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Best Stocks To Buy Now? 4 Cyclical Stocks To Consider

17, 2021

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Are These The Best Cyclical Stocks To Buy This Upcoming Week?

While investors think about what stocks to invest in right now, cyclical stocks could come to mind. After all, as most seasoned investors would know, cyclicals often follow the flow of the economy. By extension, while the economy recovers amidst accelerating vaccination efforts and stimulus aid, cyclical stocks could follow suit. While we’re on the topic of stimulus aid, CNBC reported on news regarding potential additional stimulus coming down the pipeline. Namely, 21 Democratic senators recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden, urging him to include recurring direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance extensions to his current economic plans. No doubt, all this would have investors looking towards the top cyclical stocks on the stock market now.

Nevertheless, top names in the industry such as Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) would be in the spotlight now. Sure, both of their core businesses may have been hit hard at the onslaught of the pandemic. However, the duo is likely to see a surge in business in a post-pandemic world, given their tourism operations. In fact, both companies’ shares continue rising towards new heights right now. Having read this far, you might be interested to add a few cyclical stocks to your portfolio this week. If you are, here are four names to pay attention to in the stock market today.

Top Cyclical Stocks To Watch In April 2021

General Electric

Starting us off is General Electric (GE). For starters, the company’s core operations firmly position GE stock as a cyclical economic reopening play. This would likely be the case seeing as GE has divisions in the aviation, energy, and manufacturing markets among others. For the most part, all these divisions would benefit from the economy rebounding. Not to mention, President Joe Biden’s recent $2 trillion infrastructure plan could also give GE’s businesses a boost across the board. All this would help explain why GE stock is currently looking at gains of over 110% in the past year. Could this uptrend continue?

Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Well, if anything, the company has been hard at work innovating and streamlining operations. Just last month, GE closed a deal with the world’s largest aircraft leasing company AerCap (NYSE: AER). Through this massive deal, GE combined its GE Capital Aviation Services financing arm with AerCap. As a result, GE gained $24 billion in cash which would help reduce its current debt.

On top of that, GE’s healthcare research arm is currently developing COVID-19 detecting tech for mobile devices. Through the April 8 announcement, it was revealed that GE Research was awarded a 24-month National Institute of Health grant. All things considered, GE appears to be kicking into high gear now. Would you consider GE stock worth watching because of this?

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Another top cyclical stock to watch now would be that of the Boeing Company. For the uninitiated, Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and is also a leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners. Through its operations, Boeing supports commercial and government customers across 150 countries. For investors looking to bet on the post-pandemic tourism boom, BA stock would make for a solid pick-and-shovel play.  As it stands, the company’s shares are still trading below pre-pandemic levels. Could now be the time to invest in it? Investors may be leaning towards a yes given Boeing’s latest announcements.

Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Earlier this week, the company announced its aircraft sales figures. From the looks of things, demand for Boeing’s flagship aircraft seems to be flying high. Particularly, the company’s March aircraft sales outpaced cancellations for the second month in a row. In terms of gross orders for the quarter, Boeing is on track to deliver almost 200 of its top-of-the-line 737 Max aircraft to clients. Notably, 100 of those plane sales are to Southwest Airlines.

Moreover, Boeing recently projected that global and diversified funding will provide sufficient capital for the aviation finance sector moving forward. While the company appears to be gearing up for post-pandemic operations, will you be adding BA stock to your watchlist?

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Carnival Cruise Line

Following that, another group of cyclicals to watch now would be cruise line stocks. Among the top names in the cruise line industry would be the Carnival Cruise Line. In short, it is one of the largest cruise line operators across the globe. Like most of its peers in the cruise business, Carnival is eagerly awaiting the time when cruises can set sail again. Admittedly, it would not surprise me to see consumers and investors alike sharing the same sentiment. On one hand, there has been pent-up demand for Carnival’s services. This is evident as the company’s cumulative advanced 2022 bookings have already exceeded pre-pandemic levels. On the other hand, investors continue to snap up CCL stock which is up by over 30% year-to-date.

Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Furthermore, Carnival continues to bolster its offerings in anticipation of waves of tourists. Just this week, the company announced new traveler package upgrades and additional cruises in Greece. Firstly, Carnival’s Holland America Line unveiled a new ‘Have It All’ premium package for customers. The lucrative package includes shore excursions, specialty dining, and other premium bonuses under one base cruise fare.

Secondly, the company’s AIDA Cruises division is now offering new cruises in Greece from May to October. Not only is Carnival improving its operations, but it is also in discussions with the White House’s COVID-19 response team on resuming sails. Given all of this, will you be watching CCL stock?

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Uber Technologies Inc.

Topping off our list today is Uber Technologies Inc. While many companies were impacted by the pandemic, few were hit as hard as Uber. Indeed, the biggest ride-hailing company in the world was placed in a bad position when consumers stopped going out. However, over a year later, general investor sentiment regarding Uber has improved dramatically. Accordingly, this would be the case as consumers feel more comfortable leaving their homes, thanks to widespread vaccine rollout. If that wasn’t enough, the company would also be able to leverage its major investments in food delivery moving forward. The likes of which have helped Uber stay afloat throughout the current pandemic. Could UBER stock have more room to run because of all this?

Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Well, we might get a clearer picture from its recent announcements. To begin with, Uber’s mobility unit appears to be gaining momentum. On Monday, the company’s ride-hailing business posted its best month since March 2020 in terms of gross bookings. At the same time, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also mentioned that Uber is keen to get into the cannabis delivery market. In a CNBC interview on Monday, Khosrowshahi said “When the road is clear for cannabis when federal laws come into play, we’re absolutely going to take a look at it.” To this end, could we be looking at the beginning of exciting times for UBER stock? You tell me.

Today is Malbec World Day. This is how it is celebrated in Mexico

Wines of Argentina celebrates the eleventh edition of Malbec World Day with a Mexico online store. The festivities run from April 15 to May 15.

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17, 2021

3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This April 17 Malbec World Day is celebrated, an initiative that seeks to promote Argentine Malbec around the world, through a celebration that pays tribute to the flagship vine of said South American country. Impulsed byWines of Argentina (WofA) and with the support of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Mexico, Malbec World Day (MWD) has been celebrated for 11 years with the spirit of sharing Argentine culture and identity with the world through the most outstanding wines of that nation, so that the glasses from all over the world are always accompanied by wines that reflect the diversity of Argentine terroirs and the warmth of the hands that create them. Origins of the celebration Malbec World Day celebrates the date on which the first Quinta Normal de Agricultura of the gaucho country was founded (April 17, 1853) and that it adopted French vines in the lands of Mendoza, thus marking the beginning of Argentine viticulture. 75% of Malbec worldwide is produced in Argentina, which in 2020 alone produced 106 million liters that reflect the richness of the terroirs , as well as the wine culture and personality of this country. Argentine Malbec is characterized by its silkiness in the mouth and noble flavors, simply delicious and ideal for any moment, from an elegant dinner, to a meeting by the light of the campfire in a canteen, these Malbecs are uncomplicated. For greater digital presence Every April Wines of Argentina organizes a series of actions in the main export markets, to which are added events coordinated by Argentine representations abroad and numerous independent initiatives. Depending on the context generated by COVID-19, and in line with a shift in WofA’s strategy towards digitization, this year the MWD will seek to mark the presence of Argentine Malbec in digital ecosystems with much greater force. It is for this reason and for wine enthusiasts to know the wide variety of labels offered by the 45,657 hectares cultivated of Malbec in Argentina that they launch the online store . The e-commerce will offer 55 Argentine wine brands from 17 wineries: Altavista Winery Catena Zapata Winery Luigi Bosca Winery – Arizu Family Navarro Correas Winery Norton Winery Bodegas Bianchi Bodegas La Rosa Salentein wineries El Esteco Winery Schroeder Family Winery Finca Las Moras Kaiken Winery La Rural / Rutini Wines Lagarde winery Montañas de Uco Winery Susana Balbo Wines Trapiche Winery Buyers will enjoy the wide variety of labels and will obtain different promotions, as well as the opportunity to participate in activities related to the celebration of Malbec World Day, such as virtual tastings that can be accessed by purchasing a Kit of three Malbecs. The Malbec festivities will run from April 15 to May 15.

