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Data Pattern Analysis: Learn from a coaching session with Flint McGlaughlin

How would you translate your company’s data and analytics into a step-by-step plan to grow the business? Where is your company’s most significant conversion opportunity? Can you detect any intriguing patterns in your company’s metrics? To help you organize your data, pinpoint funnel leaks and increase conversion, MarketingExperiments held a live, interactive coaching session with…


Get Your Free Simplified MECLABS Institute Data Pattern Analysis Tool to Discover Opportunities to Increase Conversion

To increase conversion for your company, you must pinpoint your marketing and sales funnel leaks so you know what to repair. Do you know precisely where customers are dropping out of your funnel? Where you should focus marketing efforts most efficiently to attract customers to conversion? The best next steps to make the biggest gains…


How to Get Buy-in for Your Projects, Plans and Proposals From the First Pitch to Successful Completion (plus free template)

(This article was originally published in the MarketingExperiments email newsletter.) COVID-19 has necessitated that many marketing departments quickly pivot their plans, and thus agencies and other vendors have to quickly adapt right along with their clients. So the ability to pitch an idea — that crucial marketing skill set –– is more valuable than ever. But…