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Are you going to buy or rent a home? Compare options before deciding

It is essential to do it calmly and in advance. Also, know your real estate plan and consult key indicators.
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February 23, 2021 4 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
When buying or renting a home , it is important to compare before deciding between cities, areas or segments. This will help you choose correctly. Here is everything you need to know about it.
Leonardo González, Real Estate analyst at, explains what when comparing:
You know what the position of each zone is with respect to the market trend
You improve the acquisition transaction
You get the best possible home and pay a realistic price for it
How to compare?
It is essential to do it calmly and in advance. Also, know your real estate plan and consult key indicators. With them you decide in a simple, technical and transparent way.
Also, it is useful to compare two similar zones. For example Narvarte and Santa María la Ribera . In them, in addition to having middle segment homes:
They have a central location in the metropolis
High quality public services
Wide range of properties for sale and rent
Narvarte or Santa María la Ribera, where to buy?
Not sure which part of the city suits you? On this occasion, the real estate portal carried out an exercise where it compared between Santa María la Ribera and Narvarte. Two dynamic areas of the metropolis.
In case of acquiring an apartment, you must first check the Price-to-Rent (PtoR) of the two. It is the real estate indicator that explains whether it is more convenient to rent or buy in a certain area. For the CDMX, the reference value is 25.
The data reveal that, currently, it is a good time to buy an apartment in Santa María la Ribera and Narvarte. The PtoR of the two zones is less than 25. The first is at 13.5 and the second at 17.6.
If you want to do it in the shortest time possible, the option is Narvarte. According to the Price-to-Income (PtoI), in this area you require 4.5 years of income to buy a property if you spend 100 percent of what you receive. While in Santa María la Ribera you need 5.6 years.
If you prefer to buy as an investment
Is your plan to buy an apartment and then rent it? Then it will be useful to know the estimated profitability that you will obtain. For this, the ideal is to review the Gross Rental Profitability (RBA) of both areas. In Santa María la Ribera it is 7.4 percent and in Narvarte 5.2 percent. This means that the first is more profitable.
Another indicator that you should monitor when comparing is the Time on Market (ToM). With it you measure the estimated waiting time before closing a sale transaction. The portal uses it to know how long an ad was active on the platform.
The data shows that an apartment in Narvarte is currently selling faster because the ToM is 60.3 days. While in Santa María la Ribera it is 78.8 days.Take into account the capital gain
Finally, when comparing two zones it is essential that you observe the Capital Gain. So you will know if:
The cost-benefit ratio is high
What you paid for your home was fair
Your home’s value increased or decreased over a year
Currently, Narvarte has better expectations, since its Capital Gain as of December 2020 was 0.82 percent. While Santa María la Ribera showed a decrease of 10.5 percent.
Lastly, knowing the costs helps you make a final decision. If you want to buy in the Santa María la Ribera area, you should know that it consists of six neighborhoods: The approximate prices of new and used apartments are:

On the other hand, Narvarte is made up of five colonies. Here, the prices of the new and used apartments:

Now you know how to choose between two dynamic places in the metropolis and choose the area that best suits your context and needs. It is time to take a pencil and paper to make your budget. Also, approach your financial advisor to make a successful purchase.

How to work as a Mexican programmer in Silicon Valley?