How To Cultivate A Productive Startup Culture Since Day One

What is culture?
Culture is an implicit hierarchy of values that informs team members and employees how to behave.

Good, productive behavior supports a great business in the long run, and bad, destructive behavior can easily ruin a company.
It might seem like a luxury to think about culture at the early startup stages, but this is the best time to build it.
Building company culture is very similar to raising a child. The later you try to instill the right values, the more difficult it is because your influence is weaker.
If you teach your child the right values early in life, you can expect them to make the right decisions later in life without your direct involvement.

Similarly, if you make sure that your founding team and first employees have adopted a productive company culture, they will undoubtedly transfer these values directly to your later hires, ensuring a productive company culture is preserved as the company grows.

Your early team is the cultural DNA of your company, and since they will be heavily involved in hiring and training, good or bad behavior propagates, and once the domino effect has started it’s extremely difficult to stop it.

What You Can Do To Build A Good Culture

Be conscious of the value you are contributing to society. Let your teammates understand the importance of the problem you are solving. This gives your team purpose and more importantly – a long-term vision. A sense of meaning and importance helps a great deal to get you through the tough times.
Explicitly state the values you want to adhere to – make a list. Don’t hire people that don’t seem to fit those values. If you want a playful, creative atmosphere, hire open and creative people rather than orderly bureaucrats. Create a hiring and onboarding process to make sure the people that join your team fit your culture.
Most importantly – lead by example and don’t betray your values. If you say that all team members are a family and supporting each other is important, don’t cut employees as the first means for cost reduction when the times get tough. If you want to inspire hard work, make sure you are not slacking yourself. If you don’t stick to your values, why should your employees do so?

Leading by example is the most vital step because your list of values is unlikely to be exhaustive and informative in all possible situations your employees will find themselves in, especially as your startup grows and you start delegating key responsibilities to your team.
Each living person is a living embodiment of a value hierarchy, and the leaders have a direct influence on the people that follow them. Even if the values are not explicitly stated, most people would intuitively understand what the correct behaviors are by watching the leaders (and the people around them) work.
For that reason, make sure that you personify the culture you want to instill in the company.
What Values Should You Strive For?
This is the hardest question for two reasons.
First, this is very case-specific and what works for one team in one market might not work for another.
Second, some values are non-compatible. For example, how do you deal with risk? You cannot be innovative while at the same time being risk-averse.
You cannot expect your employees to come up with creative solutions to new problems if at the same time you punish them for the risk and inefficiencies implied in walking off the beaten path.
Which one is more valuable to you as a person and as a company? There are costs and benefits to both values, and your environment would inform you best which the correct choice is.
If you need to benefit from both approaches (and you might once your company grows), make sure to create an environment in which they can co-exist, which usually means instilling different values in your different teams and departments.
In summary, in order to build a productive startup culture, the most important things are:

To start early.
To choose the right values.
To lead by example and become the living embodiment of said values.

Webinar Asks: At What Point Should You Foreign Qualify?

