as a scammer, because he was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years probation for grand theft. but, he was not facing any charges, in fact, his neighbors told he’s a nice guy.Actually, that was the matter of ignorance about the insurance business where he was involved before online business, he didn’t cheat anybody, he just not have enough understanding about that business stuff at that time.Now he acquired strong skills and mastery in online marketing stuffs and teaches with 100% confidence and responsibility.I myself not only like him, but I really respect him a lot because he seriously wants to make changes in thousands of lives with his knowledge and awareness. and I improved myself a lot with his guidance.Thank you, Vick, for making me a better person…Here I tried to share as much information as I could,I hope you got enough value from this “4% Success Challenge for Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams” post. Now it is your choice to believe in this or just ignore.If you think this a great piece of information than please share it with your friends and join the Four Percent Group today for your better future…
Thanks, Make it a Great Day
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Another Source Of Income:- Setup Multiple Passive Income Source

learn the ways of earning passive income sources, best passive income ideas 2020, Create another source of income & have multiple stream of income.

Therefore, every person wants a source or a passive income opportunity. And it is the power of multiple passive income streams. Where you can earn money while sleeping.
Create another source of income

And if you have many passive income streams that keep sending money in your pocket all the time. Therefore it doesn’t matter, they are an active source or passive. Hence You can easily build your wealth empire.

Let’s talk about “What is Passive Income?”. And “Why you should have Multiple Passive Income Streams?”.What is Passive Income Streams:- 
Actually, passive income is a cash flow that comes from a source where you put minimal effort. Or You put no effort at all for making this cash inflow on a regular basis.As a result, when a person puts his efforts or money once and generates a regular income on a monthly or yearly basis forever, called passive income.Types of passive income:- 
Property Rental:- Income and interest from owning financial assets. 
Royalties:- which are payments made by one company (the licensee) to another company or person (the licensor) in exchange for the right to use the intellectual property? Such as books, music, video owned by the licensor. 
Creating Assets:- where you put effort once and make money forever. Such as creating digital courses, software, Property, etc.
Form A limited partnership:- Working as an investor may be counted as a passive income stream as long as the limited partner does not have any role in the company. And, they put their money in return for a share of the activities profit.

Therefore, The U.S. Internal Revenue Service categorizes Income into Three categories.Active Income:- Money Inflow came from performing a job or service with active involvement or presence.
Passive Income: -Minimal or no involvement
Portfolio Income:- Income derived from any kinds of paper assets such as stocks, bonds, dividends.

Create Another Source of Income

Above all, creating a passive income stream is not an easy task. It involves a tremendous time investment. And You do not receive any income during this period.
Therefore, You are putting your time in the wish of producing income for the future, not for earning today.But after the work is done, the passive income keeps paying you for a long time. So this is the financial power of multiple passive income streams for future stability.Benefits of Creating Multiple Passive Income Sources:-
Time Freedom: – It gives you the freedom of time as you know, time is a priceless asset. And You can’t get it back anyhow. So when you do not have any requirement to earn to meet your monthly financial obligations. then you have the freedom of time.
Provide the flexibility:- Actually, it comes along with not having to struggle, to make ends meet at the end of the month.
Power of Multiple Passive Income Streams:- It reduces stress, anxiety, fear, and tension of the future.
It makes you free to think about pursuing dreams or passion that you love rather than work for pays the bills.
You can focus on your true desire. And You need not waste your time and efforts on unfavorable things to your dreams.
Passive income does not need your active involvement in the activities. Therefore you can live and work from anywhere.
It provides a platform for financial stability and growth for your business. And you get backed for your business and career expansion.
Ways of Earning Passive income From Multiple Sources:-
Multiple Passive Income Streams simply means to create multiple sources of cash inflow. So here you can generate income from various investments, properties, royalties, and subscriptions.Also, the best income stream is an automated system where you make money by smart work with automated Tools & Resources.
And this system could be your assets. As it needs proper involvement and dedication for setting this system. But after proper setup, you can build your wealth empire easily.Therefore, You can categorize these sources into 2 categories such as…Active multiple streams of income
Passive multiple income streams.
Active Multiple Streams of Income:-
Actually, these “active income streams” need your regular involvement in the job. But here you can create multiple earning from a single job.Blogging Or Content Writing:- Ways of Making Money:- Adsense Earning, Affiliate Promotion Earning, Earning from self-product selling, and earning from recommending products and services.
YouTube:-Earning Ways:- Ads Monetization Earning, Product recommendation earning, self-product selling.
Creating Ecosystems:- Plug into the system where a single recommendation creates multiple ways of earning.
Membership Subscription:- Any product and service with need money membership subscription fee like Amazon Prime.
Passive Multiple Streams of Income:-
Passive Streams of Income does not require your regular or consistent involvement into the job. So here you can earn money while sleeping. Also you make money with your assets and automation system.Rental Income from a property.
Interest received from a money investment
Royalties:- Book Selling, Digital Courses Creation, Videos, Music, Movie Creation. Assets Creation like List Building and Brand Development which becomes assets for the online marketers.
How to Create Multiple Passive Income Sources?
Certainly, the ways of earning passive income from various sources are to plug into the Eco-system. Therefore you can have multiple options to earn money from a single prospect.In other words, In the online marketing business, when you get a prospect into your list. And You can send him to an automated Eco-system where he or she purchases anything anytime. Finally, you get a commission every time from a single prospect.
This is the way where the value of each prospect increases and the cost of acquiring the prospect goes down. So there is up-selling, down-selling for the same prospect.Example of this great Eco-system:-Amazon
Four Percent Group
Morrison Ambassador Club

The Best Eco-system I ever found is “Four Percent Group’s Eco-system”. Because it is a market place of different digital products related to online businesses.And, Four Percent Group allowed every affiliate to create his own MSI’s in his Eco-system. for the reason that you need to set your own unique affiliate links provided by third-party services.Furthermore, there is a system. which provides you an opportunity to plug into other organization’s Eco-system. And these follow the same types of commission structure.
So, here you create a Virtual Net of different Eco-systems. And your single prospect gives you more and more returns on your investment. as a result, you get low investment and a great return.Read Detailed Info here:-
Four Percent $10k/Month Success Challenge:- Complete Review
How to Create Another Source Of Income with MSI’s?:-

Therefore, you can find several ways to generates Passive Income with Multiple Streams of Income Opportunity and create your wealth empire.So here you can keep adding another source of income by focusing on passive income sources that keep sending money every year into your pockets without putting time and effort.Therefore, you have to devote enough time to set these streams of income. Also, you need to be the part of one or more Eco-system for making money while sleeping.1. Book Writing:-
Passive Income:-
MSI’s (Multiple Streams of Income):-
Kindle E-book Selling
Hard Cover Book Selling
Affiliate Commissions from the links recommended in the book
Other self-products recommendations in the book etc.
2. Purchase Property
Passive Income:-
Rental Income
MSI’s (Multiple Streams of Income):-
Garage Service
Stock or Godown Service
Library Service at Nominal Membership Fees
3. Create Online Courses:-
Passive Income:-
Affiliate Joining System for Your Courses
MSI’s (Multiple Streams of Income):-
Earning from self-product promotions.
Commissions From Affiliate’s product selling.
Income from a recommendation of other courses and tools.
Earn Money from Video Monetization etc
4. Start A Online Affiliate Marketer Career:-
Passive Income Streams:-
Adsense Content Monetization,
SEO Earning
List Monetization
Videos Monetization
Book Promotions Earning
Incomes from Eco-system Goodwill etc.
MSI’s (Multiple Streams of Income):-
Adsense Earning
Digital & Physical Product selling income
Affiliate Commissions of Your Product or services
Affiliate Incomes of recommending others products and tools
Multiple Ecosystem Earnings etc

Hence, I know it sounds amazing to Start an Online Affiliate Marketer Career. And set your multiple streams of income by creating the Virtual Net of Multiple Ecosystem,But, how to do so. So here you need step by step training and guidance to set your online career from an expert. who already has done it several times and generated millions of dollar affiliate commission every year.Therefore, I have a Four Percent Success Challenge for you to learn “How to Earn $10k in sales, selling other people’s products online”Furthermore it is a step by step training for beginners and covers 3 levels of learning.Beginner Level:- Zero to $10,000
Advance Level:- $10,000- $100,000
Abundance Level:- $100,000+

Hence, You can easily create another source of income that is a really very solid and realistic Passive Income source with Multiple Streams of Income. Because it can become Powerful Assets for you in the future.So, I hope you got lots of value from the post “Another Source Of Income:- Setup Multiple Passive Income Source”. Therefore, I tried to share much information useful and valuable for you.Also, comment below if you have any query, suggestion. I am looking for your point of view. so, please share if you like the post and find it a valuable piece of content.
Thanks, Make it a Great Day
Babita Singh

Top 3 Reasons, Why You Should Create YouTube Channel IN 2021!

