what is the best place to find done for you amazon affiliate websites for sale

You decide to invest your money in virtual real estate and buy a done-for-you Amazon affiliate website, so you browse sites like Flippa…

After looking at a few of the sites for sale, you’re unsure if the stats they’re giving you are actually real. You don’t know who or what to believe.

And the prices! My goodness the prices!

You can expect to spend $10,000, $20,000, heck even $50,000 for some of the websites with no real proof about how much traffic and sales they’re generating.

Good luck with that.

You need to know exactly what you’re getting so you’re sure you’ll get a decent return on investment:

  • What the real traffic stats are
  • What the earning potential is
  • How you can maximise commissions generated

If you’re sick of the overpriced, crappy websites sold on sites like Flippa then stick with me here because I’m going to show you why HumanProofDesigns.com is your best option for finding done-for-you Amazon affiliate websites.

The team over at Human Proof Designs specialise in 4 types of sites:

The best part?

Each and every website is 100% unique, complete with premium designs, converting content and a full potential earnings breakdown.

There are a wide variety of affiliate niches to choose from, all with tied-in products to promote and a buying audience. I’ve written an in-depth review of Human Proof Designs where I outline how buying one of their sites can help fast track your earnings.

My Issue With Most Websites Selling Websites

More people are turning to the internet for investment opportunities; choosing to build a ‘virtual property portfolio’ instead of following the conventional real estate model.

Whether you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer or are already a seasoned pro, you know a website is the cornerstone of any successful online business.

This leaves you with two choices: build a website yourself from scratch or buy one that’s already done for you.

It makes perfect sense; rather than spend months learning how to get your first site set up on a niche you’re not sure can be profitable or not and then waiting months for Google to acknowledge you in its search results, you can fast track this whole process and buy a done-for-you Amazon affiliate website.

If you’re time-poor and have the money to invest, outsourcing your website building part makes perfect sense, in fact, it’s a very smart way to go.

The problem comes when most pre-made website websites try and make as much money as they can by selling the same website to hundreds of people, changing nothing but the domain and header logo.

Yes, unfortunately, this really does happen!

You’ll read stories online where unsuspecting people spend $10,000 and upwards for a copy and paste job and never see a return.

where to buy turnkey websites cheap

Can you imagine? You’ve invested thousands into a website that’s already online x50, x100, x500? Identical content, all shooting for the same saturated niche.

You don’t need me to tell you a site filled with duplicate content will never see the light of day as for as Google is concerned…!

High price tag, nil value.

Human Proof Designs saw this happening and decided to step in, shake it up and lead the way.

What Makes Human Proof Designs Different?

what is the best place to buy don-for-you Amazon affiliate websites

The driving force behind Human Proof Designs is Dom Wells, a guy I’ve been following since I started my making money blogging journey 3 5 years ago.

Since 2012 he’s been building out successful Amazon affiliate websites and making a full-time income through affiliate marketing.

Through trial and error, he learned how to streamline the process, put in effective time-saving systems and outsourced to a solid team of staff.

Dom knew it wouldn’t be too difficult to stand out in the pre-built website industry – all he had to do was use his expertise to build unique, high-quality affiliate websites that he knew would make money and he would already be head and shoulders ahead of the competition.

Every website he and his team build is 100% unique. No two sites are the same.

The beautifully designed affiliate websites are created around high traffic, low competition keywords and optimised to give website visitors a great user experience which results in more commissions for you.

“Human Proof Designs exists to make starting a niche website that much easier.

With the training on the blog, the ready-made sites we’ll sell, and the custom projects we’ll do, you will find that getting started doesn’t have to be as confusing as you first thought.” – Dom Wells

Through his step-by-step training program and podcasts, he’s taken hundreds of aspiring affiliate marketers from complete newbie to successful, profiting affiliate marketing pros.

As you can see in the video below, Dom has a down-to-earth style, cuts out of the fluff and only focuses on the important stuff that gets results.

He knows the road to success can be confusing when you’re first starting out, but with the right know-how, the right strategy and support, anyone can be successful online.

Today, Dom is a well-known and respected industry leader in outsourcing and building ready-made websites and has recently been featured in sites like NicheHacks.com, NichePersuits.com and Entrepreneur.com.

Already seen enough? Buy a HPD Ready-Made Site Today >>

4 Types Of HPD Done-For-You Websites

1. Ready-made sites

Definitely the most popular choice for Amazon affiliate website buyers, these ready-made sites are built only after a detailed analysis of the niche proves it has good profit potential.

ready-made turnkey amazon affiliate websites for sale

Ideal for beginners because most of the research has already been done taking the guesswork out of it and giving you the very best chances of success.

No two websites are the same and every ready-made website is built around a website niche idea that has proven to be popular, untapped and profitable.

