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3 Simple Strategies To Keep You Always Learning

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
The difference between studying and learning , according to various sources, is that studying “means having to acquire knowledge, generally using memory and the relationships between concepts”, while learning is “the cumulative acquisition of skills and knowledge, many times coming from experiences. “And in my experience, the most important part of being successful as an entrepreneur is to keep learning, out of pleasure and not out of obligation, either for your personal development or because your project needs it.
Undertaking is synonymous with venturing into the unknown, and in the meantime, going around the challenges that appear. From taking Mandarin classes to speaking with a potential supplier to the ABCs of government laws that affect your product or service, at some point, you will be the one to find knowledge to solve problems. These are three strategies that I apply daily to have my brain and skills in constant exercise of learning and nutrition.
Eliminate the phrase “waste of time” from your vocabulary
A popular saying says that “with time and patience science is acquired.” And what better time to apply patience than the one you spend in the car, on public transport, or in the Uber on the way to your next meeting (bike and skates not included)? Now imagine spending every minute of that tour reading a book or listening to an audiobook. In the two and a half hours a day (on average) that I spend going from one place to another, I have read dozens of books and listened to as many. Meter? Read. Car? Listens. Do you get dizzy in the Uber when reading? Listens. Don’t you like to read on your cell phone? Bookstores still exist. Are the books that interest you heavy? We have Kindle.
The form and object you choose to absorb the information depends on the situation or your personal taste. What is a fact is that there are more options than excuses to take advantage of your daily routine and learn something new every day. I prefer Kindle because I have access to my entire library, in a very light device and the ideal size, all day, at all hours and no matter where I am. For audiobooks I would say the best option is Audible. The monthly subscription, which is not expensive, gives you permanent access to the entire collection, which sometimes seems infinite, of books and genres.
Use the infinity of tools available on the Internet
As individuals, we are very fortunate to live in a time when all knowledge is at our fingertips. Literally. As entrepreneurs, we couldn’t be in a better time and place than today. In the same way that there are audiobooks for learning languages, there are also sites and organizations dedicated to teaching online classes for all kinds of specialties. From the United States to Singapore, and from Harvard to Tel Aviv University, there are hundreds of institutions and dozens of countries that have online courses open to anyone who wants to take them.
The offer of MOOCs ( Massive Open Online Courses , for its acronym in English), is accessible on a variety of sites and in the same variety of languages and subtitles. One that I have used repeatedly is Coursera . Administration, writing, business, project management, programming, and entrepreneurship, among many others, are at your disposal with reviews, opinions, and even assignments and grades. Take an hour a day or, for those who are really very busy, a week, to sit and learn new skills that will grow you as a leader. The best thing about these tools is that the prices are very affordable, and sometimes even free. (Tip: some courses can be audited, which means that you have access to the material without paying).
Invest time in topics and activities that do contribute to your development
Learning languages is a very fun way to exercise the brain as a muscle. But sometimes there comes a point where we have to decide if spending three hours a week in French is more important than preparing the topics for the next meeting, going to the gym, or even resting. Unless your company requires, at the time, that you speak French constantly, sometimes the answer is no. And although this example is about languages, it applies to any other activity. It is important to manage your time effectively.
At the same time, make sure that the activities that you consider priorities are, otherwise, you are missing the opportunity to develop yourself in topics and areas that require immediate attention. Sleeping early is often more important than the daily Netflix and chill time, or calling your best friend can wait compared to finishing the book you’ve been reading for two weeks. Set aside an hour a day to focus only on your personal and professional development. Setting goals for how much to advance, how many pages to read, or how quickly to finish a course will help you be the best supervisor in your day-to-day life.
The brain is a muscle; your ability to be humble, understanding, and empathetic are too. That is the difference between being a boss or a leader. And the best way to remind yourself that you don’t know everything and that there is always something you can improve, both personally and professionally, is to keep learning.
Take these paths and educate yourself to be the best teacher of your own life as an entrepreneur. Sooner rather than later, you will have to look for people who form a strong team in which everyone contributes complementary skills to develop the business. And if you yourself are not aware of what you lack, where will you get the solid foundations necessary to build that team and how will you be the leader that your team needs?