February 23, 2021 6 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
More and more Mexican programmers are looking for a job opportunity in Silicon Valley , and in the United States in general. And the fact is that the most famous technological hub in the world offers ample possibilities to develop and grow professionally, in addition to salaries that range from 80 thousand dollars to more than one million dollars a year , depending on the professional’s experience.
This region of Northern California is considered as the mecca of innovation, in fact, it is here where the most important technology corporations are located, such as Google , Facebook , Amazon , Apple Inc. , just to name a few. In addition, it welcomes thousands of emerging companies ( startups ) in more than 700 different business categories ; from autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, to ecommerce .
Currently, Mexico has become the new hotbed of talent for US technology startups , a reality that is not surprising since in our country there are highly trained, experienced and competent professionals to respond to the demands of a sector such as technology, in constant change and evolution.
Figures from 2020 show that the labor relationship between Mexican professionals and companies in the United States is booming. During that year, the number of US vacancies for technology positions aimed at people residing in Mexico grew 13% in relation to 2019, as was announced by the job search site specialized in the Technology of the sector. Information and Communications ( EmpleoTI ), according to what was published in El Economista .
Although these numbers reflect the growth in the offers that give the Mexican worker the opportunity to do remote work ( home office ), they also serve to show that US companies are interested in recruiting Mexican talent .
But, if what you are looking for is a face-to-face work experience in Silicon Valley, you should know that there are currently several alternatives to get it. One of them is to apply for a work visa for professionals (TN) , which allows you to legally access the US labor market.
The TN Visa , created after the signing of the North Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA ), is reserved exclusively for Mexican and Canadian professionals seeking temporary transfer to work in the United States.
In order to apply, yes or yes, you must have a job offer from a US company. Later, you will have to apply for the TN Visa at the United States Embassy in Mexico City or at any United States Consulate. As a Mexican citizen, the application you must make will be to manage the TN-2 Visa .
Next, I share the key points to take into account to complete the TN Visa process:
Have a professional ID and Mexican passport.
It is necessary to have a profession expressly listed in the NAFTA Appendix. Most of them require a university degree. I provide you with a list of professions recognized under NAFTA .
The first step is to obtain a contract or an offer of employment from an American company.
The Visa is temporary, with an initial validity of three years, however, it can be extended indefinitely. For more information on the TN Visa, enter the Department of State “Mexican and Canadian Professional Workers under NAFTA .”

Another option you currently have is to apply through job recruitment programs , such as and Ai Lab School , both created to bring together and facilitate contact between Mexican professionals and companies in the United States.
Talentum is a private program that began in 2018 and consists of a 21-step process, which aims to relocate Mexican professionals to live and work in the United States legally and quickly.
Once the process begins with Talentum, the average time that candidates receive a job offer ranges from one to three months.
Do you wonder what you need to apply to this program? I detail it below:
A TN Visa.
Speak English: Have an advanced level of the English language.
University degree or professional license within the TN professions.
Job offer from a company in the United States (the Talentum process advises and helps you in this part).
Willingness to find a new job and change your residence to the United States.
Along with Talentum, there is the program offered by Ai Lab School .
This is the first online educational and job placement program in Mexico for Artificial Intelligence . For three months, it provides you with training and the fundamental bases to develop skills in AI programming and, later, you are recruited and guided to apply for job offers in Silicon Valley or in any other technology hub in the States. United, like Houston, Seattle or New York.
This program is exclusively for Mexican programmers and, at the end of it, Ai Lab School and Talentum help you get a job opportunity in the United States .As you can see, there are several options for you to apply for a job in Silicon Valley.
Keep in mind that getting a job in this city means getting great opportunities, such as expanding your career in the best technology environment, engaging in the most innovative challenges in the industry and earning between 80 and 200 thousand dollars a year , which is equivalent at a salary of 30,000 to 80,000 Mexican pesos per week .
Take advantage of these alternatives and apply today. You can be the next Mexican programmer working in Silicon Valley .

Annual declaration 2021: 3 keys that will facilitate the process in your business

March 31 is the deadline for filing the annual corporate tax return.
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February 23, 2021 4 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

March 31 is the deadline for filing the annual corporate tax return . This fiscal obligation is a great opportunity for SMEs to evaluate their finances and improve their resource management. Despite this, for the majority of SMEs , the annual declaration remains a very complex task.
Many of the SMEs rely on their accountants to carry out this process, but all accountants depend on SMEs to have all their documents complete and organized. In essence, there are two factors that make the declaration process difficult: 54% of SMEs carry out their accounting processes manually and 61% do not constantly monitor their accounting, according to a study carried out in Mexico .
“This situation creates a disadvantage at the time of making the annual declaration,” explained Julien Blaise, marketing head of QuickBooks Mexico . “Simplifying and modernizing their processes allows them to eliminate errors when sharing their information and avoid the fines generated by delays in the delivery of results. In addition, by allowing them to have a continuous review throughout the year, it will facilitate follow-up with their accountant and their services ”, he added.
Filing the return on time avoids fines and eliminates the risk of incurring tax crimes. On the other hand, it can become an advantage to optimize resources through these simple steps.
Be clear about the result of the annual accounting close
A good balance sheet of a business reveals the machinery of daily operations for an entire year. In the declaration, it is important to check that the closing corresponds to the year to be declared. Then, the relationship between invoices receivable and payable should be included, without neglecting any outdated invoices. Finally, you have to know exactly what the total profit of the business was. The important thing is that all documents reflect consistency in operations.
Keep the payment information at hand and perfectly organized
One of the most common mistakes when filing the return is neglecting to record the information. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have it in order and consolidated in a single system to verify that the data pre-filled in the SAT portal correspond to the declared monthly exercises. On the other hand, having the generated invoices on hand allows you to validate the data to make deductions.
Identify deductible expenses
Receiving a credit balance depends to a great extent on whether the deductible expenses recorded are applicable for the business line. The categories of deductible expenses include purchase of merchandise, expenses related to business operations, health services, contributions for worker savings or tuition payments, as they are considered essential.
How to make this process easier?
The formula simply consists of combining three basic elements that every SME should consider: professional tax and accounting advice, planning in advance and using administrative and accounting software that allows them to have a record of all their information immediately and at hand. Along with good advice and planning, accounting software allows you to spend less time and resources doing these tasks. It also facilitates the relationship with the accountant and makes his advice more strategic for the business.
Financial and accounting management technology not only makes the annual declaration of a business easier, but also allows having finances more controlled and easier to understand to make better decisions. This 2021, digitizing accounting processes is a small step for SMEs that can bring them great benefits.