Start Your YouTube Channel and Earn Money From Google Youtube Adsense and monetize your channel with Clickbank or other affiliate marketing programs.

Therefore, Start Your YouTube Channel and Earn Google Money with YouTube Channel with AdSense Monetization. Also monetize your channel with Clickbank and other affiliate marketing programs for making good money.Actually, this is my #1 Passive Income Recommendation for choosing your online startup business and making “Google Money with YouTube Channel”. As YouTube not just a video sharing platform but also it can build your identity and brand image.As well as, YouTube is a faith builder platform between you and your client, customer or follower. that is why most of the multi-millionaire also use this tool for their success journey.So, Why don’t you start your successful career here? And Why don’t build your brand image as well and create your brand while making Google Money with YouTube Channel.
Why You Should Create YouTube Channel & Make Google Money:-
Starting or creating a YouTube channel is the simplest way of all and there is no investment involved for doing so. So Create YouTube Channel for Branding and Video Marketing.1. YouTube THE Marketplace for BRANDING:-
YouTube is the no.2 website after Google and gets more than 5 billion video views per day which prove how powerful traffic source it is. You too can utilize this power for your career growth.Many people trying to use this platform as sharing Fun and entertainment like momo youtube where people do some funny and scary activities by sharing Momo challenge story, momo picture and Momo suicide challenge.And here you can find some interesting entertainment channel just like PewDiePie also YouTube itself created a channel Category called #YouTubeRewind where YouTube recall all viral videos of last year.YouTube Rewind, YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, YouTube TV – Television network all these Youtube Channel created by YouTube itself as it knows very well that video marketing is a strongest marketing ever.And it can be use for product selling, brand promotion, influence people and creates trust factor as well.2. Multiple Steaming and Earning Option Available on YouTube:-
Now YouTube Further utilize platform by promoting it’s paid subscriptions and YouTube Premium videos with YouTube tv promo code here you can get these services at very good discount and free Trial.
YouTube always try to introduce some new and innovative for their viewer. And trying to make this platform the best and above of all other options like vimeo and recently it launched it latest product YouTube Vanced. which allow you to use this popular video platform for streaming, listen to videos in the background, block ads, force resolution, use the ‘repeat video option, and more.

YouTube recently launched YouTube Membership Program Where you can Become a Channel Member On YouTube. Also it allow you to access exclusive digital goods such as emojis, public budgets and other pro perks offered by the channel creators.
3. The Best option for Watching All Type of Video:-
Youtube is a best option for everyone for watching all type of youtube videos. Many people like to listen youtube mp3 videos by using youtube converter or YouTube Video downloader. Therefore Youtube App one of the most downloaded app on mobile.People love to watch youtube videos, YouTube music, YouTube TV, kids YouTube, YouTube Movies etc, and the most important thing is that, this all YouTube videos created normal people by creating their YouTube channel for sharing their passion and knowledge.So why don’t you go for it? this can change your life and financial status. Also You can create your brand. And You can share your knowledge. You can interest with millions of people all over the world. Above all You can earn Google Money with YouTube Channel. just think and go ahead…
Important Elements of YouTuber Career & Making Google Money with YouTube Channel:-
There are different elements and point to be noticed before starting your YouTube Channel and Youtuber Career. Such as…YouTuber Career Suitable For:-
People Who love to create videos and share their skills, 
Best for those Who like to talk about a video and gives training and guidance, 
Who shoot documentaries or short films for entertainment purpose.
Before starting a YouTube Channel ask Yourself!
Should I become a YouTuber?
Should I start a YouTube channel?
What should I do for YouTube?
What skills do you need to make Google Money with YouTube Channel?
Basic Skills Required For Youtuber:- Keen interest in creating videos, ability to create videos using a webcam, mobile recording, and screen sharing tools, video editing, and any skill, latent, knowledge which can be shared by video recording.A good understanding of the YouTube platform.
Solid content research skills.
Video editing skills.
Social Media Presence can help a lot.
Digital Awareness.
Time Required For Starting A YouTube Channel:- Virtually you can start YouTube Channel within minutes. And, You will just have to go to the site, Create A YouTube Channel and upload videos.
Successful YouTube Channel’s Fundamental:-
Therefore, You may have Multiple Frequently Asked Questions in your mind. Such as “How do I become a successful YouTuber?”, or “How do you become a famous YouTube vlogger?” then here is some basic principle you have to follow for running a successful YouTube Channel and become famous as a YouTube Vlogger.
Create Niche Specific Videos:-
Don’t just go out create any random unrelated videos channel. 
Focus on your keen interest and talent then Create a YouTube channel according to a specific theme. Such as Humor, Tutorial, Recipe, etc
For example, if you love cooking, you can create a cooking channel where you teach the delicious, easy to cook or healthy recipe. And help people to learn how they can make tasty food, dinner or sweets.
Always choose the theme which you like the most and love to create videos on that. 
Analyze other videos related to your topic, do your market research so that you can create the video recording the people demand. It will help you to get your YouTube channel in a search term and you will get high rank and views.
Create & Upload Complete & Detailed Videos:-
Upload Complete, detailed, minimum 10 Minutes long video if possible. 
And fill complete description, tags, keyword, affiliate link related to that particular video, social links, website link if any, and subscription link must be included for better ranking and search.
You can create multiple videos related to any one topic, for that find out if there’s any concept or tips missing in your existing videos. If yes, then You can create related videos which cover these concepts to fetch more views and attention.
Give Your 100% on YouTube Channel for Boosting Google Income:-
Give your best to engage with your audience. 
Read and Reply the comments you get on your videos. 
Learn and analyze the hidden expectations of your audience what they what from you? and create more and more videos according to their demand and expectations.
Also, try to create a playlist of a particular category and create a series of 5-10 videos which help you to get views on all your videos and your follower will wait for your next video for getting complete training.
To get the highest retention rate you should make your videos interesting, lengthy and stick to the topic. easy to understand, check your voice quality, video quality and speed.
Market Research & Improvisation:-
Spy on your competitors, learn from them, understand their strategies, and ideas but never try to copy them always try to maintain your uniqueness.
So, Always try to improvise each new video from the last one. So when you look at your first videos after a few years, you should think aww how bad I was earlier. it shows that you’ve improved so be happy on this improvement and keep it up.
Hence Experiment, experiment, and experiment. always try to use new stuff and tools because this is the single way you can beat your competitors with new ideas and technology.
Finally, try to collaborate with other YouTuber’s who are doing similar work. Learn their strategies and mindset. Working together can do wonders for your channel.
Have fun. Do the things that you love and enjoy your life.
Make Google Money with YouTube Channel:- Monetization Strategies
Therefore, You can find several ways to monetize your YouTube Channel. As you know you need to have 4000 Hours Watch time, and 1,000 subscribers for getting Googe Adsense monetization approval.And during this time frame, most of the YouTuber mentally force to QUIT, as they are not motivated with the money factor. so here I am suggesting some more monetization ways you can use from Day1 for earning money from YouTube.Google Adsense Monetization.
Amazon Associate Program.
TeeSpring Print-On-Demand Program
ClickBank Affiliate Program.
Blog Post Promotion and Earn Money from Adsense via your Website/Articles
Landing Page Link Promotion and generate leads for E-mail Marketing
Teachable or Udemy Paid Course Promotion
Membership Site Subscription Link Promotion
Book/Audio Course/Seminar/ Event Promotion.
Learn MoreWays To Make Money From Amazon Without Selling Anything
Make $100 a Day with Google Alerts and ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
Top 5 Legitimate Best Work From Home Jobs Online 2019
Passive Income From YouTube $100/Day Without Making Videos!
How to Create a YouTube Channel for Branding & Video Marketing
Learn More:- FAQ’s About YouTube Channel Startup Business
So, I hope you got the value from this post “Top 3 Reasons, Why You Should Create YouTube Channel IN 2021!”. Therefor i tried to share all necessary information and knowledge you should have for starting a YouTube Channel. And also mentioned some other resources which can help you to learn more about this money making, please share your valuable comment and suggestions regarding this post and share it among your friends so that they can be benefited by your little effort.
Thanks Make it a Great Day
Babita Singh

