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You Must Recognize Your Own Achievements First Before Expecting Others To

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
For others to recognize us, and to know us, it is extremely necessary that we first recognize our work ourselves, giving it the dissemination it deserves without prejudice and without fear.
As time has passed I have realized that in the world of entrepreneurship it is very rare for someone to talk about their experiences of failure, fear or uncertainty. I honestly do not understand why, since at the end of the day, entrepreneurs are made of small pieces that forge our character, desire, passion, commitment, responsibility, among many other qualities that we develop along the way.
I make this reflection because today I would like to plant a seed around a theme that many of us live, but few of us talk about: the grief of the entrepreneur. How? Shyness? Pain? Penalty of what or what?
Recently, a colleague told me that it would be a good idea for me to share my articles published in the chat of the group of entrepreneurs of which we are part. Since although these can be found via Twitter; And that I post them on my social networks, I’m not actually sharing them with my business network in a more direct way. At that point, my first thought was, “I don’t really want to sound self-centered; even though I love my articles ”. However, my real response was, “Okay, I’ll shake it off and start sharing it.”
And voilà, this exchange of words was enough to make me realize, for several days, something extremely important for every entrepreneur. It is essential to publicize our work! And here I want to ask several questions, the same ones that I asked myself during this process: Why do we feel sorry to share our achievements? Why are we ashamed to talk about ourselves? Why are we ashamed to show our work even though we know it is good? And why should they see us as self-centered?
I summarize all this in one sentence: for others to recognize us, and to know us, it is extremely necessary that we first recognize our work ourselves, giving it the dissemination it deserves without prejudice and without fear. And by fear I mean thinking about absurd things like: “And if they don’t like it.” “What if they don’t agree?” “And if they make fun of me.” Let’s see, stop! In real life, not everyone likes us, not everyone agrees with us and people will always have something to say anyway. So why not focus on the positive instead?
Below I share several situations that you can take advantage of to share your work; directly or indirectly, and that will keep you present in people’s minds without feeling self-centered and without embarrassment.
Do you think that digital media is the only channel for your business? Analyze it!
Yes, we have all heard the typical phrase: “If you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist.” But what about the meetings? Did you ever take advantage of that meal in which everyone was talking about business and you, out of shame, preferred not to say anything? I advise you that whenever you have a formal, even informal, commitment, turn your ears and if you see the opportunity to mention an anecdote about your work, talk about it! It is not about talking only about you, only about your business or fed up with others about work issues, no! What I am going to is that it is about making yourself known, that people know what you are up to or what your business is up to. This makes others always keep you in mind. I give you an example:
I am in a business conversation, suddenly one of those present complements his conversation with: “I don’t have enough time either, so I would like someone to be in charge of generating the content for my company’s blog.” The conversation continues, but as I pay attention to that detail, I make it my goal to look for the opportunity to get closer to that person and say: “I identified a lot with what you mentioned about time, I also on many occasions feel that it is not enough for me. But, in your case, I think that the services that my company offers might interest you. Do you think we meet tomorrow to talk? ” And that’s when I opened a door myself to offer one of the services that my company offers; writing content for business blogs.
Now, think about how you could apply this to your business.
Do you have a blog or do you write articles? Post them!
Let my experience serve you as a lesson. If you have a blog with articles about your business or that revolve around your products and / or services, share them! If you write for a newspaper or for several magazines, make your material known; Talk about it, send it via WhatsApp to those people you think will help them in their business and don’t forget to make it known through the great business network, LinkedIn.
Are you learning something new? Share it!
In this age it is essential to be versatile. If you are a writer, you need to learn to use design programs, know how social networks work, learn to take photographs, and so on. If you know how to do something different or are learning to do something to complement your work, let the world know! No, it is not about showing off, it is about knowing those skills that you possess or that characterize your business around you.
Have you ever been asked what you do and you were left blank? Speaks!
It has happened to many of us that as soon as they ask us what we do, we are left in a trance thinking about what to say, how to say it or how to explain it. Please don’t make it look like the mouse got your tongue. These types of opportunities are unique for them to identify you, know well what you do and know what you offer. My suggestion is that you practice a presentation of no more than 40 seconds where you repeat the name of your company, what services or products it offers and, very importantly, the benefits. Practice it until it comes naturally to you and, if necessary, get creative with it to get attention!
In short, do not stay with the desire to make yourself known correctly. Learn to be selective, save energy for those moments when it is really worth communicating. And remember, you never know where the best business opportunities may arise.

