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2021 Super Bowl: Bye, Bye Beer and Hello Electric Cars

The brands showing out at this year’s Super Bowl are like a line-up of Pandemic winners.

February 6, 2021 3 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
One year ago today, no one would have predicted that attendance at the 2021 Super Bowl would drop to 22,000, with actual fans surrounded by paper cutouts of fans, and players being cheered on by the prerecorded sounds of a live audience.
Due to the unforeseen challenges of Covid-19, the Big Game in 2021 will be a Super Bowl like none other. But what it lacks in live audience numbers it could make up for in new opportunities. As we have witnessed with almost every other sports tradition in these extraordinary times, the excitement of the fans will still be there.
In the week leading up to the matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, we may see some familiar aspects of a limited-edition, fan-centric NFL Experience, but without much of the hype we have grown accustomed to seeing. Gone will be almost all of the big parties, big activations, and big audiences that have grown exponentially with each iteration of The Super Bowl. Even Radio Row, which has become a staple of pop culture and celebrity spotting, as well as the NFL’s Tuesday media availability for in-person interviews, will be dramatically scaled back ore moved to a virtual environment, leaving scores of media outlets to cover the game remotely this year.
While these changes may be a downer for sports fans, here are some exciting things to watch out for in this week leading up to the Big Game, and throughout Super Bowl Sunday.
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The future is here
Believe it or not, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and even the Avocados from Mexico are sitting this year out. In their place is an exciting lineup of newbies and disruptors that have not been seen near the Super Bowl since the crazy spending days of the dot-com era. 
Cadillac and GM will be there, but instead of pushing traditional models, they will be touting the electric cars of the future. 
Then, you have some of the clear winners from this pandemic-stricken era. The food delivery service, DoorDash, the online marketplace Mercari, the online freelance platform Fiverr and Chipotle will all be making their debut in front of the world’s largest annual broadcast audience.
Another newcomer is Huggies, which will air the first-ever diaper commercial during a Super Bowl, with its second-quarter spot featuring babies born on game day. 
Triller, the millennial-focused music platform, will continue to push TikTok with a special spot that hypes the growing marriage between sport, music, and pop culture. Word on the street says this spot is sure to be a focus of post-game virtual water cooler discussions.
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The Future of Healthcare Is in the Cloud