Whether you are just starting your business or expanding, at what point should you foreign qualify? Similarly, what are the best states to incorporate. These are some very important questions in the entrepreneurial journey of a business person. And these are some of the questions the webinar, Best State to Incorporate will be answering.Nellie Akalp, CEO of and Anita Campbell, Founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, are going to be hosting the webinar and bringing their many decades of experience to answer issues related to location for entrepreneurs. So, what is  Foreign Qualification? It is the act of registering your business with the secretary of state office of another state. This allows your company to legally pursue growth opportunities across state borders without incorporating a new business entity.Some of the other learning objectives Akalp and Campbell will be discussing include: why Delaware, Nevada and others are ‘popular’ states with entrepreneurs, what state option most business owners should choose, discover questions to help identify when a business must foreign qualify, and others.The webinar is going on July 28, 2021, 2 p.m. (EDT). Click the red button and register now for this free webinar to learn more about the value of incorporating in a particular state.Register NowFeatured Events, Contests and AwardsWEBINAR: What Business Structure is Right for You?June 17, 2021, OnlinePicking a business structure is usually the first big legal decision for a new business owner and one of the most confusing. However confusing, it is an essential step to protecting your personal assets from any liabilities of the company. In this webinar, Nellie Akalp CEO of, will share insight on business entities to help guide you to the best decision for your new venture.WEBINAR: Best State to IncorporateJuly 28, 2021, OnlineSome say Delaware, others say Nevada while someone else may say your home state. What is the best state to register a business in? What if your business is expanding into new territory? At what point should you Foreign Qualify? Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will go in-depth to answer these questions and more in this webinar.WEBINAR: Steps to Start Your BusinessOctober 20, 2021, OnlineStarting a business can be an exhilarating time, where everything seems full of potential and purpose. But navigating the logistics of launching a business can be daunting. In this webinar Nellie Akalp, CEO of, will outline the steps necessary to legally start a business and get up and running on the right foot.More EventsThe GatheringApril 19, 2021, OnlineDigiMarCon Mid-Atlantic 2021 – Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference & ExhibitionApril 26, 2021, Philadelphia, PA2nd SPAC Opportunity SummitApril 27, 2021, OnlinePodcast Sprint: Start a New Podcast in Two WeeksApril 27, 2021, OnlineDigiMarCon At Home 2021 – Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, OnlineOttawa Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, Ottawa, ONAustin Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, OnlineBaltimore Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, Baltimore, MDTampa Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, FloridaPittsburgh Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, Pittsburgh, PASan Antonio Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, San Antonio, TXCalgary Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, Calgary, ABMemphis Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, OnlineSacramento Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, California City, CASan Jose Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, San Jose, CARaleigh Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, OnlineLouisville Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, OnlineFort Worth Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, OnlineOklahoma City Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising ConferenceApril 28, 2021, OnlineAMA BrandSmart 2021April 28, 2021, OnlineMore ContestsThis weekly listing of small business events, contests and awards is provided as a community service by Small Business Trends.You can see a full list of events, contest and award listings or post your own events by visiting the Small Business Events Calendar.Image: Depositphotos

10 Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation with Reviews, Blogging, and Social Media

As a small business, your reputation is everything. So many customers today look online to find out more about the companies they work with. So managing your reputation on these platforms is essential. Here are tips from members of the online small business community for using content marketing to improve your online reputation.Manage Your Reviews with New Google My Business ToolsOnline reviews can make a huge difference in your online reputation. And Google My Business is one of the most important platforms for this purpose. They just released new options for businesses. Here’s a rundown of the features from Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land.Find the Best WordPress Plugins for PodcastingIf podcasting is part of your business plan, you need multiple ways to share your content. Since so many business sites are hosted by WordPress, plugins can be a valuable asset. Here are some of the top plugins for podcasting, shared by Lindsay Liedke of Blogging Wizard. Once you read the post, head to BizSugar to see what community members are gdiscussing.Get Started with VloggingLots of businesses already use blogging as part of their larger communication strategy. But vlogging can help you take your content a step further. In this GetResponse post, Victor Ijidola explores the steps needed to get started.Improve Your Livestreams with These Expert TipsLivestreaming can be an incredibly powerful way to reach an audience in real time. If you’ve never done a livestream before, consider learning from the experts. This Content Marketing Institute post by Stephanie Stahl includes insights from business owners who livestream regularly.Use Clubhouse to Grow Your ReputationClubhouse is a relatively new social media platform. But it could benefit certain business owners to become early adopters. In this Social Media Examiner post, Andrea Smith details how using Clubhouse may impact your online reputation.Consider Selling Digital Products and Courses OnlineNot all the content you create for your business has to be free. You can create educational materials that you eventually sell and use as a revenue stream. In this 99signals post, Sandeep Mallya reviews one tool you can use for this purpose. And BizSugar members discussed it in more detail here.Learn the Difference Between Testimonials, Reviews, and RecommendationsInsights that come straight from your customers can provide valuable social proof to potential new buyers. But there are different types of feedback available. Understanding the differences may help you improve your reputation even more. Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers elaborates here.Dominate Local Search ResultsFor local businesses, online search is often where new customers first interact with your brand. So your ability to get found can make a major impact on your reputation and your bottom line. To dominate local search results, read the tips by Gary Shouldis in this 3Bug Media post.Build an Effective Instagram PresenceInstagram is one of the top social media platforms for today’s businesses. So building an effective presence may help you more effectively communicate with customers. For tips in this area, check out this MyBlogU post by Ann Smarty.Streamline Your Marketing with These Social Media ToolsWith so many social platforms available to businesses, managing them can be quite time consuming. Luckily, there are tools that can help. Neil Patel lays out 25 of the top options in this blog post.If you’d like to suggest your favorite small business content to be considered for an upcoming community roundup, please send your news tips to: Depositphotos

