The most important meetings of the past year have taken place over video chat services like Zoom and Skype – which can leave much to be desired. Shaking someone’s hand, feeling your client’s energy, or reading a co-worker’s body language have all gone out the window. In the era of COVID-19, the medium for connecting with people and networking has completely shifted.

Manifestation expert, life coach and business owner, Taylor Simpson, has made a name for herself, connecting deeply with thousands of clients (over video-chat). Taylor helps women around the world tap into the Frequency of Money and step into their unique Super Power, allowing them to live the abundant life they desire – unapologetically. Here are her five tips for connected deeply with clients or team members over video chat.

5 Tips For Deeply Connecting With Clients Over Video Chat | Stephanie Burns

5 Tips For Deeply Connecting With Clients Over Video Chat | Stephanie Burns

Taylor Simpson

1. Share Gratitude

This may seem obvious, but countless people forget to share gratitude with clients over video chat. This practice is much easier in real life. “In the video meeting world, it’s important to say ‘thanks’ to your clients. Be specific. Did they stay up late to help you draft their bio? Did they share their favorite recipe with you? Show gratitude by thanking them at the beginning or end of each call.” Simpson says.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, so it just makes sense that by showing our gratitude to the people we work with, goes a long way in creating a deeper connection with them.

2. Ask Questions

General curiosity and interpersonal communication comes naturally (for most) in person. But, over Zoom, it can be tempting to just jump right into business. “It’s important to ask clients questions, like, ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘What are your thoughts on the latest project I put together for you?’ ‘Any ideas for the next project?’” Simpson says, adding “Don’t forget to ask them about other things going on in their lives.”

Showing interest in someone else beyond your working relationship goes a long way in creating a deep connection with your client.

3. Create “Virtual” Memories

Pre-pandemic, you might have taken a client out to dinner. Or, had a golf outing to create more connection. These are both meaningful activities that create memories and help you foster deep relationships. To create meaningful memories over video chat, Simpson says “Be open. Share something about your life. Is your dog barking? Introduce them to your dog. This will open up another side of you, and encourage them to open up and create new memories too.”

It’s in our shared memories and moments that we are able to form a bond with someone that is able to last.

4. Make Space For Energy

Energy is an important aspect of any conversation. But it can easily get lost over WiFi. Take time to reflect, receive, and understand your client’s energy. “This may be a warm welcome to the zoom call. And then, you guessed it, goes back to number two, ask questions before you delve in to your agenda. What is your client’s agenda for the call or the week?” reminds Simpson.

We’re lucky in that we have video chat now to help with looking into one another’s eyes and seeing facial expressions, but video chat is still far off from being in person and feeling someone’s energy. Do your best to tap into the person’s energy on the other side of the screen.

5. Don’t Forget Love

“You don’t need to tell clients ‘I love you’ (unless you do!) But, there are ways to show love without saying it,” says Simpson. “Show gratitude and appreciation by noting when they help you with a project or have a major breakthrough. Rather than saying ‘Thanks for helping me with that.’ Consider getting more detailed. ‘Thank you for  getting me those detailed notes late Sunday evening, this enabled me to get our project out early Monday morning!’” notes Simpson. “Additionally, affirmations never scared anyone. A simple ‘We are a great team’ goes a long way.”

Find ways to show your clients or team members that you love them and are grateful for them – in business, what could be better than that?

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