Earn Money Blogging:- Start A Successful Blog That Actually Makes Money!

Start a Blog on Blogger or WordPress and Earn money blogging. Start a Google Blog on Blogger or WordPress Blog starting your online blogger career.

Unlike any other job, if you are a blogger and blogging from home. You don’t need to work 9-5 every day. Being a blogger, If You Start a Google Blog on Blogger or WordPress, It can become one of the easiest ways to earn money blogging from home in your spare time.
Earn Money Blogging

You have the freedom to choose your time and schedule working as a blogger and enjoy your life, without stress and compulsion. But keep it in your mind, that blogging takes time and effort before it starts making real money for you.Start a Blog With Right Mindset:-
So if you want to become a successful blogger don’t jump into this field recklessly, start it properly with consistent efforts. If you doing a day job, don’t quit it before making your blog enough money for you. Start part-time and then after making some substantial money go for full-time with your blog.The best time to turn your blog into full-time blogging mode is when your blog is earning you more than your comfortable limits and demanding more attention and time then you should consider quitting your job and earn money blogging as your full-time business.
Start a blog with the right mindset
Blogging is suitable for people:-
Actually, this platform for those, who like to share their knowledge and expertise with the world and love to write.
People who have enough knowledge and expertise in a particular niche or theme.
People who want to work at home. And ready to learn and research all about the blogging platform and system. such as SEO, Keyword Research, Article Marketing, etc.
People who can work persistently with self-motivation and self-reliance without any force.
Skills Required for Becoming a blogger:-
Ability to express knowledge and ideas in writing in a simpler yet efficient way.
Clear and Effective language which can target a large group of society.
Basic Computer knowledge and some use of some blogging tools, such as auto-responder, keyword research tools, market research tools, etc.
Time Required For Becoming A Blogger:-
It totally depends upon your level of expertise. 
If you already have experience and knowledge about blogging then you can easily start a blog within a few hours. 
But for a complete beginner, a day or two would be sufficient for learning and implementing the things for starting a blog.
Top 4 Strategies to Earn Money Blogging:-

strategies to earn money blogging
1. Find the Right Niche:-
Therefore, You should start a blog about a niche or theme in which you are really good at and you have enough knowledge and expertise to share. For example, if you love traveling and you have visited a lot of places then start a travel blog.
Hence, always try to be stick to the niche of your blog. Don’t just put contents of multiple topics from the various niche in one blog. For example, writing about traveling articles on a fashion blog or weight loss exercise advice on the money-making blog. This can damage your blog’s specificity. Keep your blog niche-specific and always share relevant content on it.
2. Unique and Compelling Content Creation:-
Therefore, try to create unique and valuable content that gives a lot of value to your readers. And it helps them to resolve their problems. As a result, Your readers should get a positive difference in their life from your shared information.
Read and reply to the reader’s comments, try to resolve their issue, and solve the problems they are facing. Understand and read their mind what they looking for in your blog. And write a relevant blog post to them.
3. Start a Blog with Consistency & Persistence:-
First of all, keep regularity & persistence when You Start a blog. Develop a relationship with your readers. And, give your 100% to it. Also, You should be passionate about your blog. 
Certainly, Give it your love and care, just like other passion, and feel excited and amazingly happy while doing your work, it will give you back, whatever you will give to it.
And think about content strategy, the tone of your voice, preference of your audience, market demand, etc. Research the blogs of other people in your niche, and learn from them who already doing what you’re planning to do.
4. Follow Professionalism:-
Therefore always follow the professionalism to manage and grow your blog. And, don’t be negative or criticize other brands, people, or bloggers.
Also always focus on your strengths and uniqueness and try to keep improving yourself every day by some self-help books, For the reason that by learning from a successful blogger and by maintaining your consistency.
Above all, be open-minded and willing to collaborate with other creatives. You’ll meet some fantastic and awe-inspiring people. 
Remember you are unique and nobody can steal your uniqueness from you so believe in yourself, and God will take care of everything else itself for you.
10 Questions to Ask yourself before starting a blog:-

10 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog

Why should you start a blog, and what is the reason behind it?
What about you will write, Or What your Niche and topic will be? 
How will I stand out from the crowd and make my presence unbeatable?
Who will be your target audience & market?
How much time you going to spend per day?
What values do the readers I can add which was missing till now?
What is my USP  or unique selling point?
Do you have any marketing plans for it?
Do you have blog writing skills or you are able to hire a content writer?
Are you actually ready for it?
9 Steps to Earn Money Blogging Successfully:-
If you want to earn money blogging you must follow these 8 steps for setting your blog for successful outcome, because the foundation is more important than the actual structure. so here are my 8 steps to setting a successful blog which actually makes money…

Pick A Right Niche
Signup for a web hosting account.

Customize Your Blog’s Theme & Appearance

Start writing your articles
Write A Great Persuasive & Appealing Headlines
Structure Your Post (Introduction, Headlines, Bullet Points, Conclusion)
Write Compelling Content and Develop Engaging Habits
Email List Building & Notification Updates Practice.
Monetize Your Blog For Earn Money Blogging

9 steps to earn money blogging successfully
Pick A Right Niche:-
How will you know what to blog about, and what should be your Niche? so the answer is very simple… This has to be based on your passion. if you’re really fashionable about something. you should probably consider blogging about that, something that just not makes money. If you don’t love what you’re going to do, you’re going to eventually quit. so blog about something you love, you have to be passionate about that such as clothing or fashion and you know enough people are searching about it. Do proper keywords research before doing this so that you can get to know how big your target market is. So now you can create a blog about it. but you should not go for too broad. if the niche you’re picking is too big or too small you got that out of the way.Sign Up For A Web-Hosting Account:-

You can use Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, whatever you want I would recommend that use Bluehost because with one click you can install WordPress, and then it’s up and running you don’t have to be technical.Once it’s up and running you can even pick a cool looking professional theme in the design, they’ll give them to you, and then you can customize it.
Customize Your Blog’s Theme & Appearance:- 
After Installing a WordPress Theme you need to customize it according to your blog’s niche, but before doing it you need to consider some points choosing a theme…
Select a theme that looks professional and clean.
Select a theme that is mobile friendly.
Your theme should be perfect for your niche.