How to Ensure Love Doesn't End Your Business

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
Surely you have ever heard that mixing love and business is not a very good option, which is not necessarily true, since the success of a business will always depend on how its owners manage it and not on their kinship.
The simple fact of starting a business is a great challenge that generates fear, and if your idea is to start with your partner, this can become an even greater challenge, which few dare to try. According to figures from the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Annual Report, approximately 34% of entrepreneurs are afraid of failure.So that this does not happen to you, it is necessary that you take into account the following tips, which will be very useful when starting a business together with your partner:
1. Define objectives: before starting your business, it is important that you define the objectives you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term, as this will help you to have a guide for decision making.
2. Make a budget: it is essential that from the beginning they consider what expenses they will have month after month and that they keep an updated record of their income and expenses. To do this, I recommend you download the Monthly Budget format for free, with which you can significantly improve your business finances.
3. Establish their functions: discuss and agree on what functions they will have, the position they will carry out and the specific and general objectives. This will help them to have a better organization and avoid conflicts.
4. Separate personal finances: when they have defined what functions they will perform, it is necessary that each one has a salary assigned, since one of the worst financial mistakes they can make is to take the money that is destined for the business to pay your personal expenses.
5. Emergency fund: they must take into account that if they decide to work in the same business, all income will depend on a single source of work, so if the business stops operating, the income of both can be seriously threatened. For this reason, they must have a cash emergency fund that allows them to cover at least three months of their monthly expenses and which they only use for a true emergency.Remember that love should not be an impediment for a business to grow and be maintained, undertaking as a couple can also bring you great benefits that improve your relationship. The only thing that must be maintained is communication and organization.

