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14 Jobs That Are a Good Fit for Veterans

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Military experience is a resume booster all its own. From the unique pressures of combat situations to the basic discipline required of even the newest private, those who’ve been in service have developed special skills that are useful in numerous civilian career fields.Translating one’s military skills to a civilian career can be direct. If you’ve worked as a computer programmer in the Marine Corps, for example, it’s clear that kind of knowledge will help you land a similar job back home. But other jobs rely on less self-evident skills. The hard work and perseverance required in a military career can be tough to explain in a line on a resume, but those skills can help you navigate challenges in various careers.
Following is a look at just some of the jobs in which skills honed in the military can be a real asset. Data on median pay and projected job-growth rates are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Median annual pay as of 2019: $50,850 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 6%
Firefighters, like military personnel, need to be physically fit and willing to put themselves at risk in emergency situations. And there’s help out there for veterans interested in this career.

The nonprofit group Troops to Firefighters helps train, counsel and place veterans in these vital jobs. Additional programs, such as California’s Veterans Fire Corps, assist vets who want to pursue work fighting wildland fires.
Emergency dispatcher
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $41,910 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 6%
Police, fire and ambulance dispatchers, like military service members, must keep calm under pressure and communicate clearly and authoritatively. People in these positions typically have a high school diploma, and it isn’t unusual for workplaces to require additional training and certification.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has more on the training and path to emergency dispatcher jobs.
Police officer or detective
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $65,170 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 5%
Much as military personnel serve their country under difficult and sometimes life-threatening circumstances, so too do police officers and detectives.
The International Association of Chiefs of Police notes that veterans who’ve served with military police or security forces have an especially applicable skill set, but other vets are also well-suited to the law enforcement field.
There’s help for interested vets out there. The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, which is part of the U.S. Department of Justice, operates Vets to Cops, a hiring program for military veterans.
To learn more about how much you could earn in this line of work, check out “How Much Police Make in Every State.”
Security guard or gambling surveillance officer
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $29,710 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 3%
Security guards and gambling surveillance officers patrol and protect property.
Security guards work everywhere from shopping malls to hospitals, and gambling surveillance officers work in casino settings. The energy industry also needs security workers, and the Center for Energy Workforce Development’s Troops to Energy Jobs initiative helps vets transition from active service to jobs in that field.
EMT or paramedic
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $35,400 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 6%
Military medics deal with everything from broken bones to blast injuries. Yet the civilian world doesn’t always make it easy for vets to transition into medical jobs.
Emergency medical news site reports that colleges aren’t sure how to interpret medical experience from military transcripts, and state EMS offices have their own requirements for EMTs and paramedics that vets must meet. But there are organizations, including Virginia’s Military Medics and Corpsmen Program, that help smooth the path.
Licensed practical or vocational nurse
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Median annual pay as of 20189: $47,480 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 9%
Health care is a common occupational field for active-duty enlisted personnel, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so transitioning to a civilian job as a licensed practical or vocational nurse is a natural change.
Some health care organizations, such as HCA Healthcare, focus specifically on veteran recruitment. And it’s not just vets they’re looking to hire: HCA has joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring 100,000 Military Spouses campaign as a founding coalition member.
IT jobs
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $88,240 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 11%
The military is more reliant on computers than ever, and those who’ve honed their information technology skills in the service can expect to transfer them to private-sector jobs.

In both the military and civilian world, computer and information technology occupations vary, including computer support specialists, database administrators and information security analyst positions. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cisco and other big-name tech companies have special programs focused on recruiting veterans, spouses and dependents.
Medical assistant
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $34,800 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 19%
Check out that 19% projected growth rate for medical assistant jobs. Workers in these positions perform administrative and clinical tasks in health care settings. Some are even able to enter the occupation with just a high school diploma, picking up the skills needed through on-the-job training.
As with other medical positions, a good place to start is with health care organizations, such as HCA Healthcare, which focus specifically on veteran recruitment.
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $61,660 per year for high school teachers; $59,420 for kindergarten and elementary school teachersProjected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 4% for high school teachers; 4% for kindergarten and elementary school teachers
This familiar bumper sticker slogan gets it right: “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” And the right training, leadership and communications skills learned in the military can translate into a teaching position.
Numerous programs exist to help veterans step in front of their own classrooms, including Troops to Teachers and Teach for America’s Military Veterans Initiative.
To learn more about how much you could earn in this line of work, check out “Here’s How Much Teachers Are Paid in Every State.”
Food preparation or serving jobs
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $24,800 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: minus 1%
The chow may be better once you’re out of the military, but someone still has to prepare and serve it, and that work doesn’t change much from military base to trendy bistro.
Plus, the flexible hours that food preparation jobs offer may allow veterans and their families to shift their schedules to care for children or attend school.
However, fewer people will be needed in the field of food preparation in the coming decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts. Although restaurant jobs will remain, a trend toward cost-cutting efficiencies is expected to reduce the demand for food-service labor.
Material-moving machine operator
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $36,770 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 2%
The military, like the civilian world, will always have a need for those capable of moving people and things from place to place.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the most common military occupations is transportation and material-handling, in which service members transport military personnel and cargo. Specific jobs in that field, like cargo specialist, may include work similar to the civilian job of material-moving machine operators.
Truck driver
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $45,260 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 2%
Truck drivers keep the engines of commerce humming, delivering everything from car parts to groceries. The vehicles may be different than in the military, but driving skills sharpened in service are directly useful in civilian jobs.
Troops Into Transportation, a program of the CDL School, trains veterans to qualify for commercial driver’s licenses so they can get out on the road.
Heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment mechanic and installer
Median annual pay as of 2019: $48,730 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: 4%
The job market for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment mechanics and installers over the next decade is expected to be solid, neither very high nor low. Veterans who worked in mechanical-repair positions in the service should find their skills translate well to these jobs.
Even without that background, training programs at technical and trade schools and community colleges can help prepare you. The Explore the Trades program helps veterans find training and work in the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical trades.
Automotive service technician or mechanic
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Median annual pay as of 2019: $42,090 per year
Projected job growth rate from 2019 to 2029: minus 4%
Many military jobs involve work as a vehicle or machinery mechanic. In the civilian world, you are more likely to work on a Toyota than a tank, but the skills learned in military service should transfer well to jobs as automotive service technicians and mechanics.
General Motors is one company that supports a variety of training avenues — including local training at community colleges and other facilities and online training — to groom people to fill technical or non-technical jobs at GM car dealerships.

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8 Must-Know Microsoft Ads Tips to Get More Clicks and Conversions

With more than 7.3 billion monthly PC searches in the United States, there’s a good chance that your potential customers are on Bing.
Although Bing doesn’t get as much recognition as Google, it still ranks as one of the world’s top search engines. In fact, one study shows that Bing has the highest conversion rate out of all advertising channels for purchases that cost more than $200. In other words, it probably makes sense for you to advertise on Bing if your business is selling higher-priced products or services.