After choosing a perfect theme you can customize your theme using your Logo, Banners, Social Media Links, Widgets, Plugins, Your Port-folio Images. There is a free tool called Canva which solve your most of graphic designing problem such as logo, banner, image creative, book cover, etc.You also can customize your theme colors, font size, background, sidebar, etc. If you can do it yourself you can hire a freelance web-designer on Fiverr who charges you only $10-$20 bucks or you can do it yourself. there are multiple videos available on Youtube for theme customization training. Start Writing Your Articles:-
Once you start writing your articles there are a few things you need to know…
If it’s not appealing people aren’t going to read it so think about it I’m writing this article what I myself want to read it if you don’t, don’t write it. 
If other people also want to read it great so you have to be willing to read it and other people want to read it. So ask people just to talk to your buddies, friends, people that hey would you like to read this article about men’s fashion and how you can match colors, etc. all right sounds cool great then write it.
Write A Great Persuasive & Appealing Headlines:-
Now that you got your topic there are a few things you need to know first is your headline has to be appealing and eye-catching. 
So go to and Copy other bloggers they have this headline writing formula, they’ll teach you how to write a really persuasive headline, and they even give you a formula and a tool that you just have to plug and play keywords and you’ll be able to create really cool headlines.Structure Your Post (Introduction, Headlines, Bullet Points, Conclusion):-
Therefore you got your headline outlines what your post is going to be about, just think about those high school days where you think to write the introduction, the body, and then the conclusion. The body has subheadings so just write your introduction, conclusion, add in your subheading and then fill the rest out, that’s how you get started with writing your first blog post. When you’re writing your first blog post each paragraph can’t be more than five or six lines if it’s more than five or six lines, it’s going to be too overwhelming for people. no one wants to read a ten-line paragraph it’s just too much.
Write Compelling Content and Develop Engaging Habits:-
Use the words we are familiar with within your blog post that way it becomes like a conversation where people like to interact and engage with you and they’ll love to leave comments because your content is engaging. You also can ask some relevant questions at the end of your post which will help you to create more curiosity and engagement because this way they leave more comments for replying to your question, and when they leave a comment respond to them. Always be responsive in your blog post, if someone going to ask you a question, you would respond to them. But always try to back up to the main points you want to make and link any other cool blog posts that you think would benefit your readers. And then start doing this on a consistent basis, you should write at least one post a week but ideally, you should be blogging three times a week over a course in six months to a year.
Email List Building & Notification Updates Practice:- 
Gradually you’ll build up a big base of readers. As you build up a base of readers you can use a tool called Subscribers and Hello Bar, they’re free. Hello Bar offers email subscriptions where someone can subscribe to your blog by just entering their email and get notified every time you release a new blog post. And Subscribers let people know as they’re browsing around on their computer in the browser that “hey you got a new blog post” and they should go back to your site so the people will start to keep coming back to your site.
Monetize Your Blog For Earn Money Blogging:-
Therefore you can monetize your blog in a few ways one you can put Google Adsense it’s a quick way to make money from Google. Here Google will pay you every time someone clicks on one of your ads you placed on your blog using Google Adsense code. You can also use affiliate links, there are sites out there like in which they’ll let you promote products and services within your space and every time you generate a sale for someone else you’ll get paid a commission that’s called affiliate marketing that’s a really simple way to start making money from your blog. The third way to sell your own products or services such as Digital products like a video training course, Pinterest pin templates designs, ebooks, recipes books, etc. physical products such as T-shirts, mugs, graphics, etc. This will all start generating your income and if you want you can do a mixture of everything such as the affiliate marketing and selling your own product together, and very soon you’ll notice that your income will go up. But just be patient and give it enough time for six months to a year before you really start making decent money from your blog because it’s a real business and just like other business worthwhile it takes time.Learn More:-
How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money?
Monetize Your Blog with Different Ways To Earn Money Blogging!

monetize your blog with different ways
Actually, You can monetize your blog in many different ways. And can earn legitimate money online month after month. And the most common ways to monetize your blog are…Google AdSense Monetization
Amazon Affiliate Product Recommendation
ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Product Recommendation
Self-Created Digital Product and Service Promotion
Other Affiliate Product Recommendation
Youtube Video Promotion and Brand Creation
E-Book Promotion and List Building for Email Marketing
Membership Site Subscription Promotion
Self E-Commerce Store’s Product Recommendation
Create a page with resource tools and software with affiliate hidden links
Earn Money Blogging With Blogger For FREE!
If you just starting your blogging career and don’t have enough knowledge about How to run a successful blog. and don’t want to invest much money here. then I advise you to start a Google Blog using your Gmail Account for FREE. Google Blog offers a Free Blogging Service called Blogger and you can create your own Blog with your custom domain or Subdomain “” offered by the blogger for Free. Hence, you need not spend any money on starting a Google blog on blogger, also you can give it a professional look by using customized free responsive blogger templates. You also can earn money by monetizing You blog with Adsense in few click. as Adsense and blogger both are the products of Google. So getting Adsense approval is quite easy for it.Learn More:-
Ways To Make Money From Amazon Without Selling Anything
Make $100 a Day with Google Alerts and ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

So, I hope you find them valuable content in this post “Earn Money Blogging:- Start A Successful Blog That Actually Makes Money!” Therefore, I tried to share as much information which can help you to start a blog in a perfect way and focus on all necessary element while blogging. So please share if you find this post valuable and help other people to learn this knowledge and starting their success journey in the blogging business.

Thanks, Make it a Great Day
Babita Singh

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About YouTube Channel Startup

Frequently Asked Questions, before starting your Google YouTube Video Channel. FAQ About YouTube Channel Startup, monetization, Adsense, Video Marketing.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About YouTube Channel Startup:- My Dear Friends, If you planning to create your own YouTube Channel, then you must consider reading these most common Frequently Asked Questions,  before starting your YouTube Career.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About YouTube Channel Startup

