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Iconic Italian Coffee Brand Calls For Regenerative Agriculture

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SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES – 2020/01/23: Pedestrians walk past an Illy Caffe. (Photo by Alex … [+] Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Illycaffè is joining a new league of companies aiming to be zero-carbon in the near future. For the Italian coffee roaster, famous for its Arabica-based espresso blend, that target deadline is 2033, its 100 year anniversary.
“The mother of all causes now is climate change. It has to be a soil-to-soil carbon cycle. We need to sink carbon in the same soil where we grow our coffee,” says Andrea Illy, Chairman of Illycaffè, who is setting out to transition the company’s expansive network of coffee farmers to regenerative agriculture, which he refers to as “virtuous agriculture” in an effort to save coffee from the plight of climate change and help sequester carbon (thereby “de-carboniz[ing]” Illycaffe’s global footprint).
“By 2050, much of the land, about three-fourth of the land used to grow Arabica coffee, will not be suitable,” he says.
Increasing droughts, heavy rainfalls, and high temperatures are threatening the vitality of the coffee plant. In countries such as Brazil, which practice large-scale mono-cropping of coffee, and shade is quickly disappearing in deforested regions, coffee is particularly at risk, he notes.

Depleted soils that have been intensively farmed for decades, he says, are contributing to the problem. The solution is his virtuous project, based on the principles of regenerative agriculture: less tilling, cover crops, agroforestry, and fundamentally, a focus on soil health to trap carbon in soils.
Where the desire to enrich soils may not be enough, Illy is also keen to point out that organic practices require fewer inputs and in the long-run can be more profitable for coffee growers, who have been pinched by low global prices in the past few years. 


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Though Illy notes that the company pays a premium to its growers for a higher-quality product, they’re also keen to help growers think long-term. “Yes, transitioning to regenerative practices will have a higher cost in the short-term, but at the same time, this technological package,” he says, “which consists of all the things a farmer needs — fertilizer, irrigation, for example— is becoming more expensive in places like Brazil. Growers are interested in these practices because it makes them less dependent on big agriculture companies, and more environmentally-friendly.”
And Illy wants to see how coffee growers can play a role in the larger, global dialogue around carbon sequestration. In East Africa, where coffee is grown amidst agroforestry (or wooded, shaded regions), he argues that coffee is more sustainable. But in the sun-kissed expanses of Brazil, it’s less so. If farmers move away from this latter form of farming, they can make the argument that by planting trees, re-introducing shade on their coffee plantations, they not only improve the quality of coffee, but also qualify for carbon credits.
Yet Illy notes that more research is needed right now to better understand how regenerative farming affects the soils of coffee growers. “There’s not enough money in the research of coffee. We need much more,” he says. Although currently Illy estimates there’s about $350 million going into this type of research, the need is “more like $1 billion.”
He’d like to see rich countries who consume coffee be a part of that solution and shift funds to low-income countries where much of the world’s coffee supply is grown. The World Bank, philanthropic community, and impact investors, he argues, can mobilize a lot more institutional finance into the future of coffee.
While Illy himself is passionate about these issues because of his background in chemistry and sciences, he also sees the dialogue shifting with his consumers. “People are definitely more interested in these environmental aspects,” he says. 
The pandemic has also affected how people are drinking coffee, and thus Illycaffè business model. Whereas before it would have been 60/40 with hospitality taking a larger share of their business and coffee consumption at home taking the smaller half, now the equation is reversed: more people are buying Illy for home, understandably. Thus, Illycaffè will “accelerate” the home business in the coming year, he says.
Either way, to produce an Arabica-based blend for Illycaffè iconic espresso blend, they’ll need more high-quality beans. And it’s these very Arabica beans that are under threat.
Illy hopes that their “pioneering” efforts in adapting regenerative agriculture through trial-and-error will create a ripple effect in the industry.
“Convention vs non-conventional agriculture, such as organic and regenerative, is like two different political parties,” Illy jokes. It can get heated. But Illy is making it clear that he’ll be on the non-conventional side to ensure that the supply chain his family has been dependent on since 1933 will be resilient enough to survive.