Packing for Summer Vacation Has Never Been Easier With This Closet Baggage Organizer

You’ve earned this vacation. Take even more stress out of it.

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17, 2021

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As the world slowly opens back up after the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody has summer vacation on the brain. No matter where you’re going this year, it’s important to reduce your stress as much as possible. That means no more freaking out about how to pack as efficiently as possible – you don’t want to deal with the hassle of everything you own getting mixed together in your suitcase. We’ve already solved the problem for you. Just get the Carry On Closet Baggage Organizer.Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, this baggage organizer fits neatly into your suitcase to make packing an absolute breeze. It’s equipped with three shelves to organize your clothes and has a separate zippered laundry compartment to keep your clean clothes and dirty clothes separate. Pack your clothes on the shelves, place it in your carry-on bag, zip it up, and you’re ready to fly.Once you’re at your destination, unpacking is even easier. Just remove the organizer from your bag and hang it in your hotel room closet. The sturdy polyester fabric can hold up to 50lbs easily and the organizer is just big enough to keep everything at eye level. Plus, the organizer keeps your clothes wrinkle-free so if you have to rush to a meeting after arrival, you’ll still look your best.Take the stress out of packing for all of your summer trips. Normally $199, you can get the Carry On Closet Baggage Organizer for 79 percent off at just $39.99 today.Prices subject to change.

10 Healthy Ways to Blow Off Steam and Alleviate Stress

17, 2021

4 min read

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

Work is tough. Especially for entrepreneurs who often carry extreme levels of responsibility and must make hundreds of difficult decisions every day. After a tough day, you might just want to blow off some steam at home, and we’re making that easier for you to do. We’ve rounded up ten great things to help you blow off steam after a difficult day.

Ligament Stretching Yoga Support Strap

Image credit:
Electric Avenue

Sometimes the best way to deal with a tough day is just to go through a relaxing yoga routine. With this strap, you’ll get even deeper stretches and get more into your body so you can separate from the anxieties of your day-to-day.

Get the Ligament Stretching Yoga Support Strap for $19.99 (Reg. $39), a savings of 49%.

Costway Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Image credit:

Pull ups are a great way to blow off steam while building stronger shoulders and arms. Set this bar up on any wall and start pumping. Before you know it, you’ll forget why you were even frustrated in the first place.

Get the Costway Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar for $42.99 (Reg. $89), a savings of 52%.

Actigun: Percussion Massager

Image credit:

Tense? Relieve tension, aches, and pains that build up from stressful work-days or tough workouts with this handheld massage gun. It has an integrated smart chip that actually reacts to your muscles to dispense the perfect amount of pressure.

Get the Actigun: Percussion Massager for $54.99 (Reg. $199), a savings of 72%.