What’s included:

  • High-quality content
  • Professional, premium themes
  • Premium plugins
  • On-page SEO
  • Domain
  • Keyword research
  • Logo design
  • A full rundown of expected monthly earnings
  • Ready to go social media accounts
  • Free tech support
  • Full video training library
how to make money buying affiliate websites
Every website comes with a detailed rundown of expected monthly earnings.

A new batch of pre-made affiliate websites is released every two weeks, but if you want to be the first in the know, be sure to sign up to the Early Bird newsletter and get notified instantly when new websites become available.

I feel I should say at this point that it’s easy to talk about 8,000 words here or 16,000 words there, but these are no spun, low-quality articles. Every post is professionally written and edited sales copy designed to get the people landing on your site clicking your Amazon affiliate links.

2. Custom-built sites

where to buy an affiliate website

Do you already have a great niche idea?

You can outsource website building and content creation to Dom and his team of professional writers and designers.

You can choose from the Starter or Premium packages and submit your site request. You’ll have full access to the training modules, community and expert technical support.

Human Proof Designs also offer a high quality, affordable content creation service and keyword packages.

3. Aged sites

Perfect if you want to fast track your online earnings. Aged sites are sites that are a little bit older, are already ranking in Google so you can check their track record before you decide to purchase.

This represents the cream of the crop in terms of done-for-you, quality websites.

On top of what you get with Human Proof Design’s Premium package,  you’ll receive a detailed Google rankings report.

Each website also comes with a unique eBook written specifically for your website which you can use as a lead magnet to start building your email subscription list.

4. Authority Sites

The latest addition to the HPD family, authority sites are a bigger investment but your monthly commissions are that much greater too, with a lot more scope for future growth.

Why buying a done-for-you affiliate website is better than trying to build it yourself

1. You can be confident you’re in the right niche

It’s so much more than just buying a beautifully put together website, you’re investing into an online business with a proven business model.

90% of aspiring affiliate markters fail at their first website.


Because they chose the wrong niche. Either they start in a niche that’s already saturated by big players so they’ve never got a chance, or they choose a niche with no relevant products to promote so they don’t make any sales.

You can shortcut all of this and save yourself lots of time and energy by buying into a website that’s been carefully thought-through.

2. You massively increase your chances of success

I spent hours and hours churning out content for my first site and wasting time occupied with unimportant things that made no difference to my bottom line. I was a newbie and didn’t know what I was doing and it took a long time for me to find my way.

I had a site that was getting 1,500 readers a day but with no concept of ‘buyer’s intent’ or proper product placement, I was barely making any money.

And this is where most people quit…

They work for 6 months, see no results and figure that ‘this whole affiliate marketing thing’ doesn’t work and commit to spending the next 40 years of their lives stuck in the office cubicle.

But you don’t have to go through all of that. By investing in and owning a done-for-you-website made by professionals, you’ll get the right training and know-how that will point you in the right direction and get to you where you want to be a whole lot quicker.

Quality design, useful content, relevant traffic – this is what you can expect when you buy a done-for-you Amazon affiliate website with Human Proof Designs.

3. You’re not stuck trying to figure everything out for yourself

Starting from scratch is a tough way to learn. Affiliate marketing can be very confusing to the beginner trying to find his way. The internet’s full of conflicting information and deceitful scammers who will tell you what you want to hear, get your hopes up but leave you high and dry every time. Trust me I’ve been there.

I always say this: if you’re serious about becoming successful online, only take advice from people who a) truly want to see you succeed and b) know what they’re talking about.

I know the people at Human Proof Designs genuinely want to help people and they’re definitely professionals at what they do.

4. It gives you a blueprint to follow for future websites

For me, HPD really shines with their after-sales support. Dom has put together some brilliant affiliate marketing training, video walkthoughs and tutorials to make sure you get the most out of your new Amazon affiliate website.

Instead of wasting trying to figure out all of the small technical aspects that go into the buuilding of an affiliate site, you’ll already have a working example to go from.

You’ll already be see things like how they use affiliate links, what kind of keywords they go for and how to find the best ones for your website, what kind of things to write about, how a site is structured and all these kinds of things.

Again, this cuts your learning time, gives you a short cut to start making commissions and gives you a headstart.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

You can find tons of success stories and testimonials at HumanProofDesigns.com from people experiencing success and making money with their done-for-you sites.

What Is Human Proof Designs A Scam Or Legit
is buying a human proof designs website worth it
human proof designs success story

Your Thoughts And Questions

Have any questions about buying done-for-you Amazon affiliate websites from Human Proof Designs you’d like me to answer for you? Scroll down and leave your comment below! I personally respond to all comments and I’m happy to help any way that I can.

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