The Microsoft ads (formerly known as Bing ads) are ads shown in Bing’s search results. When you’re creating and optimizing your Microsoft ads, there are many different things you can tweak and improve, such as targeting, keywords, and the ad itself, to enhance the performance of your ads.
In this article, we’ll primarily focus on things you can potentially improve in your ads to increase clicks and conversions. Moreover, many of the points in this article are also universally applicable to creating well-thought-out ads.
Let’s get started.
8 ways to optimize your Microsoft ads for more conversions
Here are 8 different ways you can optimize your Microsoft ads for better conversions.
1. Pre-qualify your prospects
It’s important to keep in mind that the goal of ads isn’t to get more clicks. In most cases, the goal is to convert people into becoming paying customers.
For example, if you use controversial or provocative words in your headline or an ad copy (that aren’t related to your business), you’ll certainly get more clicks on your ads. But how many of those people will turn into your customers? Most likely not too many.
Since you don’t want to waste your advertising budget on useless clicks, it’s a good idea to pre-qualify prospects in your ads to ensure you get targeted traffic.
If you look at the image below, there’s no confusion about who the ad is for. The ad doesn’t try to target all dog food buyers. It explicitly states “best dog food for boxers” in the headline to specifically target people looking for the best dog food for their boxers. So you can be quite confident that most people who click the ad likely fit that description.

2. Add a strong call to action
It’s no secret that a strong call to action (CTA) prompts people to take action. As Thomas Edison once said, “There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the real labor of thinking.” In other words, you want to make things as easy as possible for people to follow.
Not only is it important to state your offer clearly in your ads, but you also want to include a call to action in your ads, telling people precisely what you want them to do next.
You can include a CTA button in your Microsoft ads using an action extension. The action extension displays a CTA button next to your ad’s description, making it easy for people to spot and click.

According to Microsoft’s internal data, action extensions positively impact both clickthrough rates and conversion rates, so I highly recommend you try your hand at implementing these features.
You can also use a sitelink extension as your CTA, like the example below, to encourage customers to take the next step. Besides, the sitelink extension helps your ad take up more space in search results, positively influencing clickthrough rates.

3. Leverage social proof
Any competent marketer understands that social proof is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize in marketing. Many of us naturally turn to others to help us decide when we have limited information about certain products or services.
If there’s strong evidence that other people find what you sell valuable, that will often serve as enough catalyst to convert people.
While it’s difficult to provide convincing enough social proof in your search ad where there’s limited space, you can still include some social proof to your ad using a review extension. The extension allows you to display a positive review from your existing customer.

Alternatively, you can simply add a social proof element to your ad text. For instance, the example below shows how the company tries to communicate the credibility of their advice by stating that their research helped millions of people make purchasing decisions.

4. Be specific with your offers
This is an important point for any type of advertising that you do, and you’d think most people would’ve caught on to the importance of being specific in advertising. But that is unfortunately not the case in many instances.
Many ads are still vague and don’t clearly showcase what they offer. For instance, if your business offers a discount, you want to communicate exactly how much discount the customer is getting rather than writing vague statements, such as “huge discounts.”

You only get limited space in the Microsoft Ads’ search engine, and it takes less than a few seconds for customers to decide if they will bother with your ads. So make sure you display the most enticing offer that’ll grab their attention.
5. List the price of your product
When people search for products or services on Bing, many are quickly scanning for information that will help them make decisions in split seconds.
Depending on the type of service or product you offer, it can be worthwhile to test the Microsoft ads’ price extension feature.
It all goes back to making things as easy as possible for your potential customers. By listing the price in your ads, you help customers make decisions quickly while filtering out those who can’t afford your product.

That said, always test to confirm if the change you make improves clicks and conversions.
6. Create multiple ads
It’s highly unlikely that the first ad you create in your Microsoft ads account will bring the best results. For this reason, you want to create several different ads before you start your ad campaign to see which one performs the best. This will greatly increase your chances of finding an ad that will yield positive returns.

When you create multiple ads for your campaign, Microsoft will evenly rotate all of your ads to ensure they all get the same level of impression. Give some time, and let each of your ads receive some impressions before you decide which one’s the winner.
One thing to note is that you don’t want to prematurely pick one ad over the other after only receiving a few impressions and conversions. I suggest you use a calculator to determine if your results are statistically significant.
7. Refer to your customers directly
This is a simple yet effective way to connect with people who view your ads. Consumers want to know what’s in it for them before they buy something, but many businesses make the mistake of babbling about why they’re so great rather than directing their message to customers.
Instead of focusing on “I” and “we” when creating your Microsoft ads, it’s better to shift your focus to customers and use more “you” in your ads. This will help your ads resonate better with people.

More importantly, write your ads as if you’re talking to another human (which you are), and you’ll likely draw more people to your ads.
People like to buy from people, so it’s generally a good idea to add some personal touch to your marketing. Try to avoid sounding like a faceless corporation when you write your ads.
8. Speak their language
You need to know your target audience to craft a compelling marketing message and communicate to them in a way that they can resonate. Are you talking to a 30-year-old man who’s looking for a reliable web hosting provider for his business website? Or are you talking to a 20-year-old woman who’s trying to get rid of her annoying acne?
If your primary target audience is younger people, for example, you wouldn’t want to talk to them as if you’re giving a lecture at university. A better way would be to write your ads in a casual tone.
Specifically, suppose you are selling an acne product to a younger audience. In that case, you may write something along the lines of, “Looking to get rid of your pimples fast for your next party?” over “Are you looking for an acne treatment that will successfully help keep your acne problem under control?”
With that said, there is never “one” right way to communicate to people in your ads. It will depend on many different factors, such as your audience’s age, gender, and background, so thorough research, along with many split tests, is imperative to creating good ads.

Which of the two ads do you think people are most likely to click?
Produce better Microsoft ads with these 8 optimizations
It takes time and many testings to optimize your Microsoft ads to their fullest potential. Let’s recap the eight optimizations covered in this post:
Pre-qualify your prospects
Add a strong call to action
Leverage social proof
Be specific with your offers
List the price of your product
Create multiple ads
Refer to your customers directly
Speak their language
These optimization techniques are intended to give you different ideas for improving your ads. But at the end of the day, the surest way to improve your ads is to split-test these ideas to find the one that yields the best return on every dollar you spend.
What you believed would work well may not turn out so great in practice, and what you thought would flop may work wonders.
About the author
Jin Choi is a writer at the MoneyNam blog, where he writes about online marketing topics.