Why Your Life, Like Any Successful Company, Should Have a Business Model

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
What is your main goal in life? Have you ever sat down to think what your purpose is? What is that goal that inspires you to get up every day? I think few people stop to think about this consciously.
If we make a parallel between our personal lives and successful businesses, we can identify certain patterns that large companies have in common with those people who have excelled above the average.
For example, large companies – those that have succeeded and are world leaders – are very clear about their target audience, what value they add, and how they differ from their competition.
In other words, large companies are clear about their strategy and have a business model that allows them to achieve their objectives.
The same thing happens in our lives: people who have a plan for their dreams are the ones who achieve them. Those who turn their dreams into measurable, achievable goals and within a period of time, are the ones who end up achieving them.
What is this about? When you are clear about where you want to go, you know which way to go. When you are clear about your goal, you are able to choose activities that help make it come true, you know what to give up and who to surround yourself with.
It’s because your life, like any successful company, should have a business model.
Why don’t your dreams come true
We all have dreams, because the reality is that dreaming is very easy.
However, when we ask people what percentage of their dreams came true, we are faced with statistics that are difficult to deny: Few dreams have managed to reach their goal, to be fulfilled.
And more, in a society where the word success is fashionable; where we all aspire to achieve great results, build profitable businesses and lead an enviable lifestyle.
The point is that success, habits, keys, formulas, steps and recipes to be successful abound in our environment. And if we take the trouble to analyze what they consist of, we will see that they all have a common denominator. That is, the information to achieve it is available.
So why don’t our dreams come true without the information to achieve it?
Very simple: the reason why we do not reach the goals is not due to ignorance, but to inaction. As well? Very simple, we already know what we have to do, the information and its application are in our hands, but our habits and behaviors say otherwise.
It’s our lack of decision that keeps us from being successful, not because we don’t know what to do.
How to revive your dreams: start with one thing
Now that we are clear about why we are not making our dreams come true, it is time to analyze what we can do today to reverse this situation.
Over time we have been sold on the idea that we should have big enough dreams. So much so, that we hear phrases like “if our dreams do not scare us, it is because they are not big enough”
I must make it clear that the objective of this article is not to debate this ideology, indeed, I believe that you have to have a mentality of greatness and abundance to achieve great things in life.
However, what I am looking for is to suggest a more practical method of having a strategic plan for your dreams, a plan that is so ridiculously easy, that it is impossible not to carry it out.
What does it consist of? In doing only one thing. In applying one of the most successful business strategies, and taking it into our personal life. It is about the Kaizen method carried into our daily lives, and you will surely have heard of its results in companies like Toyota after implementing it.
Basically, this methodology invites you to make the changes, goals and objectives that you have, be traced from the simplest and simplest possible way.
Take a single step in the direction of your goals. Once you take this first step, it begins to improve just 1% each day. And the best thing is that mathematics does not lie, if you commit to this philosophy, within a year you will have improved a 3,600% (the magic of compound interest).
To explain what it consists of, let’s look at some examples of people’s most common dreams and purposes.
Do you dream of a healthy life? Don’t pay for a gym annuity, focus on doing a single push-up or sit-up today.
Do you want to improve your personal finances ? Don’t stop going out every weekend, rather learn how to save money from the simplest possible way.
Do you want to develop the habit of reading in your life? Don’t commit to reading a book in a week, start by reading just one page a day.
Do you want to run a marathon this year? Don’t go for a 10-kilometer run the first day, just go for a 10-minute run.
The idea of this plan is that you put yourself in a winning position against your goals and purposes. When you have a plan that requires too many big and complex changes at the same time, chances are you will end up dropping out and feeling bad about not achieving your goals.
If you look back, you will surely have unfulfilled goals that are too big because they required you to change your habits drastically .
One important thing only, not urgent
When you adopt this philosophy of life you will have to face a series of difficulties that you must know how to solve if you want to progress in your life. It is not a secret that all of us, at some point, have so many things to solve that we don’t have time to develop what is important.
And the point is that every day something urgent arises to attend to, something that consumes our attention. Or, put another way, we enjoy that sanction of putting out fires as they start.
The problem with this, as we talked at the beginning, is that it prevents us from having a strategic vision of our life, which involves learning to say no to the urgent, even if you enjoy it, and start playing in the long term. Just as great companies and characters in history do.
Kaizen methodology requires you to focus on improving only one thing, so ideally, you should choose the activity or goal that contributes the most to your goals.
When you develop a business model for your life, you understand that the most important resource you have is your time. And a wise director, manager or administrator must be responsible and fearless when investing their most valuable asset.
Ask yourself, how do you spend your time? How do you handle these 86,400 seconds that your life deposited today in that bank account called day?
When you are aware of this you begin to manage your life in a different way; You start delegating, you learn to say no, and you focus on those things that bring you the most profitability in your life.
And with this I am not only referring to income, this profitability is also expressed in quality time with the family, fun, leisure, sports, hobbies and everything that makes you a better human being.
So the invitation is pretty simple. Ask yourself what is the most important and simplest activity that you can do today, this week and this month, which will guarantee you fulfill your strategic plan of your dreams and purposes.
When you are clear about what it is, put it on your calendar and dedicate an important time of all your days to carry it out. When you do this, you will see that your dreams stopped being dreams to become goals irremediably turned into reality. Your reality.