February 6, 2021 5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
We will look back on 2020 as a pivotal moment for the use of cloud computing in healthcare. As the pandemic swept away old constraints, digital health innovators rushed in. In the face of a major crisis, providers and technologists worked tirelessly to make healthcare better, pushing change to save lives. Innovation and entrepreneurship don’t come without risk, but they also can provide enormous benefits. Collecting and sharing data via the cloud will enable a healthcare system fit for the 21st century. 
This kind of change doesn’t happen overnight. The banking industry for example is reaping the benefits of a major digital transformation that was driven by cloud adoption over the last decade. Until now healthcare providers have been reticent to embrace the same kind of IT modernization. Concerns about security, legal compliance, and potential downtime when dealing with the most sensitive personal data in life and death situations are all legitimate, but can all be addressed. Secure and reliable virtual access to healthcare professionals and data has become table stakes for us to meet our 21st-century challenges and goals.
The case for cloud
Easy access to and sharing of data is an essential foundation for building a healthcare system that works for today’s on-demand needs. Hybrid cloud deployment among healthcare providers is expected to reach just 37% this year, up from 19% in 2019. Most hospitals still rely on outdated software systems that have been repeatedly patched. Building atop shaky foundations like this leads to major inefficiency and frequent errors. Healthcare professionals lose a great deal of time that could be better spent on patient care to these inflexible and unreliable systems.
The cloud provides unprecedented scaling a, data integration, and access advantages. Doctors with access to complete information on a patient’s electronic health record (EHR), prescriptions, test results, and imaging, are better equipped to find the right diagnosis and identify the best course of treatment. Data-driven decisions, based on huge information sets, can help healthcare professionals and researchers to spot patterns, uncover insights, and deliver a higher standard of care. 
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Remote access and communication open up many possibilities and allow for greater patient safety. Virtual appointments and consults allow people to speak with healthcare professionals in the comfort of their own homes, which is beneficial for patients who have difficulty traveling while cutting down on the traffic in hospitals and clinics. Fewer people in a facility means better infection control. When doctors want an expert opinion, they can share patient data and discuss it with specialists online. Patients also benefit from better access to their own data, which provides transparency and reduces the need for calls and visits.
Antiquated and inefficient practices, such as burning imaging onto a CD to physically send to a doctor or requiring a radiologist to come into a hospital to read a scan, is easily eliminated by cloud systems. There are cost benefits to cloud adoption as well. Radiology departments can reduce storage costs and facilitate the sharing of imaging at the same time. The economy of scale the cloud affords marks a moment in time (long overdue in healthcare) where innovation carves a niche for smart entrepreneurs to step in. 
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Security and compliance questions
While the idea of making information accessible anywhere and at any time offers obvious advantages, there are obstacles to overcome. Potential security risks and concern over compliance has long held back cloud adoption in healthcare. IT staff need to ensure timely software updates, maintain network availability, and institute a regular and robust backup routine.
Healthcare organizations also need to consider how data will be processed by a third party, examine with whom their cloud partners are in business, and ensure security standards extend to any cloud networks they use. Cloud providers with healthcare experience and an understanding of the unique compliance landscape will be favored as the industry rises to meet these challenges. Everyone should take comfort from the fact that the most advanced healthcare organizations in the world have announced major cloud initiatives after much deliberation and due diligence. Mayo Clinic’s announcement of its partnership with Google is one such example.
Cloud trends converging
The dream of global collaboration relies on cloud computing. Healthcare professionals in different countries can now trade massive data sets easily. While collaboration like this has typically been reserved for esoteric research projects, it’s now being employed to tackle global health problems. We know that this kind of collaboration is an accelerant that can spark breakthroughs for entrepreneurship to spring up. 
We are now collecting more patient information than ever before. New network-attached devices, such as handheld ultrasound scanners, present new opportunities to collect data that may help a healthcare professional make a better decision down the line. As interoperability of systems and collaboration grows, physician-facing portals can offer a wealth of valuable data. 
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Consolidating patient data paves the way for AI algorithms to highlight important trends and insights. Research platforms integrated into clinical applications can trigger fresh approaches and ideas, encouraging innovation and innovative startups throughout the healthcare industry while resulting in better outcomes for patients.
Cloud growth is inevitable
The immediate challenges of interoperability will be overcome through deeper cloud adoption. Cloud computing makes data accessible, easier to search and collate, and much easier to share. 
If the newfound willingness to collaborate is to persist as the pandemic fades and systems catch up with security requirements and regulations, the healthcare industry and savvy entrepreneurs must learn how to innovate at speed while still being conscious of all these different moving parts. 
Despite the challenges, cloud computing promises too many advantages to patients, physicians, startups, and the wider healthcare industry to ignore, and the last year may go down in history as the year that proved it.