Banks Not Approving Many Non-PPP Loans to Small Businesses

Loan approval rates made to small businesses by banks and other lenders have fallen significantly since their peak a year ago. The decline in loan approval rates to small businesses is noted in the latest Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index.
These approval rates refer to non Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. PPP loans are backed by the government, meaning there is little risk involved and banks are more willing to make them. Term loans, or SBA 7(a) loans carry greater risk, and therefore banks are less willing to approve them.

Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index February 2021
In February 2021, small business loan approval percentages increased slightly to 13.3% from 13.2% in January 2021. This contrasts dramatically to the same time last year, when loan approval rates to small businesses from big banks stood at 28.3%.
Biz2Credit has been the leading processor of PPP applications in the United States since mid-January 2021. Its Small Business Lending Index is important as it shows trends in small business borrowing. For small businesses in the US, it provides important insight on the borrowing habits of other businesses, and what type of loans they would be likely to secure based on their own circumstances.
Securing Capital is Challenging for Small Businesses
Many small businesses are still feeling the pinch of the impact of the pandemic but are not eligible for PPP lending. As Biz2Credit CEO Rohit Arora comments:
““Business owners are still hurting, and millions of them are applying for PPP loans. The companies that did not experience 25% decline in revenues are ineligible for the PPP and thus have to apply for more traditional types of funding. Securing capital is a challenge for them at the moment.”
The results of the Index are based on primary data submitted by more than 1,000 small business owners who applied for funding on the Biz2Credit platform.
Credit Union Approval Rates in Decline
Biz2Credit’s report also shows how approval rates made by credit unions have also declined in recent months. A year ago, credit unions approved almost 40% of the applications they received. In February 2021, this figure was at 20.3% and slight fall from January 2021 when credit union approval rates stood at 20.5%.
The figures show the challenges that small businesses requiring funding are currently facing. It highlights the importance for small business owners to acquaint themselves with the funding that is available to them. Being equipped with the right support, resources and funding, small businesses are in a better position to navigate these testing times and overcome hurdles created by the pandemic.
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Tampa Bay Buc Rob Gronkowski Is Launching His Own NFT Collection

The Super Bowl winner is one of several public figures who are hopping on a hot digital trend.
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March 13, 2021 2 min read
Fresh off a Super Bowl victory with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, tight end Rob Gronkowski has launched his own “Championship Series” NFT (non-fungible token) collection in collaboration with artist Black Madre. 
On Thursday, the football player announced via a press release that he wanted to share some of his favorite Super Bowl moments with fans.
Gronkowski has notably won all four of his Super Bowls with fellow teammate and all-time great Tom Brady. The pair won Super Bowls XLIX, LI and LIII as members of the New England Patriots. They also won Super Bowl LV in February after teaming up on the Buccaneers.
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“With the rapid success of NFT’s across platforms like NBA Topshop and Opensea, I wanted to take the business into my own hands and be the first professional athlete to launch my own NFT collection,” Gronkowski explained in a statement. “Now, fans will be able to get a piece of the action and share these iconic Super Bowl moments with me in this all new digital format with my Championship Series NFT.”
Gronkowski is reportedly the first professional U.S. athlete to commission, own and sell his own NFT series. Each of the five cards in the series — which consists of hand-drawn art — has been certified and generated on the Ethereum blockchain. Four of the cards celebrate each of Gronkowski’s Super Bowl wins, while the last card commemorates all four championships.
The cards are currently available on, and the auction will end today at 7 p.m. ET. 
Gronkowski joins a growing list of public figures who have shown an interest in NFTs. Last week, for instance, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put his first-ever tweet up for auction. 