Entrepreneurship and Life Are Not All About Winning

Karolína Kurková, Cofounder of Gryph & IvyRose, actress, and model, sits down to share her thoughts on why it is essential to listen to and learn from your body.
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February 23, 2021 1 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
On this episode of The Playbook, Karolína Kurková, the co-founder of Gryph & IvyRose, actress and model, discusses:
How acting and modeling have taught her about patience and navigating relationships with the people around her [1:06].
Why having a professional basketball player as a father helped her prepare for the demands of a career in entertainment [4:54].
Why some entrepreneurs underestimate the effort it takes in order to be the best [6:40].
How listening to and learning from your body leads to a happier life [11:40].
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Private schools return to face-to-face classes on March 1 regardless of traffic light

“The color of the traffic light does not matter, private schools are going to open now,” said the president of the National Association of Private Schools despite the official instruction to delay the measure.
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February 23, 2021 4 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Eleven months after the closure of all schools was decreed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Association of Private Schools of the Mexican Republic (ANFE-ANEP) reported that on March 1 they will resume face- to-face classes at their schools. This regardless of the status of the epidemiological traffic light or government regulations.
The Mexican authorities propose a gradual return to the classroom, starting with the states that are on a green traffic light or present less risk. However, the ANFE-ANEP declared that they will take action for the reopening in this school year 2020-2021 .
“It is of vital importance that directors, teachers and parents initiate face-to-face educational activities to face the new challenges and new living conditions of society, generated by the pandemic and that have caused other crises,” said the National Association of Private Schools it’s a statement.
“The State has been violating the rights of society, especially in education. They do not realize that they violate the right to health, there are emotional, mental, obesity and all kinds of disorders in students, ” explained Alfredo Villar Jiménez, president of ANFE-ANEP , at a press conference.
“The color of the traffic light does not matter, the private schools are going to open ,” said Villar Jiménez.
However, he clarified that the return is optional , both for schools and for parents and students. “Very respectable also parents who do not want to send them and who will be at a distance,” added the head of the association.

When returning to school, what would be the commitments of private schools and parents to limit infections? Alfredo Villar, President of @ anfeanep1 talks with @estelalivera about this issue in # RutaADN40 by @ adn40
– Adriana Delgado Ruiz (@AdriDelgadoRuiz) February 22, 2021
This is how they plan to return to the classrooms in private schools
The association clarified that “all health precautions will be taken, both in homes and in schools .” This following the sanitation protocols of the Secretaries of Health and Education .
“Everything will be attached to the rule of law where the violated rights will be restored and the enjoyment of them will be guaranteed, the support of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), the governors and state education secretariats will be requested ,” said Villar Jiménez , and added that if sanctions or fines are applied to them, they will appeal to legal instances.
They seek dialogue with the SEP
The president of ANFE-ANEP pointed out that they see more possibilities of reaching an agreement with the SEP now that Delfina Gómez is the incumbent.
“We are currently in contact trying to have direct contact with the new secretary of education, we could not do it. We wanted classes to start in February but there was no secretary change. Esteban Moctezuma was very closed, he did not want to open up for dialogue and we could not reach any agreement, ” said Villar.
ANFE-ANEP affirms that the closure of schools for almost a year caused an educational crisis that “will take between six and 10 years to recover .” They believe that the federal administration’s plan, starting until August, would intensify the crisis and the backwardness of students.
An estimated 20,000 private schools have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, after losing nearly 40% of their students.

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