Free Webinar | March 30: How Ads Connect People With Good Ideas

Explore how businesses are using Facebook tools to connect customers with their great ideas and stories from entrepreneurs that show how you can easily go online and grow your business. 
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March 1, 2021 1 min read
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From papyrus to personalized digital experiences, Facebook’s team explains the history of ads and how they work today. This talk will explore how businesses are using Facebook tools to connect customers with their great ideas and stories from entrepreneurs that show how you can easily go online and grow your business. 
Key Takeaways: 
History of ads and how they’ve evolved to the digital experiences of today
An overview of free and paid Facebook tools that help businesses connect their great ideas with customers
Insights from entrepreneurs on how to go online and grow your business
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Karen Civil And Ming Lee’s New Podcast Dispels The Myth That Friends Can’t Do Business Together

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Businesswomen and Best Friends Karen Civil and Ming Lee
Always Civil
Businesswoman and marketing guru, Karen Civil has mastered the subtle art of being fearlessly authentic when doing business. Some would even suggest that her willingness to be herself at all times has opened many doors for her. From the doors of the media and entertainment industries to the White House. Now as one of the co-hosts of the ‘Girl, I Guess’ podcast on Joe Budden Network, Civil is letting her hair down and showing a different side of herself with her best friend and co-host Ming Lee, beauty maven, entrepreneur and media personality. With the podcast centered around sisterhood and business, Civil and Lee aim to dispel the myth that women and friends can’t go into business together. The duet is also promoting healthy candid conversations (and discourse) and vulnerability at a time when the pandemic has made it difficult for some to maintain strong bonds. 
“Honestly, there’s no one else that I would want to do this with. It just makes the most sense,” said Civil. Business aside, Lee and Civil want to extend the invitation to others to sit with them. “The podcast is a great way to continue our friendship, to have an open dialogue, and let people feel connected to us; especially with everything happening in the world.”

The “Girl, I Guess” Podcast
Joe Budden Network

Since launching, listeners and viewers have been drawn to the many aspects of Civil and Lee’s relationship that make them pop! Civil considers herself to be introverted and said that Lee says the first thing that comes to her mind. Together, their candor, exploration of one another’s thoughts and experiences make for a good show. Within the first week of streaming, ‘Girl, I Guess’ quickly rose to prominence on the podcasting charts with over 80,000 listens on Apple Podcasts and over 60,000 views on YouTube. 
Beyond the numbers, Civil shared that the conversations with Lee and guests are calling her inward. “This is forcing me in a sense to have tough conversations with myself. I am re-evaluating how I show up with people around me; my thoughts and viewpoints; and not being scared of the thoughts and opinions of others,” said Civil. She continued by sharing that is what matters the most. 

According to Nielsen’s eighth annual report, From Consumers to Creators: The Digital Lives of Black Consumers, “African Americans 18+ are increasingly tuning into podcasts, with 70% growth in engagement from 2014 to 2017 (from 2.12 million to 3.60 million).” The numbers continue to grow as Black women find refuge in sharing their stories through podcasting. 
Civil shared that podcasting is helping her to evolve. “This has been my therapy. I’m starting to have uncomfortable conversations. We had Imani “The Hood Healer” Cohen on the show and we talked about spiritual awakening, doing the work, and being socially conscious. We also spoke about fibroids and so many things I normally wouldn’t talk about,” said Civil.
Being vulnerable publicly has been transformative for her. “As much as it’s been hard at times to talk about certain low points, middle points, and high points; I think the most important part is that I get to show up and be authentic,” Civil added.
Doing Great Business With Great Friends
During the pandemic, people have read endlessly about the importance of being able to pivot. What is just as essential as being agile is having the right people in your corner. After exploring new ways to be creative and to do business, Civil expressed her interest in podcasting to a friend who has a show on Joe Budden Network. Shortly after, she received a call from Joe Budden, businessman, cultural critic, media personality, and former rapper inviting her to do business. 
“We all got into a group text and began having the conversation about the title, figuring out x, y, z; and going back and forth. The most fun part was thinking of the promo around the podcast,” said Civil. And that’s when she stepped into full marketer mode. She began to do her research and come up with ideas that would work well for her and her Lee. “I wanted to find a way to bring the ‘funny and the premium’. And those two attributes are our benchmarks. We found a way to create funny promo with some incredible people that you normally don’t really see like Damson Idris, Lauren London, and Dionne Warwick,” she added.
And of course, they found a clever way to use Saweetie’s and Doja Cat’s hit single, Best Friend! When it comes to doing business with girlfriends, Civil is adamant about changing the narrative that you can’t or that you shouldn’t do business together. 
“Ming and I want to dismantle the belief that you can’t do business with your friends. Yes, you can. You can do great business with great friends. And that’s what we’re going to continuously showcase. We’re breaking the rules that state, ‘You can’t stay with us.’ We’re creating a whole new blueprint,” said Civil. “Why wouldn’t I want to make a million with my best friend?”
Podcasting Is Opening New Doors 
Civil and Lee are making the most out of every opportunity that presents itself as a result of being in the podcasting space.
“I think this [the ‘Girl, I Guess’ podcast] is leading us to our next endeavors. This opens up the door for me and Ming. And it allows me to open up a door for other women as well which is exciting,” said Civil. “Going into the production space; you never know what can happen in a year. In the short time that we’ve done a couple of episodes, we’ve had so many people reach out to work on different projects. I’m already in talks with somebody who I have idolized and appreciated for years about doing a podcast on their network that’s different from this.”
Through podcasting, Civil plans to leverage new relationships and promote healthy comradery between women.

Clara Louise, a Former Cleaning Worker, Is Now a Model Who Just Landed a Contract With Gucci

The 24-year-old Londoner was discovered while walking down the street.
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March 1, 2021 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

When something is for you, it will come at the least expected moment. That is the case of Clara Louise, a London girl who worked as a cleaning clerk and who now managed to become a model and a contract with Gucci .
In an interview the young woman conducted with Metro.UK , she recounted how she was discovered. In June 2019, when she was walking down the street, she was spotted by Rob Wilson, the director of FOMO Models, a modeling agency.

Bring it to the runway Clara!
– Metro (@MetroUK) February 24, 2021
“Rob saw me on the street, on the way to the gym, and asked me if I had ever worked as a model,” Clara recounted. Then he commented that they had a conversation and the rest is history.
“I am very grateful because it has been an incredible experience and shows how you should take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way in life,” explained the now Gucci model.
She has already worked with other brands such as Gymshark, Boots, and Primark . Additionally, she was featured on the cover of Picton’s fashion and beauty magazine.
“It was nothing of what I expected, it is not as malicious as it is shown in television dramas and movies,” he said. “It was a whole new world.”
“I had never seen a curvy, black, Asian and ethnic minority model (BAME, an adjective used for people in the UK who are not white, according to the Cambridge Dictionary) and I didn’t think my appearance would fit. that world. So I feel like I’m paving the way and will be able to tell my grandkids that I was a Gucci model. ”

Clara’s taste for Italian haute couture has not led her to the influencer lifestyle. Instead, she is seeking a teaching career. “I am still a normal girl from East London, my mother would not allow that bubble to grow, she would burst it immediately,” she confessed to the same medium.
“I’m just Clara, I’m taking my energy, my passion and my love for myself, my culture, my ethnic origin, my hair and I’m showing it to the world.”