Zoho Teaches You How to Build and Maintain Your List in this Free Webinar

In this continuing series of webinars, Zoho has been addressing an important skill set in today’s digital ecosystem, email marketing. The last webinar looked at ways to perfect your email copywriting skills. This time around Zoho wants you to use those emails to build and maintain your list.
One of the best ways to build and maintain your list is by creating great content, but you need to do more than that. The webinar will teach you to how to build, segment, and nurture your email lists. This will not only improve the level of engagement with your audience but in the long run, it will also keep quality campaign subscribers. Additionally, the webinar will help you better understand General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), avoiding spam filters, and why it is so important to keep your lists clean.
Whether you are a small business owner or an individual running a one-person operation, email marketing is one of the most affordable and reliable types of marketing for the digital age. The reason it is still around after all these years after the introduction of so many other tools is that it simply works. Learn how to master email marketing and you will have a skill set that will serve you well into the future.
You can attend the Email Marketing Basics: Building and Maintaining Your List webinar on March 16, 2021, from 7-8 pm (Eastern). Before you start the session, make sure you have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers on your device.
Click the red button and register now for this free event.

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Email Marketing Basics Webinar: Automating and Monitoring Your ListsMarch 23, 2021, Online
Learn how to create automated email marketing campaigns to streamline your customer acquisition process. Your host Lyra, will also teach you about managing your sender reputation score, as well as key email marketing metrics to track to make sure your emails are performing as well as they can.
WEBINAR: What Business Structure is Right for You?April 28, 2021, Online
Picking a business structure is usually the first big legal decision for a new business owner and one of the most confusing. However confusing, it is an essential step to protecting your personal assets from any liabilities of the company. In this webinar, Nellie Akalp CEO of, will share insight on business entities to help guide you to the best decision for your new venture.
WEBINAR: Best State to IncorporateJuly 28, 2021, Online
Some say Delaware, others say Nevada while someone else may say your home state. What is the best state to register a business in? What if your business is expanding into new territory? At what point should you Foreign Qualify? Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will go in-depth to answer these questions and more in this webinar.
WEBINAR: Steps to Start Your BusinessOctober 20, 2021, Online
Starting a business can be an exhilarating time, where everything seems full of potential and purpose. But navigating the logistics of launching a business can be daunting. In this webinar Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will outline the steps necessary to legally start a business and get up and running on the right foot.
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How to Create Business Momentum

Whether you are starting a business or been at it for a while, one key to success is for your business to find momentum.
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March 13, 2021 5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
One overlooked ingredient to successful organizations and leaders is the ability to create and sustain momentum. Businesses and leaders need to both acquire and maintain momentum to grow revenues and enhance market penetration. J.C. Larreche, a professor of marketing at the graduate business school INSEAD, answers that question in his book, The Momentum Effect: How to Ignite Exceptional Growth. According to the author’s research, “momentum-powered firms delivered 80% more shareholder value than their slower rivals,” he writes. “Momentum leaders are not lucky — they are smart. They have discovered the source of momentum and, with it, the beginnings of a smarter way to exceptional growth.”
The momentum model for business success
Momentum is key to any business’s success and can often be elusive, which is why it is so important to know how to build a momentum model. 
A momentum model 
Step 1: Find Your Message. Clarity is king in building momentum. When the leader becomes clear, everything and everyone in the business becomes clear. A company should be able to state the message of their company in four words or less. The right words produce momentum.  
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Becoming clear about what you do and how you do it is a step to building clarity. Clarity produces momentum. Clarity can often be a differentiator in the market, which will lead to increased market share. Every successful business has an important message. The differentiator between successful companies and average ones is that successful companies know their message and stick to it. 
Step 2: Share Your Message. Once a message is chosen, finding people who will carry the message is essential. Loyal followers make a bold and courageous decision to engage and embrace the message to take it to the market field. 
Find the right distribution channel or channels to be effective with energy and resources. Many companies make the mistake of looking for customers or businesses where their customers don’t exist. Marketing alone will never produce results. Marketing to the right leads with the right message always will produce results. 
Step 3: Connect Your Message.  An essential step in building a momentum model is to get buy-in from the team and customers about the company’s message so that they start sharing your message to their networks. Buy-in from others produces momentum. A company working to Well Done will consider how they can attract others to their product and services. 
Loyalty to a message is not always easy. Changing a message is often easy but is often the worse thing that a company that seeks to build momentum can do. It is through difficult times that an authentic and transformational message can be developed. In difficulty, leaders discover the authenticity of the message. 
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The more people you get to carry your message, the more likely they will carry your message. Successful businesses seek to partner with customers, vendors, and team members to enhance their organization’s message so that they have a better possibility to make a market Impact. 
Step 4: Expand Your Message. When a company’s message can be repeated and shared with others, it builds a spirit of momentum to success. This fact is why connecting your message with your customer is critical to the success of your company. When many people begin to communicate about a product, service, or company, those things start to build increased value and brand recognition. 
Step 5: Replicate Your Message. When a company can replicate its message through the power of referrals, that company will expand and build momentum. Many companies never consider how to reward their current customers when they help a company find their next customers. Every company should have a proven referral process to encourage and reward customer advocates who help share their brand and message with others.
Step 6: Improve Your Message. New customers provide new opportunities. The right team always helps to build a better message and better momentum.  Never stop improving your message in the marketplace. Companies that stay current with their message attract new customers that have not resonated with the past message. Don’t be afraid to reinvent your message when you discover a more impactful message. 
Whether you are starting a business or starting your company again, your business’s key to success is to find momentum. Any business can build momentum, and the best companies will do everything within their power to build their momentum. Follow the steps outlined in this article, and you will be on your way to discovering your momentum and building your business. 