ABLE: Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment

Image credit:
Fitness Hardware

If you’ve ever done a plank, you know just how much stronger you can become by working with just your bodyweight. ABLE goes above and beyond, helping you get extreme bodyweight workouts by positioning yourself in unique ways.

Get the ABLE: Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment for $84.99 (Reg. $109), a savings of 22%.

TorroBand: Powerful Resistance Band Trainer

Image credit:

The weather is getting nicer and you can run through a powerful workout at the park with TorroBand. This resistance band trainer provides four bands with resistance up to 350lbs. They come with attachments for your ankles so you can do a wide range of exercises using resistance and your bodyweight.

Get TorroBand for $114.99 (Reg. $199), a savings of 42%.

THE CHOPPER: Full-Body Workout

Image credit:

Endorsed by NBA and NFL athletes, THE CHOPPER is a unique way to get a full-body workout. The axe-like device lets you adjust the weight at the tip so when you swing it, it tenses different muscles throughout your body. It’s a simple way to get a comprehensive workout.

Get THE CHOPPER for $119.99 (Reg. $139), a savings of 13%.

ABXCORE: Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer

Image credit:

Meet the smartest way to get an ab workout. With ABXCORE, you can sculpt your abs in just seven minutes a day, no matter where you are. It isolates different muscle groups via different positions and comes with a virtual trainer to help you maximize the machine’s power.

Get the ABXCORE: Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer for $136.95 (Reg. $179), a savings of 23%.

BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym

Image credit:

This minimalist gym raised more than $1.7 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo because the portable setup simulates thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment for less than $200. If you need a personal trainer to get motivated, you can even access live and recorded training sessions online whenever you’d like.

Get the BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym for $179.

Costway Exercise Bicycle

Image credit:

Looking for a budget-friendly alternative to Peloton? This magnetic resistance-powered bike fits compactly in any home and lets you get a tough cardio workout in whenever you’d like. (You can even use the Peloton app!)

Get the Costway Exercise Bicycle for $314.99 (Reg. $399), a savings of 21%.

SuperFit 2.25HP Electric Treadmill

Image credit:

Not quite done with work when you get home? Jump on the treadmill to read through those final memos. This lightweight treadmill offers app control for a more personalized running experience.

Get the SuperFit 2.25HP Electric Treadmill for $484.99 (Reg. $729), a savings of 33%.

Prices subject to change.

Why You Should Ditch Your Day Job for Your Dream Job

If working for someone else isn’t making you as happy as you expected, it might be time to quit your 9-to-5 and start your own business.