Hence here I tried to add the most useful questions in this post which can solve your all queries and doubts about YouTube Channel Startup Business.Most Common FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About YouTube Channel:-
Therefore, I am sharing some most common “Frequently Asked Questions” about Google YouTube Video Channel Creation and Promotion. And these questions related to Monetization, Video Marketing, Channel Subscription, etc.Let’s jump on…
Q1. How do you make money from a YouTube channel?
Ans:- This is the number one faqs About Google YouTube Video Channel Startup. Actually, the Basic youtube monetization System is to connect your YouTube Channel to an AdSense account in order to earn money for your youtube Adsense monetized videos.For that, you must have a Google Adsense Youtube monetization enabled account, which can be connected to your google youtube video channel to monetize youtube videos. So if you don’t have any then go for AdSense sign up page and create one. After getting Google Adsense login details you can connect this account with your all youtube channel, blog, or website. You also can monetize your youtube channel with other account monetization strategies youtube subscribers and watch time limitation.Read More:-Passive Income From YouTube $100/Day Without Making Videos!
Q2. How many YouTube channels can you have?
Ans:- You can create run up to 50 YouTube Channels with one single Google+ account. So there you can have a total of 50 Channels in a single account at the maximum limit.
Read More:- How to Create a YouTube Channel for Branding & Video MarketingQ3. Which Is The Most Subscribed Youtube Channel or Highest Subscribed YouTube Channel?
Ans:- The most Subscribed YouTube channels in 2019 or Highest Subscribed Youtube Channel are as below…T-Series (103 million subscribers)
PewDiePie (96 million subscribers)
5-Minute Crafts (57 million subscribers)
Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes(51 million subscribers)
Canal KondZilla (50 million subscribers)
SET India (50 million subscribers)
Q4. How do I start a YouTube business? and what should I start on YouTube?
Ans:- Read Detailed Article About How to Create a YouTube Channel for Branding & Video Marketing step by step youtube creation tutorial on PC and Mobile. and read Detailed Article About How to Run a successful YouTube Channel and Make Moneylearn all about strategies and focused points of running successful YouTube Channel and learn about different monetization techniques.Q5. Which topic is most searched on YouTube? or What are the different types of YouTube channels?
Ans. Top 10 most searched topics on YouTube are or different types of YouTube Channel you can Create.Product reviews
How-to-do Tutorials
Gaming Videos
Comedy/Skit Videos
Haul Videos
Favorite/Best of
Unboxing Videos
Q6. Ans:- Is it hard to make money on YouTube?
Ans. Making Money on YouTube not as much hard as people assume, but I need some time and patience. Every channel you start now requires at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch the time before getting approval from Adsense.But I already mentioned other youtube monetization strategies where you can make money from Day1 without Adsense monetization.
Read More:- Monetize Your YouTube Channel from Different WaysQ7. How many views do you need on YouTube to make money?
Ans:- You don’t make money on views, advertisers only pay when someone clicks an ad on your video or watches the ad for 30 seconds. Also, Advertisers pay according to country, place, PPC rate, and these rates or other specifications not fixed or permanent.So we can’t calculate the amount you earn from YouTube Channel according to views. More on if your video gets millions of views but nobody watches or click the ads, you don’t make any money at all.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About YouTube Channel Startup
Q8. What’s the difference between a blogger and vlogger?
Ans:- A blogger is a person who does blogging or writes content for a blog & Blogging is the act of writing an article for a blog, and the blog itself is a kind of website but just like an online journal or diary, But a vlog is a video post.Vlog posts mean, creating a video on an event or about yourself, uploading this video to the Internet or video uploading sites, and publishing it within an article, related to this video on your blog or site.Q9. What are tags? How many tags should you use on YouTube?
Ans:- A tag is a descriptive category that you can assign to an item. It makes it easier to find that item. The tags that you assign to entries, items, and people are automatically become part of tag collection and easily searchable to others.YouTube allows you to mention your tags in the limit of 400 characters (approximately). There is no limit of putting tags in number but it should be limited under 400 characters. Generally, you should add the least 5-8 tags for better visibility.Q10. How much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube?
Ans:- YouTube split ads earning in 45/55 ratio. You get 55% of its ad revenue. actually, the rates an advertiser pays varies, it varies between $0.10 to $0.30 per view, so the average of it will be $0.18 per view. On Average the YouTube channel can receive from its advertiser $18 per 1,000 ad views. It means you can earn $10 per 1,000 ad views.But remember one more thing advertiser only pay when someone clicks on the ads on your YouTube Channel or watch time the ads for 30 seconds. So don’t just count your video watch views, money comes from ads views not from video views.Q11. How much do I get on YouTube for every 1,000 subscribers? 
If your channel has 1000 subscribers, then it doesn’t mean you earn a the specific monthly amount, basic calculation counted by 30 seconds views and clicks on ads.
If your most of subscriber are not active and not clicking on ads, and skip the ads before 30 seconds, then you won’t get any money.So focus on creating engaging video content and quality content so that you get relevant ads in another format where your subscriber or viewers can’t skip ads too. In this way, you can increase your chance of earning really very good money from YouTube.Q.12 Top FAQs Is 1000 subscribers necessary to get paid in YouTube?
Ans:- In Short, the answer is YES. You must need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in 12 months duration for getting monetization on YouTube. This rule has been imposed by YouTube in 2018 and they demonetized all YouTube videos or channels that have less than 1000 subscribers.But You can monetize your YouTube Channel with other monetization strategies, without having 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours watch time limitation.Q13. Most common Frequently Asked Questions “Is being a YouTuber a good career?”
Ans:- YouTube itself is not a “Job”, Yes, you make money from it but it is not itself a “Career” its a platform/venue. If you want to be successful on YouTube it requires certain skills, such as video production, video editing, social media, and understanding of basics and fundamental strategies to run a successful YouTube Channel.Q14. Top FAQ For Youtube Channel is “How do YouTubers get paid?”
Ans:- Google keeps 45% and share 55% with YouTube Video creators. For making money from YouTube. Also, You must have an account on AdSense so the advertisers can pay you as views or clicks come in and link your AdSense account with YouTube Channel. So by following some monetization steps.Hence, Your earning depends on Ads clicks, Ads Views, PPC Rates in the Country You live.
But consider one thing this all comes after you 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time limits period.Q15. How to set up a YouTube Channel for a child?
Ans:- When you create a YouTube channel, use account the parents by creating Family Link to create a Google Account for your child who is under the age of 13, your child can use the YouTube Kids app. However, they are not eligible to use any other YouTube apps, websites, or any other features until they grew up to 13 and manage their own Google Account
Read More:- Is it OK for my kid to start her own YouTube channel?Q16. Recent FAQ Is “What is YouTube Membership Program?”
Youtube Membership Program is a recurring monthly payments subscription program on the main YouTube site and app. And you can Become a Channel Member On YouTube. which allows you to access exclusive digital goods such as emojis, public budgets, and other pro perks offered by the channel creators.Therefore Youtube channel membership cost depends on your country or region, or the platform you use. There are some steps you have to follow for becoming a channel member on YouTube.Q17. How do I get money through YouTube? I completed 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers but it is not approved for monetization because of reused content.
Ans. I highly suggest removing all reused content, because I got to strike for using common creative content by the content owner, and YouTube not removing it.And I really don’t know the reason but, you may get a strike on your channel for this act. So unlisted all content from your channel. Also You need not remove the complete video but you should unlist it.So here is my suggestion, try to not use any reused content. Therefore You can’t create your own brand image by doing this. Also, people like and subscribe to the channel for its brand image. And you purchase the product you recommended if they feel you share true values and information.So, I hope you got the value from this post “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About YouTube Channel Startup ” please share among your friends so that they can find the answer to their queries out of this.

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YouTube Membership Program :- Become a Channel Member On YouTube

Join Youtube Membership Program & Become a Google YouTube Video Channel Member. it allow you to access emojis, public budgets & pro perks offered by Channel Creators

There is good news for Google Youtube Video Channel creators, as they are gaining many new tools from YouTube to generate additional revenue from their videos in addition to traditional ads, such as YouTube Membership Program, Merchandising, and Marketing Partnerships.
And through this way, YouTube Channel Creator can create multiple streams of income as well as passive income. Because of doing this they need not do any extra work for creation this passive income stream.
This post specifically based on the “YouTube Membership Program” so let’s talk about this tool in detail.What is YouTube Membership Program?
Actually, Youtube Membership Program is a recurring monthly payment subscription program on the main YouTube site and app. Where you can Become a Channel Member On YouTube. Also, it allows you to access exclusive digital goods such as emojis, public budgets and other pro perks offered by the channel creators.Youtube channel membership cost depends on your country or region, or the platform you use. There are some steps you have to follow for becoming a channel member on YouTube.This feature also allows subscribers to gain access to member-only posts in the community section. So here creators will periodically share pro- perks, such as a special live stream, additional videos, shout-outs, news updates, For early access ticket sales and other things.Benefits of YouTube Membership Program
So if you want “How much does it cost to become a channel member on YouTube?”. Therefore, the basic pricing for channel membership would be the same for backing the channel of a creator that is $ 4.99 per month. Hence it includes all custom badges and exclusive emojis as well.Actually, this tool is really so powerful that Google Youtube Video creators can offer anything that they want to, by following YouTube Guidelines.And it is entirely up to the creators how they use this tool to their advantage. YouTube is the number 2 site after Google which acquires a huge market and brand image. But how a YouTube channel creator will use this tool depends only on that.Actually, YouTube Membership Program was launched in January 2018, and very few people still have ideas about it. And many Big You-tubers not taking advantage of it because they did not utilize this YouTube feature yet.But, those who benefited from it are making fortune from it, such as Mike Falzone nearly tripled his earnings with this tool. many creators gaining almost 50% of their total revenue from this feature.

