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Email, SMS & push message marketing: Report shows increasing influence on consumer purchasing decisions

Omnisend’s Director of Content shares insights from their data analysis of 3 billion emails, and 9 million SMS and push messages for Q3 2020. Discover ways to increase your ecommerce business’ future sales.
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10 Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay $25 per Hour

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This story originally appeared on you think of work-from-home jobs, you may think that they don’t pay the same as their in-office counterparts. Not only isn’t that true, but there are many jobs you can do from home that pay well.
Below, we’ve got a list of 10 work-from-home jobs at $25 per hour (or more), along with the average hourly pay rate based on information from PayScale. While this list doesn’t include every job that pays $25 an hour, it does include links to remote jobs available on FlexJobs right now!
Note: FlexJobs is a subscription service for job seekers that features flexible and remote jobs. The monthly subscription costs allow us to fully vet and verify all of the jobs on our site — which has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau — ensuring that customers have a safe and positive job searching experience.

1. Medical writer
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Average hourly pay: $41.40
Medical writers create manuals, training documents, patient education materials and other documents. They may work at pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical equipment companies or other health-related companies.
2. Technical writer
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Average hourly pay: $25.01
Technical writers translate complex technical information into consumer-friendly and easy-to-follow documents. They primarily create user manuals, but they may also create how-to guides, or write white papers, journal articles and other types of supporting documentation.
3. Speech-language pathologist
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Average hourly pay: $39.04
Although they work primarily with children, speech-language pathologists may also work with adults to help them overcome difficulties with speech and language processing. Because speech difficulties range from mild to severe, speech-language pathologists must create individualized treatment plans and strategies for each patient.
4. Certified public accountant
Andrey_Popov /
Average hourly pay: $30.55
Certified public accountants do more than prepare tax returns. They also help clients review their financial information, prepare tax and finance documents, and stay educated on changes in tax laws or government regulations. Certified public accountants may also perform audits and suggest ways to improve bookkeeping and record-keeping.

5. Registered nurse
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Average hourly pay: $29.95
Most registered nurses work for hospitals or medical clinics, although they can work for outpatient facilities, private practices or rehabilitation facilities. Their primary duties are related to patient care and include administering medication, monitoring patient recovery, and patient and family education.
6. Software developer
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Average hourly pay: $28.24
Software developers create the applications that run computers, phones and other devices. They may develop custom programs or develop programs that integrate with an existing system. Many software developers are familiar with multiple programming and database languages. This common work-from-home job frequently pays more than $25 an hour.
7. Project manager
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Average hourly pay: $25.80
Project managers define milestones, goals and timelines for projects. The project manager is also responsible for coordinating everyone who works on the project to ensure they meet their goals and keep the project on time. Project managers also manage the project budget to make sure there are no cost overruns.
8. Business consultant
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Average hourly pay: $34.42
Business consultants help companies find more effective ways of conducting business. They may suggest improvements that streamline billing and collecting procedures to increase cash flow or suggest process improvements to improve the company’s overall efficiency.
9. Software engineer
Life_imageS /
Average hourly pay: $35.44
Software engineers are different from software developers in that the engineer maps out the way the software will function. They define what the program will do and how it should perform. Software engineers work with other programmers and coders to ensure all parts of the program work together.
10. Senior recruiter
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Average hourly pay: $30.40
Senior recruiters work with their team to ensure that company staffing needs are met. They create strategic approaches to attract the best talent to their talent pool and help the company figure out what salary and perks they should offer.

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7 Holiday Gigs to Put a Jingle in Your Pocket

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This story originally appeared on The Penny Hoarder.Are you a Christmas superfan who can’t get enough of Santa, snowmen, holiday music — and even holiday Muzak?
Or are you staring at your gift list, synthesizer version of “Sleigh Bells Ring” playing in the background, and feeling, well, broke?
A seasonal side gig may be just the thing to get you through December with your spirit and finances intact. Here are several Christmas jobs and holiday-related gigs to put some extra jingle in your pocket.

1. Sell baked goods
B Calkins /
If you love to bake, this season is your time to shine. Most everyone loves to indulge in extra delights around Christmas, (Calories? Who’s counting?)
But let’s be real: Baking is time-consuming, it’s hard work, and it’s easy to mess up.
You can rescue your neighbors, your co-workers and your area farmers market shoppers with ready-made treats. Read how to earn money selling your baked goods.
2. Deck someone else’s halls
Syda Productions /
Decorating is a little like baking in that it’s fun, yes, but it’s also a chore. (Yeah, we said it.)
Getting up on a ladder to hang lights, untangling said lights, stringing them across the eaves only to realize you’ve run out of cord — it’s a jolly good time until you’re actually doing it.
That’s where the savvy seasonal side-hustler comes in.
Market yourself for Christmas decorator jobs around your neighborhood or on a platform like TaskRabbit or Craigslist, offering up your services of hanging Christmas lights, trimming trees, and even wrapping gifts.
You could also find a gig with a professional decorating company.
3. Get a retail job
Robert Kneschke /
Big retailers are hiring seasonal workers by the thousands. And thanks to the low rate of unemployment, they’re having to compete with each other for workers to fill the gigs. That means better pay and benefits.
The Penny Hoarder has tallied some 550,000 Christmas job openings at major employers around the country. Check out these tips for getting hired during this competitive hiring season.
If you want a side gig that could last into the new year, tax prep specialists Jackson Hewitt are staffing up for the 2021 tax season.
4. Befriend a senior
fizkes /
With social distancing keeping families apart this holiday season, there are plenty of seniors who may be feeling isolated and in need of a little extra help.
Papa, a company that pairs older adults with young people to combat isolation and loneliness, ramped up its services and hiring as the pandemic hit.
While the company operates mainly in 25 states, candidates can apply from anywhere in the United States and assist virtually with companionship, tech troubleshooting, and more.

5. Sell your homemade holiday crafts
maicasaa /
You can warm yourself in the holiday spirit, exercise your artsy side, and make a little money all at once by making and selling Christmas crafts.
Pinterest runneth over with ideas. Here are a few of our favorites.
6. Shovel snow
Chiyaca /
Think of this as your holiday income stream and your winter workout regimen to keep the December weight gain at bay. Win-win!
Shovler is an app, much like Uber, that connects willing shovelers with buried driveways. (Actually, the owners of said driveways.) You shovel, they pay.
7. Take family portraits
Dean Drobot /
If you’ve got a good eye and a better-than-decent camera, you can offer your services shooting those ubiquitous holiday family photos of everyone in matching plaid pajamas.
If you can think of an original image, all the better. And if you can get all the kids to smile at once, please, please share your secret fairy dust because we’ve literally never pulled that off.
Here’s what you need to start making money taking family photos.

Disclosure: The information you read here is always objective. However, we sometimes receive compensation when you click links within our stories.