How to Diversify Investments: 4 Easy Tips to Help You Get Started

February 6, 2021 7 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This is an old saying that remains relevant, especially when it comes to investing.
Diversification is an important strategy that experienced investors swear by. A diversified investment portfolio is less likely to be severely affected by market swings. It can also optimize returns. Since each area of investment reacts differently to the same event, adverse reactions would be offset by positive results that affect your other assets.
The investment landscape during the Covid pandemic demonstrates how important diversification is. Anyone who kept nothing but popular stocks, for example, would have wished that they also had other types of investments like treasury bonds, which would have offset their stock market losses.
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It’s not going to be very easy to determine the right mix of investments to get, though. If you want to find the right investment options to include in your portfolio, consider the following tips.
1. Conduct thorough research
Before you make any investment, take a deep look at your entire financial situation, especially if you’ve never made financial plans before. 
You wouldn’t make any major purchases, like a car, without first researching various brands and models. The same applies to all forms of investment. Let’s say you want to place most of your life savings in stocks. You have to learn more about the various companies and industries you want to consider investing in.
Although you may be able to reap larger returns with higher-risk investments, such as stocks, it is a good idea to also diversify with lower-risk investments. They may have lower returns, but they are not as risky to keep. Putting all your money in a single class of investments you believe would have high yields is no longer investing but more of gambling. It’s even worse if you are making the selection out of gut feeling.
According to Aaron Keller, an adjunct professor of marketing at the University of St. Thomas, it’s a big red flag when somebody outlines investments but fails to clearly articulate the reasons for placing money in the areas they picked. It’s a fact that some people plow ahead with investing, without conducting thoroughly-planned research.
Try to figure out your goals and risk tolerance. You could tap the services of a financial professional, but you may do it on your own.
2. Get out of your comfort zone
Investing in the same thing over and over, day in and day out makes for safe and predictable investing. However, doing so limits your opportunities for higher returns. Also, while you might feel cozy in putting all your money in safe investments, it is tantamount to being unable to adjust to changing times.
Those who placed a considerable amount of money in airline stocks should know. When the pandemic decimated air travel, stocks of airlines and related businesses plummeted uncontrollably. The same happened with the stocks of restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry as the lockdowns forced many to temporarily (and some permanently) shut down.
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So ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen if you invest elsewhere?
Upon realizing that the worst is survivable, and what you feared is unlikely to happen, you gain the courage to take the necessary risks to put your money in other businesses. 
You can’t guarantee anything — except that you’re going to be uncomfortable at different points. And, when you know that, you can decide to start getting out of your comfort zone.
3. Do not dismiss alternative investments because of current low returns or their limited markets
According‌ ‌to‌ ‌Raymond‌ ‌Collins,‌ ‌CEO‌ ‌of‌ ‌Whiteside‌ ‌Capital‌ ‌Group‌,‌ ‌with‌ ‌many‌ ‌investors‌ ‌looking‌ ‌to‌ ‌diversify‌ ‌into‌ ‌alternative‌ ‌investments,‌ ‌it‌ ‌would‌ ‌drive‌ ‌demand‌ ‌and‌ ‌push‌ ‌values‌ ‌of‌ ‌these‌ ‌items‌ ‌up‌ ‌significantly.‌ ‌
“Inviting multiple potential buyers always leads to competitive bidding that pushes the price of the item higher, enabling auctioneers to maximize their profit,” says Collins, as he compares price movements in the investment market to auctions. “We source and introduce opportunities for our clients to fund the acquisition of undervalued assets. In return, we allocate a share of the profits to our clients after every successful auction,” Collins adds.
Many alternative investment options include buying distressed assets, such as purchasing luxury items such as branded handbags, watches, yachts, paintings, etc. Where through fast sales, these opportunities allow investors to act quickly and gain profits.
Also, it is inexpedient to avoid investing in businesses that appear to have a limited reach. The stocks of companies that specialize in products for the affluent could be among the undervalued investment options you keep ignoring. As the previous two tips say, consider taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. 
4. Take advantage of tech solutions for investing
You don’t need to earn a degree in information technology or become a computer whiz to leverage the benefits of technology in investing.
Tech entrepreneur and business consultant Pritom Das says technology helps in investment strategy when it comes to financial planning, communication, security, and situational awareness. “Innovations have radically democratized investing, making it more transparent and easier to engage in,” Das says.
Also, using the right software tools is advantageous in filtering out information and insights that guide investment decisions. “Before you can make the right deals, you have to know that the opportunities exist. With information overload nowadays, it’s very easy to lose track of important news that might be useful. It’s even possible to miss news that could have a major impact on your portfolio,” Das asserts.
AI-powered investment news aggregation is a great tool to compile useful information that influences investing choices. Likewise, it would be advantageous to have programs that quickly generate graphs and charts or process various data into one easy-to-digest presentation.
There are online platforms designed to aid investors in accessing a wider range of investment types in various classes. These can help you find investments with low or negative correlations to make sure you are not going to have investments that altogether get affected by chain reactions whenever something untoward happens in the market.
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Lessons to takeaway
Diversification is oft-repeated advice for investors. It is not as straightforward and easy as it sounds, but it is not too difficult to achieve. You just need a knack for sensible research and investing preparation. 
Having access to relevant information and updates will guide you to the right stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments that you can invest in. This negative or zero correlation is essential to make sure that your investments will not crash all at once whenever the markets go haywire. Also, research lets you know which investments to get, keep or drop.
There is no guarantee that you’ll hit a jackpot in your investments if you diversify, but it’s necessary to get the facts straight about investing so you could follow through with a well-prepared plan. Also, while diversification does not guarantee against losses, it is a vital component of realizing long-term financial goals by minimizing risks.

Automate and Monitor Your Email Campaigns With ZOHO

ZOHO started its current Email Marketing Basics Webinar series with how to write effective copy and building and maintaining your list. The next webinar is titled Automating and Monitoring Your Campaigns, which are key skill sets to optimize your email marketing efforts.
As you increase your email list, automating your workflow is key to managing the hundreds or thousands of emails you will acquire. ZOHO, is going to teach you how to create automated email marketing campaigns to streamline your customer acquisition process. You’ll also learn about managing your sender reputation score, as well as key email marketing metrics to track to make sure your emails are performing as well as they can.
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Learn how to build, segment, and nurture your email lists in order to improve engagement and retain quality campaign subscribers. In this webinar you will also gain a better understanding of GDPR, avoiding spam filters, and the importance of keeping your lists clean.
Email Marketing Basics Webinar: Automating and Monitoring Your ListsFebruary 24, 2021, Online
Learn how to create automated email marketing campaigns to streamline your customer acquisition process. You’ll also learn about managing your sender reputation score, as well as key email marketing metrics to track to make sure your emails are performing as well as they can.
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Picking a business structure is usually the first big legal decision for a new business owner and one of the most confusing. However confusing, it is an essential step to protecting your personal assets from any liabilities of the company. In this webinar, Nellie Akalp CEO of, will share insight on business entities to help guide you to the best decision for your new venture.
WEBINAR: Best State to IncorporateJuly 28, 2021, Online
Some say Delaware, others say Nevada while someone else may say your home state. What is the best state to register a business in? What if your business is expanding into new territory? At what point should you Foreign Qualify? Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will go in-depth to answer these questions and more in this webinar.
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Starting a business can be an exhilarating time, where everything seems full of potential and purpose. But navigating the logistics of launching a business can be daunting. In this webinar Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will outline the steps necessary to legally start a business and get up and running on the right foot.
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There's No Vacation and No Rest After Starting a Business, Says Bill Gates