5 Steps to Tax Season Success

Tax season is here. Prepare now to avoid any unwanted surprises April 15.
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January 30, 2021 3 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
Even if you think your tax situation is straightforward, getting started now can help you to avoid unwanted surprises.
When should I file?
The tax deadline for most individual taxpayers is April 15, 2021, not including extensions.  f you anticipate you will need more time, you can file an extension, giving you until Oct. 15 to file your return.
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How will I file?
Some taxpayers may qualify to file their federal tax returns free of charge. The IRS partners with several electronic filing providers for taxpayers who make less than $72,000 annually.
If you have a more complicated tax profile or you prefer to have the guidance of a tax expert, you may want to consider the services of a certified public accountant (CPA) or other tax professionals when completing your return.
For those who did not receive the stimulus — or received less than the full amount — your tax preparer can help you to determine your eligibility for the Recovery Rebate Credit.
Gather your tax documents
The IRS requires that all tax documents, including W-2s, 1099s, and 1098s be postmarked no later than Jan. 31 of each year.
Make a list of what you anticipate receiving. If you have not received your documents by the first week of February, you can follow-up with the financial institution to get help in resolving the issue.
Max out retirement contributions
If you have not maxed out contributions to your Traditional or ROTH IRA, you still have time. You have until April 15 to make contributions for the 2020 calendar year. Taxpayers can contribute up to $6,000 (plus an additional $1,000 for those 50 and older) for 2020.
If you are self-employed, you have until the due date, including extensions (Oct. 15) to make contributions to any self-employed retirement accounts you may have.
Your tax professional can assist you in determining your eligibility to contribute.
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Look out for tax scams
Tax season brings out unscrupulous companies and individuals who contact you posing as representatives of the Internal Revenue Service to gain access to your refund or personal information.
It is important to note that the IRS will never contact you initially by phone or email. Also, the IRS will not request that you purchase gift cards or similar items to make tax payments. Do not click on any links that might be contained within the body of the email.
The IRS will only contact you through the U.S. Postal Service when making contact. If you have not received any correspondence in the mail, be aware that anyone contacting you via phone or email is likely a scammer.
You may report these individuals to the Internal Revenue Service at

Aeroméxico: Flights to Canada are suspended from February

The Prime Minister of Canada confirmed his decision to cancel flights to Mexico and the Caribbean due to the risk of coronavirus strains, therefore, during the next few weeks the airline will carry out the last flights between the two countries to help its customers return to your destination.
Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Guide
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January 30, 2021 2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This story originally appeared on Alto Nivel
This Friday the airline announced that it will cancel all its flights to Canada from February 8 to April 30 , after the government of that country announced several restrictions on flights to Mexico and the Caribbean.
According to Grupo Aeroméxico , flights to Toronto will be suspended from February 8 to April 30 , while flights to Montreal and Vancouver will be canceled from February 10 to April 30.
Through a statement, this airline stated that users who have purchased tickets to Canada and that it is in the cancellation period may be supported by the flexibility policy , which is published on its website.
One of the measures of the flexibility policy indicates that in case the traveler needs to make involuntary changes to his flight, he can book his ticket again, in case the fare is higher than the original one, the difference would not be applied. rate.
The airline indicated that in the following weeks it will operate the last flights between the two countries, in order to support its customers to return to their destination.
The restrictions taken by Canada
On Friday, Justin Trudeau , who is Prime Minister of Canada , announced that the main airlines of his country determined the suspension of all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until April 30, starting this Sunday , January 31, as part of the actions in the battle against the second wave of the coronavirus.
“The government and major Canadian airlines have agreed to suspend service to beach destinations immediately,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
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This Dad’s Quirky Obsession Helped Him Break $1 Million In An E-Commerce Side Hustle

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Some people love to geek out on baseball cards, video games or trivia. Andy Humphrey is a self-professed sprinkler nerd. Humphrey, a 41-year-old landscape architect and father of three from Traverse City, Mich., runs two e-commerce businesses, Sprinkler Supply Store, a supplier of sprinkler parts, and, which sells bags to stow away artificial Christmas trees. Together, the profitable stores bring in mid-seven figure annual revenue through both their websites and Amazon. Humphrey says they generate $1 million through Amazon sales alone. 
Unlike many entrepreneurs with seven-figure businesses, Humphrey runs his stores as a side hustle. He enjoys his full-time business as a consultant in the irrigation industry so much that he doesn’t want to give up his “day job”—and has no plans to quit any time soon. In recent years, he has been able to consult on high-profile projects such as the World Trade Center, Hudson Yards and Battery Park in New York City.
“I only believe you should quit your job if it’s something you don’t like doing,” he says. “I think that’s a shift we’re seeing: trying to find employment happiness.” 

E-commerce entrepreneur Andy Humphrey launched a podcast around his passion called Sprinkler Nerd.
Kristen Stewart
So how does Humphrey do it all? He doesn’t try to. He’s gradually built a team of four people to help him run the businesses while he’s consulting. “It’s passive income,” he says. “If you do it right, it may never be worth your time to work in the business. As the owner, you can stay on top of it, building it, growing it, trying to scale.” 