Mentoring, key to the growth of women in business

March 13, 2021 6 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
An exemplary woman brings great satisfactions. This is demonstrated by the study When women lead, firms win by Standard & Poor’s. Well, when women lead, companies earn up to $ 1.8 billion worldwide.
And although only 39% of companies in Mexico have been founded by women, according to the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico ( ASEM ), their businesses are precisely more profitable than those run by men, according to the report Women Entrepreneurs: an unexplored investment opportunity , from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
The IDB notes that women entrepreneurs in Latin America receive up to 50% less investment, and their companies achieve income up to 20% higher than companies founded by men. However, women are the ones who have been most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A clear example is that as daycare services, schools and other services continue to be closed, they have to work more and are not paid; and because they do not have time available, they cannot grow their businesses.
But they well say that “there is a time for everything.” Therefore, we invite you to the webinar organized by Entrepreneur and Mastercard called Woman 4.0, forming alliances and leadership with a cause , where four successful women will be the speakers: Silvina Moschini, CEO of SheWorks! and TransparentBusiness, Marcela Carrasco, president of the Andean Division of Mastercard, Gabriela Lucke, director of INCAE’s Collaborative Center and Female Leadership, and Claudia Corona, founder of Impronta Verde and Co-Leader of the 30% Club.
Technology will be the protagonist of this webinar that will take place on March 17 at 3:00 pm ( Mexico City time) through the Entrepreneur networks in Spanish .
Technology became the balm in the pandemic, as it has prevented an economic and social collapse. Thanks to it, companies were able to operate remotely. Therefore, today more than ever it is essential to invest in technological tools for your business to succeed. The goal is to produce more, better and in less time.
In the technology sector, women are the ones who have the greatest challenges when undertaking entrepreneurship. Since 2010, only 43% of tech startups founded by a woman have been funded, according to Endeavor, an organization that promotes high-impact entrepreneurs.
Good advice is the way to success
One of the speakers at the Mujer 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause , is Claudia Corona, passionate about innovation in the food and agriculture sector. She is the founder of Impronta Verde , a consultancy that promotes disruptive solutions to reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. Before starting he worked for more than 20 years in global banks; and in leading multinational companies such as Comex and ECOM Group.
Claudia Corona knows that good advice is the way to success; Therefore, she has had mentors who have helped her understand different perspectives, languages and different ways of solving situations. “The harshest comments I have received have been from women trying to fit into a masculine milieu. I think they judged with more severe criteria than men because they had to open a gap for others ”, shares Claudia Corona, founder of Impronta Verde and Co-Leader of the 30% Club for Entrepreneur in Spanish.
Her fight for equality changed when she decided to become a mother, especially since flexible hours weren’t common 13 years ago. “I had to work overtime and show undeniable results. I feel very proud of having made it possible for others to have access to my same work scheme ”.
Art: Entrepreneur
Claudia Corona is very good at negotiating, so we ask her for her best tips for our Entrepreneur reader:
Knowing your personality is vital. To know how to act and connect with people. To do this, you must develop empathy and humility.
Set points of agreement and disagreement diplomatically . To achieve this you must have confidence in yourself and use your voice to say what is valid and what is not negotiable.
Know how to listen and read body language . It helps a lot to understand the reactions of the other person to generate a dynamic that helps you achieve your goal.
Profiling very well the person with whom you are going to negotiate . To find common and different points that are very useful for dialogue when conversations get tense. Take a breath when the conversation stalls.
Be up to date on various topics. Sometimes it helps to connect in multiple situations, especially, to know habits and customs in other countries.
Attend to the details . You have to see the whole forest, but in the details you discover definitive turning points for forging long-term relationships.
And how to detect opportunities in adverse environments? The best advice from this entrepreneur is to know the trends and the environment. Stay alert to needs and look for ways to innovate because this makes the opportunities stand out.
Finally, for the woman who aspires to the top management of a company, she recommends: be curious, be willing to experiment, learn and adapt in short terms. Having resilience and tenacity is crucial to knowing how to get up after failure and learn from it.
Learn more about the subject and learn how to boost your leadership in the webinar: Woman 4.0, forming alliances and leadership with a cause .   We are waiting for you on March 17 at 3:00 pm (Mexico City time) in the Entrepreneur Networks in Spanish