Meet Dispo, A New Instagram Rival That's Already the 4th-Most-Downloaded Social Media App

March 1, 2021 6 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

For more than a decade, Instagram has been the undisputed queen of photo apps , but now a rival with a lot of potential has arrived. This is Dispo , a new social network to share snapshots that was launched on February 19 in beta. In less than a week, Dispo became the fourth most downloaded app on the AppStore and has piqued investor interest.
The young app Dispo , contraction of ‘digital disposable camera’ (disposable digital camera), already exceeds 20 million dollars in investments . It is now valued at about $ 200 million , according to Axios .

…. DISPO is about to fuck some shit up.
– Ian Borthwick (@ianrborthwick) February 24, 2021

The case of Dispo stands out because it does not offer more functions or great innovations compared to Instagram . On the contrary, it limits its possibilities in terms of editing and publication, in a concept that can be defined as ‘back to basics’ .
Inspired by nostalgia for analog film cameras, Dispo does not allow you to cut photos, edit them or add filters, stickers, text, etc. What’s more, they cannot even be published instantly or whenever the user likes, but they are ‘revealed’ until 09:00 the next day. For this reason, the Buzzfeed portal says that it is the ‘anti-Instagram’ social network.
In Dispo , the photos are shown as they are and you cannot add a caption to explain what is happening. These are published separately or in ‘rolls’ that can be shared and supplemented by other users. As in other applications of this type, users give ‘likes’ and can comment on the publications.
Like Clubhouse , the new social network focused on audio-only chats, Dispo can only be downloaded by invitation.

Deliberately nostalgic
In an interview with The New York Times , David Dobrik , the creator of Dispo , explained that he purposely limited the options. The purpose is to bring the user closer to the experience of using a disposable camera , like the ones before.
“When I used to go to parties with my friends, they had disposable cameras all over the house, and they invited people to take pictures at night. In the morning, they would pick up all the cameras, look back at the footage and say, ‘What happened last night?’ ” Explained Dobrik , who has been featured on YouTube and the now defunct Vine video platform.
Those who have already tried this beta version applaud its simplicity and the possibility of displaying more natural and spontaneous images.
“I feel like the photos are simpler,” said Goldie Chan, founder of Warm Robots, a social strategy agency in Los Angeles. He added that other apps have too many elements, but “when you have something like Dispo or VSCO, you are just taking pictures. You can capture a moment in time and let it go . ”
“I don’t have to sit down and cut it out or edit it. I take a photo and hope it turns out. I can go back and look at it later instead of looking at it now and making these adjustments or worrying about taking 10 to 12 more photos than I’m trying to take, ” said Anyha Garcia, a homemaker from Utah.
“Instagram turned everyone into general photographers. Dispo makes you a photographer with a purpose. That is where the construction of the community is: everyone seeks the same thing through their own lens, ” said user Terry O’Neal, who has created several color-themed rolls and asked other users to collaborate with images that are fit each topic. “That’s where the community is being built, everyone looking for the same thing through their own eyes,” he said.

How Dispo came about
David Dobrik started posting his candid photos to Instagram in June 2019 and quickly amassed millions of followers. Other influencers and celebrities, such as Gigi Hadid and Tana Mongeau opened their own ‘disposable’ accounts, creating a trend among users.
Seeing the potential of this scheme, Dobrik set out to bring the disposable camera experience into the digital realm, as a way to counter the obsession with perfect photos.
Dobrik launched the David’s Disposable app in December 2019, allowing retro-looking images to be captured that were ‘developed’ overnight. The platform gained enough followers to encourage the 24-year-old youtuber to invest more in its development, all the way to Dispo .

The Dispo boom among influencers, users and investors
Dispo rose to fourth place among the most downloaded apps from AppStopre in the United States in less than a week after its launch. Several influencer reviews are already circulating on YouTube , as well as tips for getting invites and accelerated growth techniques. In Clubhouse soble Dispo discussion groups have been opened and some photographs of the appa have reached the digital art market as NFT or ‘non-fungible tokens’.
Although it is in a very early phase and the company has only eight people on its staff, Dispo already plans to open an office in Japan and has positioned itself as a very interesting bet for venture investors.
The company raised $ 4 million last October, in a seed funding round led by the Seven Seven Six firm of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Last week, it raised another $ 20 million in a Series A funding round led by Spark Capital at a valuation of $ 200 million , according to Axios . In addition, they are in talks with other top venture capital firms, including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark, according to The Information.
With information from RT and Infobae .

20 Email Marketing Services and Tools

For a small business, choosing the right email marketing services and tools can help you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. Often overlooked, email marketing does have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business. Email continues to be the best-performing marketing channel. In fact, email marketing delivers an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 4400% or a $44.25 return for every single $1 spent.
By 2023 the number of daily global email users will jump to 3.473 billion and there will be 4.371 billion email users. Current trends suggest email accounts will grow faster than the number of worldwide email users, underscoring why your business should focus on email marketing campaigns. And the right email marketing services are essential to ensure the success of your business in this area.