It wasn’t always this way. Humphrey started in 2004 as one-man business. At the time, he was working in sales for a local distributor of commercial irrigation technology. He learned the ropes of e-commerce while selling Christmas lights for his employer. When a lighting manufacturer asked if he could also sell bags to store Christmas trees, Humphrey saw an opportunity to open his own store. Once he launched, he quickly discovered he had a knack for selling online. “I started to make more money on my own than in my day job,” he recalls. 
Humphrey continued running the store as he moved ahead in his career. “E-commerce is a craft,” he says. “You build knowledge slowly, over time.”
By 2008, he was working as a regional sales manager for another company in his industry. To make sure he had enough time for his job, he hired an employee to help him run daily operations. That led to a second employee. His thinking: “If you’re making $80,000 in your day job, why would you quit if you could hire someone to run your ecommerce business for $50,000?” 


How Well Does Dave Ramsey’s Advice Hold Up To Scrutiny?

How A Small Startup Beat The World’s Tech Giants To Launch Blood Pressure Game-Changer

From Good Intentions To Meaningful Actions: Employee-Ownership Holds Company Accountable To DEI Improvements

By 2009, Humphrey decided to leave his job and do freelance consulting. He had ambitions of opening his second store. “I want to be challenged and growing—always,” he says. 
He quickly set to work building relationships among wholesalers in the irrigation industry whose products he would sell through the store. By 2010, he opened Sprinkler Supply Store. 
To make Sprinkler Supply Store stand out, Humphrey focused on providing “much better” customer service than he found to be typical in the industry, along with expert advice that can’t be duplicated by a computer. “It’s up to every business to decide what its value proposition will be,” he says. “The computer needs to take the order. The human needs to add value in the relationship.”
He has also been an energetic marketer. In 2011, he appeared on the TV show Shark Tank to raise money for his ECOMOWER lawnmower. He didn’t win funding but raised his company’s national visibility. He also hosts the Sprinkler Nerd podcast, where he and his guests riff on topics like flow sensor basics, lawn care and green roofs.
Those efforts have helped him to grow both companies. To keep up with demand, Humphrey now has four employees who work primarily for Sprinkler Supply Store and also help him run The team is made up of a customer service manager, a marketer, a manager for the company’s Amazon channel, and a content creator and merchandiser for Amazon. 
Humphrey believes that choosing the right niche has been essential to the success of Sprinkler Supply Store. “My passion is e-commerce,” he says. “Since I know irrigation, it’s the most easily accessible trade to apply my passion. I’ve tried to position myself so I am the only fish in the pond, instead of being one of many. If I wanted to do e-commerce in consumer packaged goods, Hello competition!” 
Humphrey’s advice to others who want to start a successful ecommerce store? Go for it.
“We are in a world where someone who is a creator and builder has free reign to create and build,” he says. “Ideas are a dime a dozen. You go to a cocktail party and everyone has great ideas. No one has the courage to start. If you are a starter, this is the land of starters. It doesn’t take much.”

Legal Equalizer App Aims To Fight Racial Profiling By Police

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In 2014, not long after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Mbye Njie decided he’d had enough. He’d just been pulled over by a police officer for the third time in one month and mistakenly informed there was a warrant out for his arrest.

Mbye Njie
Matthew Odom Photography
The experience convinced him to build an app that could help people in emergency situations, such as encounters with law enforcement or immigration authorities, providing a way to contact loved ones, record what was happening and more. Called Legal Equalizer, he formed a company with the same name the next year to sell it.
Njie also is part of the new, three-month Cox Enterprises Social Impact Accelerator powered by Techstars class. Last summer, after protests over the killing of George Floyd and the systemic racism it highlighted, the Atlanta-based program, which is virtual, shifted its focus to startups addressing social justice and systemic racism issues.