How to Join YouTube Membership Program:-
Now you may have a question about “How to become a member on YouTube streams”. And “how to enable subscription or join button on your channel”. So there is some focused point you have to consider for applying the join button on the YouTube channel and become a YouTube Member.Eligibility Criteria of YouTube Membership Program:-
Therefore some mandatory rules imposed by YouTube on Channel Creators for creating YouTube channel membership option on their channel such as…Creators should have at least 100,000 subscriber
Minimum Age should be 18 years.
He or she will be associated with the YouTube Partner Program
How to Enable Memberships on YouTube:-
As I already mentioned above, if you fulfill the criteria of 100k subscribers and above age 18. And you also joined the YouTube Partner Program then You can enable the join button to the end of your channel. Here you have to follow some steps to enable memberships on YouTube.
First, you have to sign in to your YouTube MCN account.
Then Go to Channel Membership Agreement Form.
Finally, fill all details and Click Enable for Paid Features.
Join YouTube Membership Program & Become a Channel Member:-
First of all, go to the site YouTube or open the YouTube app on your mobile.Then find the channel or a video uploaded by, the creator you want to support and see is there any memberships enabled on their channel.
If YES then go and Click to Join.
Follow the prompts and enter your payment details for channel membership.
Finally, Click to Buy and you DONE.
I hope you find some great pieces of information out of this post “YouTube Membership Program:- Become a Channel Member On YouTube” and find it sticks to the point and you gain lots of knowledge about these new YouTube features.Read More:-Most Common FAQ’s About YouTube Channel Startup Business
Earn Money From Google YouTube Video Channel Business
Passive Income From YouTube $100/Day Without Making Videos! 
Save From YouTube videos for free:- 3 Best Ways for PC & Smartphones

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Save From Youtube Videos For Free:- 3 Best Youtube Video Downloader

3 best way to Save From Youtube Videos For Free with YouTube Video Downloader without any Software. Best Ways of Youtube Video downloading online

Therefore, it is really a hot query on the internet that “Which is the best Youtube Video Downloader for Free? Also “How to Save From Youtube Videos For Free without any Software”. Because nobody wants to install software or pay money for downloading YouTube Videos.

Also, there are several ways available on the internet for youtube video downloading with online you tube downloder. And you should say downloading videos from YouTube. But still many people don’t know “How to download videos from YouTube for free online” and it is against the google youtube video policies as well.
Why People like to Save From Youtube Videos For Free
Actually, most of the people Save From Youtube because they want to watch or listen to these Videos again and again for learning purposes or for Entertainment.
Sometimes, people don’t have enough Internet Data to watch YouTube Videos multiple times
Some people download common creatives videos from YouTube for reuse purposes in their own Youtube Channel, which is not recommended at all in the long run.
Therefore, many people have very poor knowledge about “How to save from YouTube Video with yt video downloder”. So I want to share this information about my best recommended Youtube Video Downloder 

Also, you can download videos with a direct button as well on your smartphone or on your pc in different formats and sizes. 
How to Save From Youtube Videos For Free To Smartphone:-
And, before going further, I want to clear one thing that free download of YouTube videos not legal and recommended activity at all. As on google youtube video download, you already have the option for download video FREE offline in the YouTube library for the next 30 days in your smartphone.

therefore, you can watch these “youtube video” multiple times for 30 days without any cost. hence It’s a great option to utilize free video downloader and save from youtube directly on your mobile without any software and app. 

So just click on the download link and open youtube videos in your YouTube video library where you can save from youtube videos offline and this is a genuine way to use youtube downloading for free.
Save From Youtube Videos to PC:-
So let’s talk about”how-to video download from YouTube to PC” or Personal Computer, Here you will find the best 2 options for youtube videos free download.
Video download from link with save from net
Video download free with Firefox Extention
Although there are many Youtube Video Downloder available for Saving Youtube Videos. But I don’t recommend many to you.
Because, most of these are not user-friendly, safe for your PC or Laptop. And display sexual and unhealthy ads content.

Sometimes it becomes so irritating to watch these types of ads again and again. Actually, these types of youtube videos download free at all. But not good for your PC as well as not good for your children. so keep away from these. and if possible try to use a youtube premium subscription.

So here I am sharing only the best 2 options with you with all the pros and cons details. Also, I don’t support any of these personally as it is not a legal activity according to “Saving Youtube Videos” policies. But for sharing the knowledge I found these 2 options good enough.
Save From Youtube Videos For Free with “Savefrom the net”:-
Therefore, multiple options available as youtube downloader online. But very few have good quality and limited ads. And most of the Youtube Video Downloder online try to use sexual, pornography, and unexpected ads content for generating high revenues. And I found this site good enough for ad content.

So there are some more Ways to Save From Youtube Videos online in different formats. Such as mp3, AVI, AND download videos on mobile as well.
Process of Save From Youtube Videos For Free
This is the fastest site as well and looks simple and clean. Here is a simple process with saving from net app download. Here you need to follow some steps:-
Open YouTube Website in your browser.
open YouTube videos you want to download for free.
Go to the Site SaveFrom.Net
Enter your youtube video downloading URL in black search box
Now select the format you want to download
NOW click to download to PC and save it and done.
This is a simple and easy process to follow and anyone can easily do this without any problem and save HD video songs download new high resolution pictures quality for sure.
Save From Youtube Videos With Firefox Extension:-
Now come to the second option that is “Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express” by using Firefox Extension on your Firefox browser which creates a free online downloader from the youtube button itself without any extra work.

The best feature of this youtube downloader online is that it creates direct download button on your Youtube site, no need to copy any download URL and paste that on other save from net app download Site.

So, whenever you find any interesting video, you can download it with one click in different formats and sizes. it makes your life simple and easy.

First of all, Save From Youtube Videos with a third party Youtube Video Downloader is not recommended at all, as it is against the Google YouTube Video policy. passive income ideas not connected with any youtube video downloading site anyway, here I highly recommend subscribing youtube premium services for this. this post is written for sharing knowledge and awareness for educational purposes.

Now, I hope you got enough information about how-to Save From Youtube Videos For Free, and How to save from net to your PC or Desktop.
So these all three methods are simple, easy, and workable. And you can use any of them easily. 

Still, you have any queries or doubts, please let me know in the comment section. Also, share your suggestions and knowledge about it. These were my favorite 3 Simple Ways to Save From Youtube Videos For Free with my favorite Youtube Video Downloader.Read More:-Most Common FAQ’s About YouTube Channel Startup Business
Earn Money From Google With YouTube Channel:- Money Tips #1
Passive Income From YouTube $100/Day Without Making Videos!

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How to Become Successful Entrepreneur Online & Create Huge Wealth?

Find Multiple ways to Become Successful Entrepreneur Online & Create Huge Wealth, multiple passive income ideas and residual income streams, online startup.

therefore, many people Want to Become Successful Entrepreneur Online & Create Huge Wealth, but they have no idea how to start a business online which can make them successful entrepreneurs online
 Become Successful Entrepreneur Online

And there multiple options available for you online but how much will you make, it totally depends on you and on your position where you are right now.
Therefore some people have the least money in thousands such as Rs.2k-10K as an investment, on the other hand, some people have crores of rupees.So, it is funny to say this business is good and that business is bad. Every person chooses the business according to his spending strength.Actually, I started my online career by selling goods online on eBay. And later moved to Amazon and Flipkart with as little money as Rs.2000 only. And set up the business of 1–2lacs per month.But, I had some twist in my life,. So I decided to have at least 1 or 2 passive income streams. So that I have regular money inflow in my bank account.
There are many ways to earn money online. but it totally depends on you which one shoots on you.