Why is choosing the right email marketing software so important?
Email marketing isn’t just about sending promo emails and feelers to people with the hope that you can make conversions. It is also about communicating with customers and using targeted content to deliver your message across different targeted segments.
The benefits of email marketing for small businesses are numerous. Email marketing services can be used to promote businesses and grow revenue. Unlike some other marketing channels, email marketing allows you to frequently keep in touch with your customers. In addition to having the ability to send bulk emails, you can also customize them for different audiences so your emails are always engaging.
With email marketing, you can boost your conversions and build your brand without breaking your budget. No matter your level of experience, you can create professional email marketing campaigns quickly. But in order for your email marketing efforts to succeed, you need to use the right email marketing software. Updating lists and sending emails manually is time consuming. So you will need to choose an email marketing platform that integrates seamlessly with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. You will be able to manage content and customer data, as well as getting an overview of key analytics that include open rates, click-through rates and overall engagement trends to see which campaigns are performing the best.
What should you look for in a great email marketing software?
In a nutshell, the best email marketing services should deliver the following:
Customizable Templates
Your service should include personalized email marketing. Most providers offer a library of templates for users to choose from, customize, and fill with information about their businesses. You can select one template to use every time, or pick a different one whenever you write a new email if you like to keep things fresh. It is also important for your marketing services provider to allow you to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface, preferably a drag and drop editor.
List Segmentation
Your email service should provide the ability to segment your subscribers based on your marketing strategy. The email marketing service should give you the ability to segment your list based on the different stages of their buying cycle. Successful marketing is all about connecting customers with the right service and product. You will need to break up your subscriber list into common groupings and suggest products and services that suit their particular needs.
Personalization is key here by crafting the perfect subject lines, copy, and images that resonate with your customer so you can deliver effective personal feeling messages. This will also help lower the chances of your emails violating email SPAM laws.
Customer Service and Support
Should issues arise, a good email service provider should help you implement your marketing strategy at all times. Your email service provider must offer round the clock support whenever glitches take place.
With email automation, you get the opportunity to respond rapidly to your customers for inquiries, purchases, or even canceling purchases. Autoresponders can help you stay in touch with your customers using automatically generated emails based on key milestones, welcome emails for new subscribers, or thank you emails for recent purchases.
If your customers are making a purchase, they are prime candidates for additional sales. You want to send follow up messages that could include thank you emails with messages such as ‘Customers like you also found these similar items very interesting’. They could also be valuable sources of information to gauge the reasons for abandoned carts and determine why your customers have opted out of a purchase.
Analytics are important for any marketing effort. A good email marketing service provider should be able to provide you with analytics to help improve your campaigns. These include measuring open rates, click rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, and spam complaints. All these data points will help you track engagements and see how your campaigns are preforming.
Top Email Marketing Services
So here are some of the most popular email marketing tools on the market. We’ve also included descriptions and some of the main features that set each email marketing service apart.
1. Hubspot
HubSpot is considered among the best email marketing services on the market. It offers end-to-end marketing technology solutions combining marketing automation with email marketing, sales, and CRM under one umbrella. With this email marketing service, you can quickly and easily create, personalize, and optimize your emails without the need for designers or tech support.
HubSpot’s easy-to-use email marketing tool gives you the option of a standalone or a combination of other offerings such as Marketing Hub and its Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform. Also on offer are features like pre-made email templates along with calls-to-action and images, and the ability to modify content in line with your brand using its drag-and-drop editor. Your email campaigns also come with A/B tests and robust analytics. HubSpot offers its email tool free for up to 2,000 email sends per month, with upgrade solutions starting at $45 per month. The robust all-in-one marketing package comes in at $800 per month.
2. Zoho Campaigns
Zoho Campaigns offers email marketing services to help users create responsive designs, customize messages, deliver emails to inboxes, trigger automated workflows, and connect with new customers. The toolkit has all the bells and whistles you need to meet your email marketing tasks.
With Zoho Campaigns you can create responsive emails by using the tool’s drag-and-drop functionality for marketing designs and dynamics fields. The revamped user interface offers a large selection of email templates, including 274 pre-designed templates, and a host of new autoresponders. A seamless integration with the Zoho suite allows for 360 degree email marketing services for small businesses.
Zoho Campaigns comes with dynamic content, email polls, and automated list segmentation to help you send personalized messages to your audiences. With A/B testing campaigns, you can test which design or subject line resonates well with your audience while the list management keeps your list clean and spam-free.
The most popular subscription is $5 per month for up to 500 subscribers. It includes unlimited emails, autoresponders, workflows, dynamic content, batch sending, email polls and more.
3. Mailchimp
Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service that brings all your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your marketing strategy goals faster — all from a single platform.
This easy?to?use email builder provides individual profiles on each subscriber, which shows their activity on your website. Using its pre?designed templates and drag?and?drop builder, you can easily create engaging emails. Real-time analytics helps you keep tabs on your campaigns to quickly identify what’s working and to make smart decisions moving forward.
Mailchimp touts its inbox acceptance rates are 96-99% – well above the industry standard. Mailchimp’s subscription starts at $9.99 per month though a free plan is also available that comes with a marketing CRM, a creative assistant, website builder, forms and landing pages, and up to 2,000 contacts.
4. Constant Contact
With Constant Contact email marketing software, you get tools to build a professional brand online, attract customers, and sell more products. The platform helps you create professional emails, find new customers, and drive sales for your business. The easy to use email automation is a key benefit of Constant Contact as you are able to trigger welcome messages for new subscribers and set up drip campaigns based on their actions.
The website builder gives you a custom-designed website in just minutes along with a free logo maker with hundreds of customizable options in seconds. Constant Contact also offers social media campaign integration that lets you add contacts into a form using various formats (CSV, TXT, XLS, or XLSX), import from Gmail, or pull from Microsoft Outlook and other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.
For your campaigns, you can use a template to get started using the drag-and-drop feature and choosing from a variety of layout options. The editing tool lets you tweak text with access to Google fonts as well as images and colors. With Constant Contact, you can also add a blog post teaser and import PDFs which transform into interactive emails.
Constant Contact offers two kinds of plans according to the size of the customer’s email list. Pricing starts at $20 per month where you get unlimited email sends, customizable templates, branded templates, tracking and reporting, automated email resend to non-openers, subject line A/B testing and more. Like most email marketing platforms, subscription rates will be based on the number of subscribers on your list.
5. SendinBlue
SendinBlue offers both SMS and email marketing solutions for businesses. The intuitive platform gives users the tools to create beautiful and highly engaging marketing emails through its drag and drop email editor making it easy for beginners with no experience in email marketing. The platform helps to boost your marketing efforts by providing an all-in-one solution with marketing automation features, email marketing, SMS marketing, live chat, Facebook Ads, CRM, and transactional messages via email and SMS.
SendinBlue includes beginner-friendly marketing automation tools that allow you to send transactional emails, create workflows for automatic follow-up emails, and segment users. It can also select the best time to send bulk emails using its AI algorithms to ensure the best email deliverability.
It offers a free email marketing plan that lets you send up to 300 emails a day, but all your emails will have SendinBlue’s branding. Meanwhile, paid plans start from $25 per month.
6. Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor offers an email marketing solution that enables businesses to send personalized emails, creating a reliable channel to grow engagement with subscribers and promote loyal readership and conversions. It comes with customizable templates which can be tweaked using its drag-and-drop builder. When it comes to your mailing lists, Campaign Monitor seamlessly integrates with Salesforce or WordPress for better impact.