Different Reactions
Njie came up with the germ of the idea after seeing the drastically divergent reactions among various groups of friends to the Brown killing. In 2004, he’d graduated from Davidson College, a largely white liberal arts institution, after attending an inner city high school in Macon, Ga. And he was gob smacked by the responses from his college and high school classmates. The Davidson friends wondered what Brown had done wrong to get himself killed, while high school pals assumed the police officer was at fault.
Three months later, in Dekalb County, Ga, Njie found himself getting pulled over three times by law enforcement in a span of two weeks. The last one, the officer revealed he had a warrant for Njie’s arrest. After about 20 minutes, during which Njie had to sit in the back of the police car, he learned that the arrest record was invalid and he was free to go.


How Well Does Dave Ramsey’s Advice Hold Up To Scrutiny?

How A Small Startup Beat The World’s Tech Giants To Launch Blood Pressure Game-Changer

From Good Intentions To Meaningful Actions: Employee-Ownership Holds Company Accountable To DEI Improvements

It was by far not the only time Njie had been pulled over by a police officer—he estimates that has happened more than 100 times in his life—but this experience was the last straw. He and his mother visited the police station the next day to file a complaint. There, someone suggested they find a way to do something about these situations.
That got Njie to thinking about developing an app to help people in such encounters. He knew, at a minimum, he and others like him needed a way to let loved ones know they’d been stopped and where, plus a recording in case the situation escalated. By 2015, using all his savings, he hired a friend of a former colleague to create a version capable of sending text messages and recording what happened. Then through a Davidson classmate and a family member, he raised $25,000 to build out a more robust app. In the fall of that year, he quit his sales job to run the company full-time.
Adding Lawyers
But, Njie realized that, in order to improve the app he had to attract more investment and the way to do that was to find a way to make it commercially viable. “Initially, this was a way to save lives,” he says. “But to keep building it out, we had to figure out how to monetize it.” That’s when, after interviewing immigrants, he got the idea of adding criminal and immigration lawyers with an app allowing users to contact attorneys in real-time.
Now, Njie is adding the ability to contact a lawyer, who can also watch and record, while providing advice and receiving payment in the moment. For attorneys, he says, “It gives them access to clients they couldn’t have had before.” The app also includes the Bill of Rights, pertinent laws in all 50 states and what to say and do when pulled over by a police or immigration officer.
Also, it can send an automatic live Zoom link to up to five people, so they can see what’s really happening and the incident can be recorded. He’s thinking of developing bumper stickers letting police officers know that the driver uses the app.

Elon Musk agrees that blocking the GameStop stock purchase is “unacceptable”

The great mogul shared a post by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in which she expresses her disagreement with the impediment of retail investors from acquiring shares.
Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Guide
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January 30, 2021 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This Thursday, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX , Elon Musk showed his support for a mobilization of Reddit users that increased the value of the shares of the GameStop network of stores more than 20 times in less than a month.

Gamestonk !!
– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 26, 2021
That said, the businessman shared a publication by US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez , in which she criticized the decision of the online stockbroker, Robinhood , to stop all purchases of shares in GameStop.
“This is unacceptable. Now we need to know more about Robinhood’s decision to prevent retail investors from buying shares while hedge funds can freely trade the shares as they see fit, ”the US activist and politician mentioned on her Twitter account. “As a member of the Financial Services Committee , I would support a hearing if necessary,” he added.
Elon Musk responded, “Absolutely.” Two hours after this message was posted, he wrote two critical tweets with bearish traders.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 28, 2021
“You can’t sell a house that you don’t own. You can’t sell a car that you don’t have. But can you sell a share that doesn’t belong to you !? This is nonsense – the short circuit is a legal scam only for vestigial reasons, ” Musk said, insisting on” disrespecting “bearish traders.

u can’t sell houses u don’t ownu can’t sell cars u don’t ownbutu * can * sell stock u don’t own !?this is bs – shorting is a scamlegal only for vestigial reasons
– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 28, 2021

Here come the shorty apologistsGive them no respectGet shorty
– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 28, 2021
Therefore, Robinhood’s decision to stop GameStop’s ability to acquire shares aroused the ire of thousands of users, who left more than thousands of negative reviews of the application on Google Play in just one hour and lowered their rating. popularity ranking.
How does bear trading work?
It is when an operator borrows shares from a company that according to the company will collapse, therefore, it sells them immediately. As the price falls to the premeditated level, it acquires the same quantity again and returns it to the holder, earning a margin of these.
For example, in the case of GameStop, bearish traders lent and sold more shares than were issued. As a result of the “lightning crowd” they have lost an average of $ 70 billion.
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3 Quick Strategies for Dealing With Toxic People