So, Lets Categories these options according to Financial stability.No Investment:- Rs.0
Basic Investment:- Rs. 5K to Rs-50K
Average Investment:- 50K- 5lacs
Good Investment:- 5lacs- 20Lacs
Great Investment:- Above 20lacs

Now we have categorized our investment capability. now discuss one by one….Simple Ways to Become Successful Entrepreneur Online With No Investment:-
Infect This is a great myth that you can become a Successful Entrepreneur Online. By starting a business without investment, even if you do the job, you have to invest money on…Traveling for the office.
Official Dresses and outfits
Shoes or slippers
Makeup and looks

So if you have to do investment for doing jobs, where you get salary after 35–45 days from the date of joining. Then how can you expect to start a sustainable business without any investment?Have ever find a Kirana store which trying to meet their ends and struggling for survival after spending 10k-20k and generating only 3–4k a month.Above all, you want to create a business without investment. By thinking that the internet & online world is a wonderland, where real people don’t exist. And here you will find Disney World character, who handover money to you as a gift.Start Your Successful Entrepreneur Journey with Right Mindset
Hence, Friends try to accept reality, don’t try to make yourself a FOOL, this online world created by us and we all give our money only for the reason.

And if you doing any of these without investment, then it takes TIME and Efforts for sure, and here is a critical part,Be Patience and keep working without any expectations. by the time you got enough followers, subscribers, emails list, etc. Which actually creates money for you. But 96% of people give up before getting an actual financial result. And they keep searching the ways in the same manner with the same expectations.So, let’s talk about some ways you can start your online business without investment or little investment. And Become Successful Entrepreneur Online but it takes time and effort and patience for long.Blogging for Successful Online Biz:- 
Actually here You can create a blog on blogger for free of your own and monetize it with ads services. Such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, etc.
Because these companies pay you for the ad and clicks for the advertisements. That you display on your blog or website.Therefore all you gotta do is choose a topic and start writing on it you can write a blog on any topic like.Also, You can monetize your blog with Amazon Affiliate program and other affiliate programs where you have to place ads banner or widgets on your blog on the website.
Therefore You all can review amazon products on your blog, you can sell your own products via blogging and you can promote any course or services with it.Certainly, this is really a great platform for everyone who knows how to put words in the post which creates attraction and values.Best broad Niches for the blog are:-Wealth Creation
Health and Fitness
Content Writing as a Freelance Entrepreneur:-
also, if you are good at content writing then you should start writing professionally. Therefore you may find several websites that actually pay for your content. you also can Publish your own E-book online and make money online easy and fast. So, here are some online writing websites.Income Diary
Be a Freelance Blogger
Online Teaching Work from home Job:- 
Therefore it can be a great option because, in today’s generation, very few people can take out so much time to learn in a traditional way.certainly, these online teaching jobs provide them flexibility, which they can learn at any time from anywhere. Above all, One of the best uses of this can be that you can resell your recorded lessons and you can earn quite a good amount from reselling.
one of my favorite teaching sites is Teachable where you can create your own courses and also you can offer free courses as well for your students.Start YouTube Channel For Video Marketing:-
Therefore if you like to create videos. And you have knowledge or passion about a particular topic, you can start your YouTube Channel. So, here you can monetize your youtube channel with Adsense.Also, You can review the different physical and digital products on your channel. And share your passion or expertise such as singing, dancing, cooking. comedy etc.Affiliate Marketing:- 
Similarly, if you have a blog or YouTube channel, you then can join different affiliate marketing products or marketplace. Such as ClickBank, Amazon, JV Zoo, or any particular organization.And promote these products and services by content writing in your blog and by video marketing on your Youtube Channel.
So These were few ways I shared with no investment criteria but but but…You invest in INTERNET CONNECTION and on domain purchase.
Here You have to spend 3–4 hours a day for creating content or videos
You should have Patience for at least 3–4 months don’t quit before.
In blogging, you have to create content, create backlinks, guest posts, article submission, etc. This all takes time efforts and Patience.
In the youtube channel, you should have 1000 subscribers and 4k hours watch time before monetization. So it takes time efforts and Patience.
Online teaching needs complete course creation and it takes time efforts and Patience.

So, if you are not the kind of person who is ready to give his time, effort. And the most important if you are not patient, then don’t choose no investment money making ideas.
Now move on furtherHow to become Successful Entrepreneur Online With low Investment:- Rs. 5K to Rs-50K

Blogging Career:- 
Therefore, You will create your blog on blogger but we will do some investment such as:-Domain purchase Cost:-Rs. 800
Using an App Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing Cost:- Rs. 1100/month
Using Canva tool for LOGO, Graphic Design, E-Book Creation, Social media Content Cost:- Rs 1000
Quora Advertisement :- Rs. 1100
LinkedIn Advertisement :- 1000
I don’t prefer to do Facebook Advertisement as it is costly and comparative.

Hence, the above investment is very useful if you have only 5k to invest. But if you can make better then here is some more place to invest…Backlink creation services from Fiverr Cost:- $10–20 for 5 to 10 backlinks
Tailwind premium service for a year where you get an unlimited submission and tribe connections for year Cost $395
Create a Digital product:- 
So, you hire the person for creating your digital product such as E-Book, Video course with slides share or PPT, App creation, software creation, etc. And Upload this course on online teaching sites, Mobile lay store, kindle publishing, etc.Physical Product Selling:- 
And if you have 5k-50k Rupees to invest in any business. Here I will highly recommend Online selling on FLIPKART, AMAZON, AND EBAY.Actually, I have started my online selling in 2014 with little money of Rs.2000 only. But now time changed and you should have at least 5k for online selling.And, if you put only 5k then it may take about a year for converting this 5k to 50k. But if you can invest 50k then you easily can get rid of your 9 to 6 job for sure.Successful Entrepreneur Startup Ideas online with Investment:- 50K- 5lacs
If you have 50K TO 5LACS Then you surely have many options to start your online business. So here is my some ideas…Online Selling:-
Online selling ON Amazon FBA, Flipkart, And eBay, Shopify Drop-shipping, WordPress Store, Play Store Online selling App, etc.Blogging:- 
So hire content writers from Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork site, for creating your complete blog material. Such as your post, email marketing content, sales funnel contents, etc.likewise, you can outsource the people for guest post content and answering site sharing content as well, outsources your graphic designer, social media manager, backlinks creators, SEO Services.This is the perfect way to become a successful entrepreneur online. And most of the super successful entrepreneurs run their business in this manner.They don’t try to do all the job themselves, they just implement the ideas and hire expert people for the jobs, and just put their efforts in managing the Teams or staff.Youtube Channel:- 
Actually, you can hire people for your video creation. Also, you can create animation video channels like coco-melon. And you can hire expert people for creating these types of videos.Also, you can hire people to review the products in the video. You can hire a professional video maker who creates your video perfectly in attractive and eye-catching ways.Purchase a business:-
Certainly, You can purchase a business online as well which already has a customer and google presence.Start your Successful Online Entrepreneur Journey with Investment 5lacs- 20Lacs
If you have this type of money then I highly suggest going to these businesses. There are multiple examples you can find who became a successful entrepreneur online in these given options.AMAZON FBA
Plug into Successful Entrepreneur World with Great Investment Rs. 20L plus
Therefore, I don’t think, I have a right to give the answer at this level about noteworthy. As, who has this much money to invest, he already has enough knowledge of where to invest this money. And this type of person never finds the answer to this question.Actually, they are the answer to this question. They already became a successful entrepreneur online. So I respect them whole-heartily and request to share their ideas with us if any of them reading this post.I hope you will find this post “How to Become Successful Entrepreneur Online & Create Huge Wealth?” valuable and helpful. please give me your love with like and share. And share your suggestions with me.
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How to Earn $2k+ Passive Income Every Month With Amazon Self-Publishing

Earn $2k+ Passive Income With Amazon Self-Publishing Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing KDP, Best Passive income Ideas With Royalty Income Sources

Hello friends, Are you looking for something which can become your assets and generates passive income month after months? There are different ways available to create Passive Income for life but today we gonna talk about royalty based income stream using Amazon Huge Market Place.