Campaign Monitor includes features like email marketing, automation, and reporting features starting at $9 per month. This includes the ability to send up to 2,500 emails a month, comprehensive email marketing features, an insights analytics suite and more.
7. GetResponse
GetResponse offers businesses email marketing, landing pages, e-commerce, sales funnels and webinars all under one roof. This email marketing platform helps you create mailing lists, send emails, automate emails and view and analyze statistics related to your email campaigns including open rate, click through, forwards, and others.
When it comes to creating emails, the drag-and-drop email creator lets you design and send pixel-perfect emails in a few clicks. The layouts and sections help you build your message, and also preview designs on desktops and mobile devices.
GetResponse’s email marketing software plans start at $15 per month. Since the pricing model is based on the subscriber count, you can send out an unlimited number of emails to your list. This email marketing software also offers unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates, one sales funnels, Facebook and Google ads and more.
8. Omnisend
Omnisend’s email marketing platform is tailored for ecommerce sites. It offers small businesses with features such as automated email and SMS messaging in order to convert leads into customers. To dive up sales, it offers pre-built automation for cart abandonment, a welcome series and transactional emails.
With this platform, you can provide your recipients with an omnichannel customer experience combining text messages, web browser push notifications, email marketing, Google Customer Match, Facebook ads, and more. You also have the capability to allow for segmented campaigns to target the right customer for your products or services. The free plan comes with the option for omnisend-branded email campaigns of up to 15,000 emails a month, signup forms, boxes, pop ups and reports.
The starter package begins at $16 per month which offers SMS campaigns and automation, email automation, audience segmentation, reports, and more.
9. MailerLite
MailerLite can help you create newsletters using its customizable templates through its drag and drop tool within minutes. This email marketing service offers tools for automation, landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys. With it, you can also segment your subscribers to enhance personalization, and optimize your campaigns with features like A/B testing.
The free plan comes with a drag and drop feature, rich text editor, built-in photo editing, file manager, mobile-friendly email newsletters, video tutorials, and A/B Testing. However, the free plan limits you to only 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. The paid tier starts at $10 per month with unlimited emails and can accommodate up to 1,000 subscribers along with reports and analytics.
10. Sender
Sender is an email marketing tool that lets users create newsletters without any HTML knowledge. By simply choosing from its template library, users can customize their newsletters with elements like images, videos and text within minutes. By connecting Sender with your website, web shop or any other system, all subscriber data will be synchronized automatically. In terms of analytics, it offers reports on open and click tracking, date and time analysis, click map, subscriber profiles, Google Analytics integration and more. In addition, it offers desktop push notifications, transactional and automated email sequences, API integrations, and an easy to use drag and drop subscription form builder.
Sender’s pricing starts at $11.00 per month. The free forever offering allows you to accommodate up to 2,500 subscribers, send up to 15,000 emails per month and access all features, including automation.
11. Campaigner
Campaigner is an email marketing automation platform that comes with an intuitive interface to create emails, tweak email campaigns, view feedback from contacts, and perform across the board email marketing tasks. It also provides users with the ability to integrate their email marketing campaign with social media accounts that include Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The platform generates real-time reports of your email marketing activities, thus allowing you to improve upon every email campaign you carry out. For customization of emails, you have the option to choose from over 900 templates.
Campaigner offers three plans: Starter, Essential and Advanced. The first tier which is the Starter plan starts at $49.95 per month and includes full code editor, geolocation, A/B testing, analytics, landing pages, suppression lists, segmentation, recurring campaigns and conversion tracking.
12. SendPulse
SendPulse offers a multi-channel marketing platform including email marketing, SMS, Web Push Notification, and Viber and Facebook Chatbot messenger through a single platform email marketing solution. The suite of marketing tools helps you collect customers’ contact information, create responsive templates, and set up automated flows.
In terms of trigger emails with automation 360, you can set up trigger flows using emails, web push notifications, and SMS and send messages based on your customers’ behavior. You also have the option to remind customers about their abandoned cart, invite them to upcoming webinars, or ask them about their experience with your product or service.
The drag and drop editor helps users create responsive emails without any HTML knowledge. You also have more than 130 free templates to customize your emails for any event or promotion. Additional features offered by this email marketing solution provider include segmentation, A/B testing, analytics, SPAM checker and more.
SendPulse pricing starts at $6.40 per month and comes with the option to accommodate up to 500 subscribers, send unlimited emails and take advantage of other professional features. There is also a free plan available.
13. AWeber 
AWeber offers a simple and easy to use email marketing service with a robust set of email marketing features. This includes a landing page builder, newsletters, emails to RSS, and, autoresponders to help grow your number of subscribers.  With AWeber, you get all of the basic features that you expect with an email marketing service that includes over 700 pre-built templates, drag-and-drop email builder, email analytics, A/B testing, sign up forms, automation, third-party integrations and subscriber segmentation.
AWeber also offers phone, email and live chat support and comes with a monthly subscription plan of $16.15 billed annually. With this email marketing tool, you get an unlimited number of subscribers, behavioral automation, cart abandonment and purchase tagging, click-tracking links, unlimited landing pages, AWeber e-commerce services, audience analytics, custom domains and more. You also have the option to try the free version which allows you to engage with 500 subscribers with limited capabilities. AWeber’s email marketing services come with 24/7 support via phone, email and live chat.
14. ConvertKit
ConvertKit is an email marketing service provider and landing page builder that lets you create easy forms and drip campaigns to automatically send mails to new subscribers.
With its email designer, you can easily create many branded email templates. You can also add buttons, images or videos to your email with a simplified interface for a great writing experience. ConvertKit boasts a high delivery rate of 98% and a 30% average open rate. In addition, you get unlimited landing pages and forms, A/B testing, analytics, automated funnels and sequences, and more.
The ConvertKit plan starts from $29 per month to $79 per month for 1,000 subscribers to 5,000 subscribers respectively.
16. ActiveCampaign
ActiveCampaign is an email marketing software that offers reporting and automation tools to help you achieve your email marketing goals. This solution not only allows autoresponders based on numerous conditions, but it also allows automation of your contacts and email list management, as well as automation within its CRM system. It also has features that enable you to text message your subscribers. 
Furthermore, with the conversations feature you can send targeted messages straight to your website visitors, therefore optimizing the overall customer experience. When it comes to offering lead/contact scoring, you can set it up using rules or automation, and it also allows you to assign scores to contacts based on their demographic, or actions they take. This covers page views, open emails, email clicks and more.
ActiveCampaign subscription starts at $9 per month and includes marketing automation, unlimited email sending, subscription forms, segmentation, site and event tracking, 500+ automation recipes and more.
17. Drip
Drip’s email marketing software offers a broader CRM platform that is built with eCommerce in mind. You also get insights into customer’s browsing history, social media interactions, cart abandonment and purchases, and email engagement. You can add your contacts in three standard ways: individually, importing emails in bulk from a file, and copy and pasting.
The visual email editor affords you a generous amount of freedom in template options and design, and it’s easy to add or remove segments, buttons, and images where you want them. Drip’s platform integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook Ads, and other tools to help you boost your e-commerce sales. This includes additional tools you’re using to sell online, analyze, collect data, and personalize marketing for customers.
Drip’s paid plans start at $19 per month and offer behavior and event tracking, segmentation, revenue attribution, multichannel automation, detailed email analytics, customizable forms, and more. A 14-day trial is also available which allows you to add 500 people to your account and get access to all of Drip’s core features including sending unlimited emails after the trial period.
18. Mailjet