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Save Now

17, 2020

8 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The following excerpt is from Kanika Tolver’s book Career Rehab. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes or click here to buy it directly from us and SAVE 60% on this book when you use code CAREER2021 through 4/17/21.There’s nothing more discouraging than going to a job you hate every day knowing you have a dream or a business that you can’t give your full attention to. If this sounds like you, dropping out of your career could be the best move you ever make. But I think it’s important to try to transition gradually into full-time entrepreneurship and start building the dream while you’re still working. While you Rehab you on your career rehab journey, you can Rehab your business as you develop your business idea.When you Rehab your business, you’ll develop a solid product or service by going through the following four stages, just as you would for a career rehab process:Related: Smart Tips for Setting the Pace at Your New JobDesign (Ideation). Create or define your business idea; identi­fy whether you plan to sell products or services.Build (Branding). Brand your business with a logo, business name, slogan, or tag line. Create descriptions for your busi­ness’s products or services.Test (Marketing). Identify your customers or clients and use online marketing tools, like a website, social media networks, paid advertisements, and email subscription technologies, to reach current and potential customers.Launch (Selling). As you launch your business, provide packages, online specials, and incentives to new or returning customers.Your design (ideation) phase is always happening in the background since you’re likely thinking about ways to start your new venture as you prepare to transition out of your job. But the other three stages might need a bit more explanation, so let’s cover some of the issues you may face as your brand, test, and launch your new venture.Brand your business idea For most new entrepreneurs, branding is the hardest part of starting a business. You may have an idea of what you want your logo to look like and what your business name should be. But making that vision come to light can be a long and difficult process.About five years ago, I stumbled across the online tools and legal services listed below, which have really helped me brand and legally protect my career coaching business and digital technology business. I’ve personally used the following for logo design, website design, fliers, business registration, and business tax ID registration:Fiverr. The cheapest online freelancer platform that connects you with logo designers, website designers, writers, book cover designers, mobile app developers, etc.99designs. Another online freelance platform that connects clients to designers, where you submit design requirements for your project and multiple graphic designers compete for your business.LegalZoom. An awesome legal technology company that will help you register your business, business tax ID, patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.Trademarkia. Another online legal resource, where you can find attorneys to help you register your trademarks and patents.Related: Building Your Street Cred to Get the Salary You DeserveMarket your product or service Once you get your business logo and website created, you’ll be ready to start marketing your products or services. But before you just jump out there and start selling your business, you should sit down and plan a marketing strategy, the same way you developed a job search strategy for yourself, and identify where your potential customers are, either online or in person.There are many free marketing tools you can use to help execute your business marketing strategy. Below are ten free marketing tools I’ve used over the past decade:Hootsuite. Offers a limited free plan that allows you to man­age up to three social media profiles. You can schedule up to 30 social media posts to market your products and services.Social media business pages. You can create a free busi­ness social media profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to promote your business.Mailchimp. Free email marketing tool for your website that collects email addresses for an online database, which you can use to market newsletters and ads to your customers.Google Analytics. Google’s web analytics tool can track your website visitors from every state, country, mobile device, and internet browser. It’s a great way to assess where your cus­tomers are located, anywhere in the world.WordPress. A content management system that offers free themes to help you create a website or blog for your business.Yoast SEO Plugin. An addition to WordPress websites and blogs that will improve organic search rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.Canva. Free graphics editing software you can use to create images for your social media posts, blog content, and website pages.Bing Places for Business. A free service through the Bing search engine that allows you to list your business online.Google Search Console. A resource that allows you to sub­mit your website to the Google search engine. The service improves your SEO and identifies errors that could potential­ly hurt your Google rankings.Craigslist. A free site that allows you to list your products for sale and market your business services in your city/state, depending on your location.Sell Your Product or Service As you prepare to divorce your job and marry your dream, it’s vital that you start setting sales performance metrics and goals for your products and services. While you’re still working, try to project your monthly income based on sales. You must develop a selling strategy that fits your products and services. Try these ten ways to sell your product or service:Create an online store on your business website.Sell your products using Shopify, a popular ecommerce plat­form.Create a merchant account on Amazon to market your prod­ucts.Sell your products using a mobile application that’s built specifically for your company.Create a referral-based system to sell your services to new and existing customers.Conduct live webinars and video seminars and sell your ser­vices on YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram’s IGTV.Create alliances with other popular business owners and online influencers and get them to share your products and services.Sell your expertise by marketing your products and services at speaking engagements.Sell your expertise by appearing on popular podcast shows.Become a vendor at conferences and events so you can sell your products and services to attendees.Related: How to Work the Room Like a Network HustlerBuild your business while you work When you’re in a bad career situation or feel that you’re ready to divorce your job to marry your dream, consider what new skills you can acquire while working that would benefit your business. What training could you get your company to pay for that would benefit your brand and marketing strategy? You have to constantly wear your hustler hat and think strategically, because your job and business can benefit from your professional development enhancements. Try these tips to grow your business while still working a day job:Work for a company that sells products or services similar to your business idea.Ask your job to send you to training that will help you learn how to better brand, market, and sell your products and services.Build your business’s online following by leveraging your existing professional network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.Read related books, blogs, and articles daily that will help your business grow.Listen to business podcast shows where other entrepreneurs share their stories of setbacks, failures, and successes.Attend local business meetups and conferences where you can learn the ins and outs of selling your products and services in your area.Learn how to find funding for your business through loans, angel investors, and grants.Begin to build your team by identifying professionals in your network who could help your business grow.As you practice these moves to grow and scale, remember that your ultimate goal is to convert your brand into a business.Did you enjoy your book preview? 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3 Mega-Cap Stocks to Build Your Portfolio Around

If you are interested in some great mega-cap stocks to build your portfolio around, we have details on 3 of them to consider below.