Top New Years Free Printables

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Do you know that it’s never to late to start planning, no matter where you are in your life right now?
If you are in a situation where you feel like you have wasted three quarters of the year and have not accomplished anything… you’re probably thinking that it’s best to throw in the towel now and wait till it’s January again to start planning your new year’s resolutions, right?
Well – WRONG!
And I totally meant that in a good way 🙂
If you’re reading this post, whether it is nearing the end of the year or right at the beginning or somewhere in between…
It’s never too late to start planning. And start you will.
Because until you take the first step and start planning a roadmap for your life, you are pretty much just treading on a road with a blindfold on. And that’s just plain dumb and dangerous.
You are not only leading your own life blindly, but your decision may affect others around you too (especially if you have a spouse or children that are dependent on you). Or you have so much clutter around you that it prohibits you from living a happy and healthy life. Or not completing an assigned project which was due weeks ago, and that has affected your overall performance at school, college or at work.
So don’t wait. Start planning now, take action, and watch your life change for the better.
Luckily for you, I have 10 top New Years free printable planners you can download for FREE so you can start planning today!

Top New Years Free Printables
Simply click the pictures below to download and print the New Years printables.
Pages include:
My Resolutions
Daily Planner
6 Daily Success Habits
Overcoming Obstacles
30 Day Planner
3 Things to Focus On
90 Day Plan Overview (2 pages)
Plan of Action Worksheets
Extra Income Ideas

Download the Free Printable ‘My Resolutions’ here.
I usually like to start off with planning my resolutions for the year or for a specific month during the year. I have created some prompts to help you along the way to make writing your resolutions easier.
If you like this Resolutions planner, then you’ll love this planner too.


Download the Free Printable 3 Things to Focus On goal planner template here.
Download the Free Printable 30 Day Planner here.
Once I’m done writing my resolutions, I will usually use the 3 Things Planner to write 3 main goals I want to achieve for a specific month.
You can also use this versatile planner to write your 3 main goals for:
the year
month or
a specific week of the month.
Then, I will plan my month using the 30 Day Planner months of the year printables.  You can write a specific task you want to do for each day of the month or write in the projects you want to focus on for the week. Whatever you do, prioritize your tasks or projects first before writing inside your planner.  
You can also use these beautiful undated calendars to plan ahead for the rest of the year.


Download the Free Printables 90 Day Plan Overview here.
You can plan for every day of the month like the above but for some of you who prefer to plan on a quarterly basis, you will love using this planner instead. 
This lets you plan 3 months ahead or at least gives you a bird’s eye view on what you’d like to see happening in the next 3 months.
I have also left the planner undated so you can use it for any quarter of the year. Super flexible, right?
Remember, don’t worry about being too specific if you’re quarterly planning. Life changes and so can your plans. So, adjust and tweak for each month as you go when you plan your 90 day goals.
After you have planned your quarterly goals, you can then expand on your goals, projects or tasks you need to complete for the month in the 30 Day Planner above.
Or if you want to do more planning for the month, week or day, click here.


Download the Free Printable Daily Planner here.
Want the color palette for this printable? 

Ocean Teal – HTML #3497AC
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Now do you want to get more serious about planning?
Then, I encourage you to plan your day as well!
This is some serious stuff if you want to make better use of your time. I like planning my day because with 4 kids and 2 businesses, time is always SO limited! So, if you’re like me and want to have a more productive day, then download this planner below and start planning your days of the week activities!


Download the Free Printable Plan of Action Planner here.
Have you ever written down a bunch of goals but never really taken the time to ponder and write the steps you need to take to make those goals happen? Well, I sure have.
Then, you need to download this planner so you can finally write the action steps of your written goals. After all, what’s the point of planning when you’re not going to do anything about it right?
If you like more plan of action and goal tracker planners, click here. 


Download the Free Printable 6 Daily Success Habits here.
Another useful planner is the habit tracker. This is unlike any habit tracker because instead of focusing on 10 or 15 habits at a time, this tracker focuses on 6 successful habits you want to achieve every week of the month. So, start tracking and building successful habits today which will last you a lifetime, especially if you are consistent with them every day.

Download the Free Printable Overcoming Obstacles here.
Have you ever wanted to do something amazing, but fear keeps holding you back and keeps you from achieving your dreams or that break-through you so long desire? Well, I have been there many times myself and it ain’t pretty.
When I come across a stumbling block, I find that it helps if I write down my fears and struggles, why I was feeling this way, what the benefits are of doing the dreaded task, how it can help me achieve my goals in the long run, and finally, the first step I need to take to get past my fears. As I do this, I train my mind to see the good in everything especially in my struggles.
If you have ever felt this way, then this planner is going to be SO beneficial for you.


Download the Free Printable Extra Income Ideas here.
Finally, who doesn’t like to earn some extra income on the side right? Every bit helps especially when you have children to feed and utility bills to pay. Then look no further, because this planner will assist you as you explore the various income ideas that are available out there or better still, turn your passion into a full-time income? Hey, anything is possible you know!
That’s all. I hope you will find these useful and that you will enjoy using these planners as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them for you.
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