The Microsoft co-founder assured that extremely hard work is necessary in the early years of entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Guide
Let the business resources in our guide inspire you and help you achieve your goals in 2021.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Rest? Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that to build a successful company, startup founders shouldn’t take weekends or vacations while building their businesses.
“For my particular way of being, it is true that I did not believe in weekends and vacations,” said Bill Gates at a Village Global conference a couple of years ago he spoke about his way of working when he was in his twenties.
He also indicated that the sacrifice that an entrepreneur makes during his first years is very great, but that leads to success .

“I have a very ingrained position that there should be a very big sacrifice during those first years,” said the second richest man in the world, according to data from Bloomberg, with an estimated fortune of 106.7 billion dollars.

The Microsoft co-founder noted that people can “get over the worship and mythologize the idea of working extremely hard,” but more importantly, he doesn’t recommend it for everyone.
Gates is the second richest person in the world and is currently worth around $ 107 billion. He co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and owns 1% of the current business.
In the same interview with Eventbrite’s Hartz , Gates revealed his biggest mistake: Not setting up Android. He said the failure to launch a competitor to Apple’s iOS operating system was a $ 400 billion error.
[embedded content]
However, it is not the first business giant to think the same. The founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba and China’s richest man, Jack Ma , was criticized for supporting the Chinese labor practice known as ‘996’: working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week.
While Elon Musk has said that he works 120 hours a week for Tesla to achieve his goals, regardless of whether it prevents him from seeing his children, taking vacations or sleeping.

Free Cute Printable Bookmarks For Adults

Pinterest 5

I can’t wait to show you these free cute printable bookmarks for adults today!
The beautiful monogrammed bookmarks make the perfect addition to whatever book you’re already reading this month. 🙂
Free Cute Printable Bookmarks For Adults
As much as I enjoy kindle reading, nothing beats the smell of a freshly opened book!! Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?!
I love to read (speed-reader) and have lots of bookmarks. These printable bookmarks with quotes and monograms are so cute and easy to print and reuse. 🙂
This set includes a color monogrammed bookmarks A-Z, and two additional ones with cute quotes on them! This is perfect for personalizing using your initials or use one of the quote ones in your books.
This is a great solution to not having to buy tons of bookmarks when they get lost, or try and decide what even to get! They make great gifts for book lovers, can be brought to book clubs and more which we will get into. 🙂

Download the free cute printable bookmarks for adults here.

Ways To Use These Free Bookmark Printables:
Want some ideas on how you can use these printable bookmarks? Here are some suggestions!
Start A Book Reading Plan
Something you could easily do with these is to use them in books… pretty obvious right?! 😉 Start there and encourage yourself to read more this year! Set up a monthly book reading plan. I have some Bible reading plans here. 
You can start small, depending on your schedule, or if you are an avid reader, you can read more! You will have a bookmark for every book or chapter, and even use the A-Z to your advantage! 
Reading is SO beneficial for kids AND adults. Get your family in on the action as well! Maybe your kids could read 1-2 books a month (or you could read it to them depending on age) and you and your spouse could read one together too!
Take it even further by having a “weekly book time” – you all can sit in the family room and read together. Then spend some quality time with the TV off and talk about what you’ve read. 🙂
Give Printable Bookmarks As Gifts to Friends
These bookmarks make the cutest gifts to give to your friends! These free bookmarks are the perfect choice for avid book readers! They are so beautiful and such a thoughtful gift for your book-loving friends.
Maybe you’ve recently joined a Bible Study at your church – use these as a fun encouraging gift to give to each lady in your class. It’s practical by helping them keep their places in their study books/Bibles and also SO thoughtful. 🙂
These beautiful free bookmark printables for adults will make the perfect accessories to all of your book-ish needs.

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