Passive Income with Amazon Self-Publishing
Today I’m gonna talk about one of the best passive income ideas which can give you Name, Fame, and Solid Passive Income for whole life, Yes I am talking about “Amazon Self-Publishing Book” royalty income idea. 
5 Ways to Make Passive Income with Top Quality E-books
Today i will let you know how to self publish a book on Amazon and how you can navigate the publishing process in simple 9 steps. These all steps specifically mentioned as a beginner guide for newbies so that they can publish their first book on Amazon successfully.
1. Kindle Direct Publishing Account Setting
Therefore maybe you’re trying to figure out what should I traditionally published? should I self publish obviously here you’re self publishing and more specifically you’re self publishing on Amazon so the first step in this process is gonna be to set up your KDP or Kindle direct publishing account.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Account Setting
So this is what’s gonna allow you to publish your Kindle book on Amazon, there’s also kind of some other accounts that you can set up through this process through “Kindle Direct Publishing” print. 
2. Title and Subtitle Selection For your Book

Once you’ve got your book written obviously you probably have that written because you’re at this point of publishing now, if you don’t have your book written I definitely recommend that you check out a video it’s very detailed on “How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours” that’ll help you to write your Amazon Self-Publishing Book fast. 

Amazon Self Publishing book Title/Subtitle Selection

So now you’re ready to publish, once you’ve got your book written it’s important that you come up with a title and subtitle now. this is very very important and the biggest mistake that I ever seen people make, they go way too broad so they don’t get specific enough. Let me know does your target reader instantly know within two seconds what your books about, if the answer to that question is no then your title probably isn’t good or specific enough. 
So this is super important to give your book title and subtitle specific and understandable, so that your reader can instantly understand hopefully what this book is about right. such as it’s about how to get your book published. There are the two things that I always try to touch on in my title and subtitle is what’s the pain that your person is experiencing right now and then what’s the benefit or solution that you have for them.
3. Specific & Compelling Book Cover Selection
Now that you’ve got a good title and subtitle then it’s important to get a good cover now. I’m amazed at how many people spend years writing their book and but they won’t spend five minutes and five dollars on their perfect book cover selection.

Amazon Self Publishing Book Cover Selection
Well you know you’ve probably heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” right don’t judge a book by its cover but it is really a truth that we all judge a book by its cover so you need to have a good cover for your book and your cover needs to do three things…
It needs to grab attention so that your book get noticed 
Your Book title needs to be easy to read and it needs to be on the upper third of your cover.
It need to instantly understand what your book about within two seconds.
There’s a saying “Confused people don’t buy” so if I don’t get it right your prospective readers may be confused so if it doesn’t pop out to them then they’re not gonna click on your book or they’re not gonna buy it. So make it simple and catchy.
4. Write Compelling Description With Keywords
Write a good book description so whether it’s the back of your book if you’re in physical bookstores or on your Amazon page, this is super important the purpose of that is to get people to click into your Amazon listing now. 

Amazon Self Publishing Book Description Writing
I always say that people will stay on your Amazon page for five seconds and leave or they’ll stay on there for a minute and a half and buy so the whole goal is once we get them onto your Amazon page we want to keep them there so they see the cover they see the title they click into the page and then the first thing that they see is your book description.
Now if you don’t know How To Write The PERFECT Book Description for Amazon Kindle Self Publishing book that actually sell, I definitely recommend you watch this complete video tutorial to learn this art for your business so that you can hook and grab your visitor’s attention from the start and then keep them reading and keep them intrigued about what the book about.
5. Searchable Keywords Inserting In The Description
Choose the right keywords so on the back end when you’re submitting or when you’re self publishing your book on Amazon. Amazon is going to give you a handful of keywords that you can use for doing SEO for your book which stand for search engine optimization for your book On Amazon Site. 

Amazon book searchable keywords selection
Now the really cool thing about Amazon is while everyone over here is focusing on Google I always say that Google is a search engine browsers whereas Amazon is a search engine of buyers so there’s 310 million plus people over here and they’re on Amazon for one reason only and that’s to buy stuff, right. 
So this is way more competitive on Google but the cool thing is on Amazon if you target those some powerful keywords you’ve got a better chance of ranking with your book but you got to be strategic about picking the right keywords and making sure that you rank for things that people are actually searching for. 
Therefore you should the skill to find out best keywords for Amazon Listing, but if you know nothing about Amazon Keyword Research Learn How to Find The Best Keywords To Optimize Your Amazon Listing Here. Get Step by Step training for research right keywords for your listing which can rank your book fast and easily.
6. Select The Right Category On Amazon Site
Now your next step is to choose the right category inside the Amazon ecosystem, where you’ve probably seen a bunch of different categories and it can go all the way down like underwater basket-weaving or anything like that but there’s all these categories on Amazon gives you the ability to pick two categories. 

Kindle Amazon book right categories selection
Therefore what we generally say is pick one that’s maybe slightly competitive so you can check out the rankings of the top three to five books in that category but this super relevant and then pick one that’s also relevant but easier to rank.
Now the important thing here is if you can stay number one in a category for as long as possible that’s gonna help with social proof so when people land on your book page they see this a number one bestseller in at least one category so that’s gonna help you sell more books in a along term.
Also one kind of bonus tip here is that you actually have the ability to get into as much as ten categories on Amazon you just have to ask for it, so we’ve got a separate blog post on “How To Get Approved for More Amazon Book Categories” and this is something not a lot of people know, if you go through this process you can request eight more categories so this just increases the exposure and this just helps you get more eyeballs on your book.
7. Upload Your Manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing

Now go further to next step that is uploading your manuscript so this is a step in the process of actually uploading your book to KDP or the kindle direct publishing and you’re gonna upload your manuscript. 

Kindle Amazon book manuscript uploading
Here you’re gonna upload your book cover as well once you upload the book that’s gonna be one of the steps to help you publish you book on Amazon.
If you have confusion about How to Upload A Book To KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), here is a dedicated video tutorial for you which gonna help you in uploading your Self-Publishing Book on Amazon Step by Step.

8. Price Your Book As Per Amazon Market Demand
Now you come to the stage where you need to price your book to sell so there’s kind of a couple different options that you have, Here I would recommend that you price your book between $2.99 and $9.99 for Kindle where you can make good royalty and good number of sells. 

Kindle Amazon book Pricing Selection

If it’s the print book then obviously this is depending on the trim size what’s the size of your book how what’s the word count how many pages are you going black-and-white all those things so that’s going to kind of determine that economics of how can you be profitable on a per book basis but typically print books are priced between $10.99 on the very low end to $17.99. 
So you want to make sure that you’re pricing your book to sell and one of the biggest things I recommend here is you actually do some research on the books in your category and on books that are like yours so that you can make sure you price it to sell. 
Also when you’re going through this process you can submit and sell your book internationally so you want to click those other countries and make sure that you’re pricing it accordingly per country.
9. Recheck Your Listing And Press Publish Button
Now this is a final step to recheck your listing and finally press publish now button, you’ve got all the settings, you want to make sure that your settings are right and then you just hovering over that publish button and so it’s time to actually press that publish button and launch your first book on KDP. 

Kindle Amazon book Publishing
So now there you have those are the nine steps on how to self publish your book on Amazon, please do follow all the steps carefully and also watch and read recommended materials so that you gonna publish your first self-publishing book on Amazon Direct Publishing platform successfully.
I hope that you found this post “How to Earn $2k+ Passive Income Every Month With Amazon Self-Publishing” helpful and valuable. If you need some kind of go into further depth on what I just talked about in this post here is more depth researched contents for you. 
How to Self-Publish Your First Book: Step-by-step for beginners? 
How To Create A $10,000 Per Month Amazon Book Publishing Business?
How to Crack the Code to #1 Amazon Best Seller Rankings? 
9 UNCOMMON Book Marketing & Promotion Tips to Become a Bestseller!
So get started with your own Amazon Self-Publishing book now, i will comeback to you with more interesting Passive Income Ideas and Money Making Tips. If you like this post, please do share this post to someone who looking for this kind of contents. Also if there is any confusion or suggestion do share with me in comments section.

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