10 Ways to Shake Up a Stale Small Business Marketing Strategy

If you have a small business, there’s a good chance you have some kind of marketing plan. But what happens if that plan isn’t getting the results you want? It may be time to shake things up with new tactics, trends, and platforms. Here are tips for exploring existing marketing concepts in new ways from members of the online small business community.

Learn the Ins and Outs of SMS Marketing
Most people send and receive text messages daily. So it makes sense for some businesses to use this channel for marketing. If you’re new to this concept, read this guide by Michal Leszczynski on the GetResponse blog for some insights.
Track the Trends of Social Marketing
Social marketing is constantly changing. So it’s important to keep up with relevant trends that may impact your strategy. In this Social Media Examiner post, Michael Stelzner goes over the future of social marketing and details how to track trends.
Create Buzz Marketing for Your Business
You’ve likely heard the term “buzz” as it relates to marketing before. But what exactly does this concept mean and how can you intentionally create it? Moss Clement shares thoughts in this Rocks Digital post. And the BizSugar community included further conversation about the topic here.
Discover How People Find Your Business
If you want to step up your marketing efforts, you need to start by figuring out what’s working currently. Looking at how people have found your business can give you some valuable insights. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land offers tips in this post.
Take Branding Lessons from Top Food and Beverage Companies
Branding is an essential part of marketing a business, since it spans all your marketing channels. Before you create a comprehensive branding plan, it may help to seek inspiration from other companies. This Crowdspring post by Katie Lundin features examples from the food and beverage industry.
Find Keywords Everywhere
SEO is an essential part of modern marketing. And keywords are an essential part of SEO. Some businesses struggle to find the right keywords early on. But it’s not hard if you know where to look. Neil Patel shares tips on how to find them everywhere in this post.
Keep Your SEO Efforts Focused
Since SEO is so essential for businesses, some companies think they can speed things along by hiring more than one expert. However, this route has many drawbacks and few benefits. Amanda DiSilvestro dives into the conversation in this Noobpreneur post.
Use Social Media Video in Your Marketing Campaigns
There are tons of different types of social media posts. But video is quickly becoming one of the most effective. If you have yet to use this format on social, Anthony Gaenzle explains why you should in this Moss Media post. BizSugar members also offered comments on the post here.
Create Conversational Content
Content marketing can be a major benefit as you work to form relationships with customers online. If you’re struggling to find a writing style that works for you, try conversational content. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Darek Black argues that you should write how you talk.
Get More Conversions on Your Landing Page
A landing page is a perfect tool for converting specific types of customers. But if you’re not seeing the rates you’d like, it may be time for a change. Here’s more on how to improve conversion rates from Srushti Shah of Pixel Productions.
If you’d like to suggest your favorite small business content to be considered for an upcoming community roundup, please send your news tips to:
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Pretty Ocean Wall Art Printables For You


Anyone else, besides me, ready for some sun and sand?!?!
With these printables, you will totally be in “beach mode” no matter where you are or what time of year it is!
Download these pretty ocean wall art printables FREE today!