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17, 2021

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The concept of building your portfolio around several core positions that offer upside and consistent returns is a great way to approach long-term investing. By emphasizing buying large positions in companies with stable earnings and lower volatility, you can feel more comfortable taking risks with the rest of your portfolio and won’t have to worry as much about massive drawdowns in your account. Mega-cap stocks can be a great option for core positions since they are usually companies with a long history of success and will likely remain leaders in their respective industries for years to come. After all, a company doesn’t just grow to $200 billion or more in market capitalization overnight. The fact that these are the largest and most important companies in the world helps you to gain confidence in your portfolio and stay the course with your top holdings regardless of what the overall market is doing. If you are interested in some great mega-cap stocks to build your portfolio around, we have details on 3 of them to consider below. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) If you are looking to find a “big tech” stock to build your portfolio around, it’s hard to imagine a much better choice than Microsoft. This company is getting very close to joining the esteemed $2 trillion market capitalization club and has a lot of different trends that are currently working in its favor, which is a great reason to consider adding shares now. While most people are familiar with Microsoft’s enterprise software and personal computing products, investors should be most excited about the company’s burgeoning cloud solutions. With so many businesses looking to update their digital infrastructure and improve their operational efficiency, Microsoft’s commercial cloud segment is going to be a huge growth driver for the company over the next few years. Microsoft Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that helps companies with their digital transformations, is arguably the most exciting reason to consider adding a core position in the company at this time. Microsoft has roughly doubled its market share to 17% of the public cloud infrastructure business over the last few years, and Azure revenue grew by 50% year-over-year in Q2. The company also has a history of making savvy acquisitions, including the recently announced purchase of Nuance Communications, and has a strong pipeline of innovative new products including Augmented/Virtual reality technology that offers a ton of upside potential in the future. The Home Depot (NYSE:HD) Next, we have The Home Depot, which is the world’s largest home improvement retailer and a very strong stock to consider building your portfolio around. As a market-leading company that serves do-it-yourself homeowners and professional customers, you can expect The Home Depot to consistently generate strong earnings and offer nice growth upside as well over the long term. It’s a company that has been a major beneficiary of homeowners looking to remodel during the pandemic, and it reported $132.1 billion in sales for fiscal 2020, up 19.9% year-over-year. Residential remodeling activity is expected to reach a decade high at the end of 2021, which means The Home Depot is poised for another huge year. There’s also a lot to like about this company’s strong corporate strategy that includes expanding internationally into countries like Mexico. The Home Depot also recently purchased HD Supply Holdings Inc, which will help it become the premier provider of maintenance, repair, and operations products in the multifamily and hospitality end markets. With a tried and true brand, tons of market trends working in its favor, and the fact that the stock is breaking out to all-time highs at this time, Home Depot is a fine choice for investors that want to build around a strong blue-chip stock. Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) Another solid mega-cap stock to consider holding as a core portfolio position is Bank of America, which is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and a company that plays a critical role in the U.S. economy. This company serves consumers with a variety of banking, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk management products and services. It’s a nice option for any portfolio thanks to the company’s industry-leading brand and the potential for dividend increases and share buybacks in the future. It’s also worth mentioning that the company just announced a $25 billion share buyback plan last week. Bank of America is also a good mega-cap stock to buy at this time because the financial sector is bouncing back from the impacts of the pandemic in a big way. Keep in mind that a strong economy, rising inflation, and increasing interest rates are all factors that can benefit a company like Bank of America. The stock has rallied over 30% in 2021 thus far, but that shouldn’t stop investors from adding shares of what is still very likely to be an undervalued mega-cap stock.Featured Article: Bond