Mailjet’s email marketing solution allows users to create, send, and track their marketing and transactional emails. Mailjet’s intuitive user interface is available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian) and enables marketing teams to create, test, and send compelling emails. Through its drag and drop email builder, you can easily create responsive emails and thanks to its intuitive user interface, you have the option of the five languages.
In terms of ease of use, Mailjet provides a full setup and use guide in one place. This starts with creating a test email campaign and moves on to importing your contacts, designing an email template, managing your contacts, and using more advanced features such as A/B testing and segmentation.
Mailjet also helps you optimize transactional emails including delivery notifications and change in payment details by providing real-time notifications if there are problems with email delivery. Its collaborative email editor gives you the ability for multiple users to make changes in real-time thus making collaboration easy.
Mailjet pricing starts at $9.65 per month. There is a free plan with limited capabilities that includes an email editor, email templates, unlimited contacts, and integration.
19. iContact
iContact offers an email marketing platform that helps small businesses achieve their email marketing goals.
This email marketing platform can help save considerable time as it is easy to use, offers customizable templates, and enables anyone to send out email messages — which is great for first-time email marketers. Users are not required to have any HTML knowledge while automated email campaigns can deploy once a subscriber interacts with a landing page, makes a purchase, clicks a link, or meets any specific criteria that you have established.
The platform offers the full gamut of email marketing services that include drag and drop editing, email list management, autoresponders, SPAMCHECK, reports, social amplify email campaigns, scheduled messages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and more. iContact’s paid plans start at $15 per month for 1,500 subscribers. A free trial is also available.
Emma’s email marketing service offers automation features to help you send campaigns and connect with your subscribers for maximum impact. This platform makes it easy to manage your email marketing service across multiple departments or locations, share templates and creative assets, and quickly approve every email before it goes out. It also offers templates that are mobile-responsive, integrate with social networks and connect to Google Analytics to see stats.
Through its list segmentation tool, you can target subscribers bases on zip code, birthday, purchased items, and even if they have opened your last email. Segmented groups are easily searchable, and you have the ability to create an unlimited number of segments when it comes time to send targeted campaigns which comes in handy when you want to test your markets and fine-tune your results.
Emma’s branching logic can help you deliver the most relevant message based on whether or not someone opens a specific email or makes a certain click. The next email in your drip sequence can be matched to the activity of your audience. When integrated with your site, Emma can track recent purchases and send an automated email that ensures your customer gets a timely touchpoint to support the purchase, encourage an upgrade, or schedule a follow-up.
The service starts at $89 per month for up to 10,000 contacts and includes drag and drop email editor, an email template gallery, real-time reporting and analytics, guestbook app, list importing, segmentation tools, lightbox signup forms, A/B content testing and built-in integrations.
What is the best email marketing service?
When trying to determine the best email marketing service around, Hubspot quickly jumps to the top of the list. Here’s why.
Hubspot offers a wide variety of tools giving you great flexibility when creating your email marketing campaign. Hubspot also offers lead management and SEO features as well as tools to boost your email marketing campaigns and community support that extends even to its free services. See details below.
Q: What tools are available with Hubspot email marketing services?
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing automation
Landing pages
Social media
Q: What can you do with Hubspot’s Email Marketing Solution?
Create new emails
Edit columns to show metrics like bounce rate, delivery rate, and other important metrics
Export your email information
Filter by email type or campaign
Navigate through sent, scheduled, drafted, or archived messages
Search for specific emails
View most recently edited, created, and sent emails with a performance summary
Create your own HTML emails, or choose from Hubspot’s templates
Schedule emails up to one year in advance
Create emails that are automatically mobile friendly
Take advantage of an unsubscribe feature mandated by CAN-SPAM laws
Benefit from a feature allowing those who unsubscribe to be given the option to opt-out of certain email topics or take a temporary break as opposed to a permanent unsubscribe
Personalize emails to improve your open rates.
Q: Does it help in lead management and SEO?
Hubspot helps you to access each contact’s information and see every interaction you’ve had with them. The data gleaned from subscribers will be used to create targeted campaigns that close more deals. In regards to SEO, you can plan a content strategy around topics that will elevate your authority in search engines, get as-you-type optimization advice as you’re creating content, and measure real SEO ROI with integrated analytics.
Q: What tools does HubSpot offer to boost my email marketing services?
With HubSpot you get free CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service tools. You get free marketing tools that help you achieve a myriad of objectives. These include: tools to convert website visitors into leads for free, contact management, integration with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn ads, live chat, traffic and conversion analytics.
HubSpot’s free CRM gives you everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your relationships with leads and customers. You can connect HubSpot’s free CRM tools to Gmail, G Suite, and many versions of Outlook. While HubSpot’s free Sales Hub provides your business with time saving tools that help you get deeper insights into your prospects, automate the tasks you hate and close more deals faster.
And what’s more, HubSpot allows you to invite your entire team to collaborate in one place. You can also store as many as one million contacts and companies.
Q: Can I get support from HubSpot for its free services?
HubSpot’s free users have access to the HubSpot Community at for support. According to HubSpot, the mission of this inbound community is to provide users with a vibrant channel to ask questions, find answers, and engage with professionals from around the world about HubSpot software best practices.
What are the best free email marketing tools?
Here are some of the best email marketing software tools that come with free plans.
Mailchimp receives good ratings for its reliability, scalability and secure delivery service for transactional emails from websites and applications. And for those who use WordPress to power their business website, MailChimp is one of the best available. Particularly for a cost conscious small business, since it’s free.
MailChimp provides a wide range of professional quality email templates with customizable fields and features, so you can create campaigns that match your company’s branding. There are easy sharing tools for social channels, and the platform integrates seamlessly with WordPress, as well as other popular services. In addition, MailChimp offers full-featured tracking and analytics for smart campaign management making it a solid email marketing service provider.
AWeber has gained popularity among users because it focuses on auto response emails. The platform makes it easy to create forms prospects can fill out. The service then auto responds with whatever message you set up. It offers a robust set of tools including email service, newsletters, emails to RSS, and, of course, autoresponders.
Sendinblue is another WordPress compatible email marketing platform ideal for small businesses that run both email and mobile campaigns. This all-in-one email marketing service helps you manage email marketing, transactional emails, text messaging and more. It includes detailed, real-time analytics and tools for campaign creation, contact management, and trigger marketing. Integrating SendinBlue with WordPress is as simple as installing the WordPress plugin.
Constant Contact
With Constant Contact, automated triggers come easy. Inside its interface, users can easily trigger a single email or an entire series of messages based on user actions. The platform also has a strong toolbox of email marketing tools from HTML newsletter templates to personal coaching on how to get your email campaigns done right. Event management has also been added so you can handle online registration and online survey tools to gather info from customers and prospects.
Simple, unique and free to use, ManyContacts is a free drop down email collection bar that runs across the top of your website. The drop down animation grabs attention, and the bar can be fully customized by color, form field and text, giving you the ability to add subscribe offers.
ManyContacts also includes enriched data collection that can be accessed through a Contacts Manager dashboard, showing your subscribers’ location, IP, social profiles and more
Sender offers free email marketing tools with features to ensure deliverability. It lets you create stunning newsletters without any HTML knowledge. Just choose from a template and customize it with elements like images, videos and text. You can even personalize your newsletters for each recipient to create an even bigger impact.
Emma is a Web-based service that combines do-it-yourself with free personal assistance when you need it. Custom email design comes at an additional charge. Emma has strong tracking and analytics components that allow you to learn what works — or doesn’t — with your audience.
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This Technology Brings Old Photos Back to Life by Turning Them Into Videos