Pretty Ocean Wall Art Printables For You
There is nothing more relaxing than soaking up the summer sunshine, feeling the ocean breeze on your face, and hearing the sounds of the waves crashing… I may have actually dozed off there! haha.
These beautiful ocean-inspired printables are the perfect accessory to add to your home. These DIY downloadable prints look beautiful on the walls in any room including bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. They offer such a calm and serene look and feel, something that is perfect for your home!
You’ll get some chic and cute décor with these fun beachy phrases, and beautifully illustrated designs (two of which are actual photographs of a trip I took to the beach. Talk about realistic)! 🙂
There is also a Scripture-based one too, Psalm 107:29, perfect for offering encouragement and keeping your focus when the “storm” around you seems to be roaring its ugly head!

Download the Psalm 107:29 verse ocean wall art printable here.

Download the salty vibes ocean printable wall art here.

Download the beach town ocean coastal wall art printable here.

Download the mermaid ocean wall art printable here.

Download the heart beach black and white life quotes wall art printable here.

Creative Ways To Use These Printables:
Need some beachy inspiration on how to use these wall decor art printables? Take a look at these ideas!
Be Inspired to Redecorate
Have you been wanting to make any changes to your home décor? Maybe freshen it up a little?
These free printable art templates are perfect to help achieve that!
Do a fresh coat of paint, some new throw pillows, these printables and then wa-la! You’ve got a fresh new feel in your home, without spending very much money!
You can even space this out as you save up each month. Start with these FREE printables to hang up! 🙂
Then, one month do the paint, then add in some throw pillows here and there when you can, new bedding, etc. It doesn’t have to be all at once!
Create A Themed Room With These Free Downloadable Posters
Maybe you’re not feeling redecorating the whole house, which is definitely understandable! Start smaller by choosing different rooms for a mini makeover, using these printables as inspiration. 
You could add a fresh coat of paint to the bathroom, as well as some new hand towels and a shower curtain! Then hang up one of these cute beach printables! I’d personally recommend the mermaid or salty vibes. 🙂
You could do this for a bedroom, office, kitchen, living room, any room you want to give a little more love to!
Make A Vacation Picture Collage
Remember that trip to the beach last year where you took those gorgeous family photos at sunset? Print those pics out and use any of these printables to make a fun vacation picture collage!
Here’s some cool (and free) ocean pictures for collages, and you can easily create a beautiful feature wall in your living room. 🙂
I hope these ocean wall art printables give you all the beach feels and brings a little calmness to your lives!


10 of Today's Top Side Hustles for Creatives That Pay up to $150 Per Hour

March 13, 2021 5 min read
Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.
More than 57 million Americans participated in side hustles last year, a trend that is only growing as wage stagnation has persisted and the income gap has grown. Unsurprisingly, working more has helped many Americans find more financial independence and comfort. Today, starting a side hustle is easy if you have an employable skill-set. Check out some of these courses that can help you get into some of today’s most popular and most lucrative side hustles.
We’ve complied ten trending side hustles for creatives with their respecrtive hourly rate ranges for U.S.-based freelancers on Upwork. 
1. Copywriter – $35-$60/hr
Copywriters do everything. From social media and digital ads to blog posts and emails, copywriters are essential elements of any marketing campaign. Learn how to write with the best of them in The Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle. This modern training will teach you how to write for every popular marketing channel today.
Get The Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle for $24.99 (Reg. $1,000).
2. Sound Designer – $30-$60/hr
Sound designers can find great work at event venues, working for podcasts, and many more opportunities. They’re essential to a new age of audio marketing and you can learn how to become one in The Complete Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Bundle. You’ll get familiar with one of today’s top digital audio workstations.
Get The Complete Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Bundle for $35.99 (Reg. $1,600).
3. Logo Designer – $39-$70/hr
Think of some of today’s most recognizable brands. What do they all have in common? An awesome, memorable logo. That’s why logo designers are always in demand. The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator’s Guidebook Certification Bundle will get you up to speed with Adobe Illustrator, teaching you how to craft amazing digital designs in minutes.
Get The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator’s Guidebook Certification Bundle for $34.99 (Reg. $1,447).
4. Photo Retoucher – $35-$100/hr
Photo retouchers are crucial to marketing teams, as they clean up design assets and make them look as nice as possible. They’re also valuable assistants to professional photographers. In The Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Training Bundle, you’ll learn how to use Lightroom to retouch photos seamlessly and develop an efficient workflow.
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You May Have More Business Credit Leverage Than You Think