Nobody likes dealing with difficult people. Follow these tips and change the way you interact with these people.
Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Guide
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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
According to Ralph Waldo Emerson “Nothing surprises men more than common sense and good treatment.” It’s a solid observation on handling interactions with difficult people . Mark Goulston, a Los Angeles psychiatrist and business consultant and author of Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone , says it’s simple to deal with bullies , the blaming, the yelling, and the complaining. Here are three strategies:
1. Don’t expect them to be difficult. Once you have identified a difficult person, adjust your expectations so that you are not surprised by their actions and establish an emotional distance.
2. Say to yourself, here we go again. When these types of people don’t get what they want, they drive you to anger or exasperation, making it harder for you to think clearly. Reframe the situation, remember, this is their problem, not yours.
“The most difficult people provoke us because they often hide something, lack of ability, lack of ability or something that they were supposed to do and did not do,” says Goulston. “By provoking us, either out of anger or complaints, what they often try to do is distract us from exposing whatever they are hiding.”
3. Let them finish talking. Interrupting can escalate things. If you stay calm and focused, difficult people will understand and will start to back away. When it’s time to respond, choose whichever of the following methods seems most effective:
– Say, “Could you repeat that to me in a calmer tone? I did not understand what he told me”- Take a break. You must look confused, tilt your head and ask, “How?”- If they use a lot of hyperbolic language, ask them: “Do you really believe what you just said?”- If they are getting desperate, use the “FEM” technique: To get someone out of their animosity say, “It seems (frustrated, angry, upset)… why?
Remove those difficult people from your life and business. As an entrepreneur, don’t be too focused on the bottom line that allows you to let a bully run like crazy among your employees. According to Goulston, “the more you recognize and remove difficult people from your company, the more positive culture is going to be and the more people want to come to work with you.”

Build and Maintain Your Email List With Zoho’s Webinar

In terms of Return on Investment (ROI), email continues to deliver the biggest bang for your dollar. And in order to get started on your email marketing, you first have to build and maintain your list. The latest webinar from Zoho is part of its Email Marketing Basics series, which by the way are free.
This webinar, which happens to be the second in the series, is titled Building and Maintaining Your List.  According to Zoho, you will Learn how to build, segment, and nurture your email lists to improve engagement and retain quality campaign subscribers. The webinar will provide insights into General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the goal of giving a better understanding of the regulation. You will learn how to avoid spam filters, and the importance of keeping your lists clean.
Email Marketing Basics: Building and Maintaining Your List, will be held on February 17, 2021, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST.  Have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers and you will be ready to join in.
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WEBINAR: Email Marketing Basics: Building and Maintaining Your ListFebruary 17, 2021, Online
Learn how to build, segment, and nurture your email lists in order to improve engagement and retain quality campaign subscribers. In this webinar you will also gain a better understanding of GDPR, avoiding spam filters, and the importance of keeping your lists clean.
WEBINAR: Email Marketing Basics: Automating and Monitoring Your CampaignsFebruary 24, 2021, Online
Learn how to build, segment, and nurture your email lists in order to improve engagement and retain quality campaign subscribers. In this webinar you will also gain a better understanding of GDPR, avoiding spam filters, and the importance of keeping your lists clean.
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Some say Delaware, others say Nevada while someone else may say your home state. What is the best state to register a business in? What if your business is expanding into new territory? At what point should you Foreign Qualify? Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will go in-depth to answer these questions and more in this webinar.
WEBINAR: Steps to Start Your BusinessOctober 20, 2021, Online
Starting a business can be an exhilarating time, where everything seems full of potential and purpose. But navigating the logistics of launching a business can be daunting. In this webinar Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will outline the steps necessary to legally start a business and get up and running on the right foot.
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