How much would you give to see your family members who are no longer with you smile again?
Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox
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March 1, 2021 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

As if by magic! Technology continues to surprise us more and more every day. MyHeritage developed a tool that gives movement to old photos by turning them into video. What is unusual about the platform is that it is dedicated to images of deceased people, thus giving them “life” again.
Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can bring back memories or create new ones. With artificial intelligence (AI) Deep Nostalgia creates a video of several seconds simulating the movements that the person in the photo may have made before being taken. Of course, what is shown is not exactly what happened, however, it does give a realistic picture.

With our new Deep Nostalgia ™, you can see how a person from an old photo could have moved and looked if they were captured on video! Read more: #RootsTech #RootsTechConnect
– MyHeritage (@MyHeritage) February 25, 2021
AI makes people blink, look in different directions, shake their heads, or smile. How much would you give to see your loved ones who are no longer with you doing it?
The service uses photos taken with any device, in black and white or in color, no matter how old it is. So, you can cheer on your grandparents, great-grandparents, and all the people you have photos of.
The program uses prerecorded videos with common facial movements and when uploading the photo, it chooses the one that works best for the selected image.
It sounds like photographs from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, showing a small movement where a still image should be. However, do not wait for them to do anything other than facial expressions, they cannot get up from a chair or move from place to place.

“It makes me so happy to see him smile again!” Try our new #DeepNostalgia #PhotoAnimation feature for yourself and prepare to be AMAZED !!!
– MyHeritage (@MyHeritage) February 28, 2021
How to use it?
To test the tool you need to register on the MyHeritage page and then upload a photo to the platform, the site takes care of the rest. The service is completely free for up to 5 photographs, then you must create a paid account.

Image: MyHeritage
If your biggest concern is that the photos of your loved ones are made public, don’t worry, the page explains that the images are private and are not shared with third parties. “Photos uploaded without completing registration are automatically deleted to protect your privacy,” the privacy notice reads.

It makes us feel as if they’re right in front of us! Try out our new photo animation feature, announced at #RootsTech – Deep Nostalgia ™!
– MyHeritage (@MyHeritage) February 26, 2021
“Seeing the faces of our beloved ancestors come to life in a video simulation allows us to imagine what they might have been like in reality and provides a profound new way to connect with our family history,” said Gilad Japhet, Founder and MyHeritage CEO for USA Today .

5 TED Talks by Powerful Women Leaders That Inspire and Motivate

November 15, 2018 5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
They say that you only learn from the best. I think that’s true in business, as I’ve gained much wisdom from entrepreneurs I admire. But, as a woman business leader, I also feel it’s important to listen to women who have succeeded in their respective non-business fields, whether it’s sports, academia, art, or science. They can offer insight and education that’s relevant to the many challenges business women face.
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Here are some of my favorite TED Talks from inspirational women from a variety of backgrounds who have taught me lessons I try to utilize every day.
1. Overcoming obstacles
Diana Nyad, 64, is famous for swimming from Cuba to Florida — on her fifth attempt. Most people would have given up after the first four tries, but not her. In this talk, she shares the power of never abandoning your dreams when faced with even the most daunting setbacks. She also inspires you with the message that it is never, ever too late to try something.

In my own career, I have pivoted a few times. I began as a CPA in a public accounting firm, then owned my own accounting practices, and eventually transitioned into corporate leadership roles. I even own my own yoga studio. My guiding principle has always been to support people — whether to help businesses thrive as an accountant or find personal transformation through yoga. As long as your guiding value and mission is well-defined, never giving up on your dreams can become a reality.
2. Confronting vulnerability
Every woman in business faces the feelings of vulnerability at some point when you begin to question your skills, expertise and even intelligence. Why do we feel like this and what can be done about it?
New York Times bestselling author Dr. Brené Brown is a long-time researcher of emotions like courage, empathy and yes, vulnerability. Her TED talk on this subject explores her latest research on human reactions and how vulnerability can be the key to happiness and creativity.

When I became a yoga instructor, I didn’t tell the people in my business life. In my yogi life, many of my practitioners had no idea I was a CPA and an entrepreneur. Yet, when I allowed both sides of myself to show through, I created stronger connections with my staff and clientele.
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3. Asking for help
As women, it often feels we are pre-programmed to never ask for help to get what we want. Yet, as entrepreneurs, we must learn that we can’t do it alone.
Singer and songwriter Amanda Palmer talks about the shame and guilt that comes along with asking for help and tells her own unconventional story and the amazing results when she learned the art of asking for help.

It’s an important message that all women entrepreneurs need to embrace. If my husband and I didn’t have an open dialogue about our career goals and aspirations, and how we can support each other, I would never have accomplished as much as I have. When we try to do everything and not to delegate some work — whether at work or home — it takes an almost superhuman effort to accomplish anything and we risk serious burnout.
4. Dealing with rejection
You can’t escape rejection and criticism in business, but you can change how you react to it. Often the negative feedback we get can be the most important feedback we receive — if we know how to use it.
Therapist Marisa Peer offers five strategies for how to handle negative comments, not let them affect you and see the valuable lessons behind them.
[embedded content]
During my career, there have been many jobs I didn’t get and prospects I have lost. Rather than looking at them as rejections, I focused on what I could learn from the experience to increase my chance of success the next time. What extra skills and experience did I need to acquire? These are lessons that no one can tell you, unless you try and try again.
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5. Celebrating the process
In business, the journey is often better than achieving the goal because of what you learn along the way. Using her area of expertise as an example, art historian Sarah Lewis explains how not every piece of artwork from the great masters was considered a masterpiece, and how near failures and near wins can lead to greater achievement.

Learning to celebrate the process is one of the most essential skills you need to develop for success. Sometimes, as business owners, we want to achieve so much that we forget to acknowledge the little victories. Yet each win, no matter how small, brings us closer to our larger vision.
Everyone’s experiences and realization have something to teach us about how to deal with everyday problems — whether in business or in life. Staying open to different viewpoints can help you to take bigger risks, find a community of support, and celebrate along the way.