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If money makes the world go ‘round, it is rotating on an axis of credit. In business-speak, the best founders think of credit as an investment within themselves. Rather than going to the bank for a loan or seeking out angel investors, tens of thousands of dollars in capital can be accessed via credit cards. That is, if your credit report signals to the credit card companies that you can, indeed, invest this money wisely and pay them back. 
But, what if credit reports aren’t always accurate? We tend to think that they must be, and just assume that when we’re given a credit limit, it must be based on something factual and fair across the board. That actually may not be true. Arnita Johnson-Hall is a millennial credit coach and consumer credit advocate whose blog, Luxurious Credit, has been helping women truly understand their credit. And this is imperative, as, according to CBS News, “79% of all credit reports contain errors, and 25% of those errors cause a consumer to be denied credit.” 
At a time when entrepreneurs need more financial leeway than ever, knowing how to analyze your credit report, scan for errors, and access more credit can be life or death for your business. Johnson-Hall has been helping women dispute the inaccuracies in their credit reports for almost a decade – here are her tips.

You May Have More Business Credit Leverage Than You Think | Stephanie Burns
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How To Analyze Your Credit Report 
Johnson-Hall says the first and most important step to understanding your credit is to know how to analyze a credit report. “Actually understanding your credit report can mean the difference between fair and great credit,” she explained. “It’s only when you have a precise understanding of where you stand with your lenders, guarantors, and creditors that you can truly see what your current credit circumstances are and how to improve them.” 
To do this? Get a credit report and actually go through it with a fine tooth comb. “I always tell clients and women to stop taking the report for face value or just as fact. Just because it’s a report from a trusted credit company doesn’t mean it’s fully accurate.” 

Johnson-Hall said that the major credit companies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) all share the same information in the credit reports, but in slightly different formats. “What’s important to know is that these credit reports are exactly what companies or creditors see when they run your credit,” she explained. “Assessing the accuracy of everything is important,  but specifically look for the following.” 
Safescan alerts. “This is how you know whether or not you’ve been a victim of identity fraud,” Johnson-Hall explained. “The report runs across your social-security number to see if it’s been used or associated with another other person, dead or living.” 
The profile summary. “This contains pertinent information such as your highest and lowest credit limits, how many accounts you have open (including foreign bureau accounts), and the existence of all public records.” 
Inquiry alert, which is how many inquiries have been made for credit applications or excessive rent inquiries. 
Tradelines, which is where details about your credit accounts will be. This can include such as account numbers, terms of agreement, credit limit, balance owed, 24 month history, delinquencies, and more.
“Assess everything on the credit report, and look for anything that isn’t factual,” Johnson-Hall urges. “It’s imperative that every lender who sees your report actually gets an accurate picture of your credit history.” 

Improving Your Credit
Johnson-Hall added that one major way to improve your credit report is to add a consumer statement to it. “This is where you can share your side of the story, or add color to certain sections,” she explained. “For example, maybe there was an extenuating circumstance for a past delinquency, but it was many years ago and you’ve worked through it.” 
Beyond that, sometimes your credit needs an overhaul if it’s not quite where you want it. “Much of improving credit comes down to habits, such as living with your means and paying bills promptly,” Johnson-Hall explained. “I’ve found that many of the women I work with don’t mean to be late on their bills, but have a habit of setting them aside when they receive them, then forgetting to pay them.”
For this reason, having bills on auto-pay or paying them immediately can help to resuscitate a credit score. She also recommends decluttering and simplifying your entire financial practice. “Opt in for electronic bills instead of paper bills, and organize all of this expense information on apps or online resources. Apps like NeatDesk or NeatReceipts are great ways to save paper receipts without having a pile of them on your desk or scattered around your house. Log them right after you get back from dinner or shopping, so that you don’t forget or lose them. 
“Additionally, create a routine of looking through your expenses every week to see where the money is really going. Also, consider putting a large chunk of your income into saving to resist the temptation to spend just for spending sake. There’s a tendency to see that there’s disposable money, then start thinking what you can spend it on. Eliminate this tendency as much as possible so you always have more than enough for your bills.” 
Building credit leverage is a two-pronged strategy: ensuring that your current credit report is accurate, and doing your part to increase your credit, one small financial habit at a time.