How do you attract target audience on Instagram

It’s here!

So scream the Press…


The saviour of the World…

The one we’ve all been waiting for…

The chosen one that will mean you can finally take that damn nappy off your face…

The corona-virus vaccine….

Is here!

And here’s the best part: “it’s 90% effective!” (so we are told!)

Excuse my skepticism…

But didn’t a wise man once say you can prove anything with statistics…

Except the truth?

As you may know, there a few flaws with the new vaccine (I hate to be a party pooper…

But there is a marketing lesson here too…upcoming).

To wit:

Firstly – they have no idea if it actually stops the virus being transmitted.

Secondly – they have no idea if it stops the disease in elderley people (who are, by far, the highest-risk group).

And thirdly – they have no idea if it simply stops ‘mild’ cases…or (what counts) the serious cases.

This isn’t a ‘conspiracy’ theory-type argument either.

You can check the prestigious British Medical Journal to see for yourself all the flaws in the way the vaccine trials are being conducted.

Incidentally, the above article also hints at possible side-effect ‘problems’ that come from ‘rushed’ vaccines.

Coming back to what I said earlier…

The statement that the “Vaccine is 90% effective”! is clearly bunkum.

Maybe it’s useful for 90% of people…

Who would have had no symptoms anyway?

OK, so what does this have to do with online selling?

In short, it’s ‘easy’ to fool people with statistics.

There are different reasons for this…

One being that people ‘snatch’ at top-line figures, and are too lazy to look more deeply into the true relevance of those figures.

And if you’re an unscrupulous barbarian…

You can use that to your advantage.

For example, maybe your feedback score is 99% on eBay.

Your sales copy exclaims – “99% of our customers LOVE us!”

Do they, really?

Only 40% of people leave feedback.

And most leave positives by default, not because they love you.

Point is, it’s easy to ‘lie’ with statistics.

Whether you SHOULD…

Is entirely down to you.

Again, there are MANY ways to do it….

And I’m not saying you SHOULD.

One the flip-side, knowing how you can ‘prove anything with statistics’ tells you to be wary of anything you read.

And I can tell you something now for nought:

I think I’ll take a pass on the ‘90% effective vaccine’.

At least until all the UK’s MPs have had a double dose first!

You might ask, Roland how do we attract our target audience on Instagram?

There are many ways actually.

Here’s the best practice on doing it …

In order to take advantage of Instagram’s vast market share, here are 5 tips to maximize your profits while marketing through Instagram:

1. Exploit Different Traffic Sources People are more inclined to view your posts than just between your website or blog.

So, if you’re hoping to attract potential customers, it’s in your best interest to reach out to as many different sources as possible.

Rather than relying on one technique, integrating and working with all of them is a great arsenal to promote your product or service.

As of now, there are no singular ways of driving traffic and making money through Instagram.

2. Reach Different Areas It’s very easy to think that you can only appeal to a certain group of individuals, but that isn’t entirely true.

Recognizing and reaching out to a variety of types of people reduces your chances of being frowned upon or dismissed.

Using Instagram to reach out to international customers, young professionals, parents and teens; all of which have different likes, needs and preferences can all play a role in attracting a new clientele to your business.

3. Showcase Your Best There is a finite amount of time you have to catch the attention of your customers, so every post or photo your take major credit to your company.

So, it’s important to post unique content that your audience will find interest and will prove to the outside world that your business is progressive and progressive.

High quality, exciting content will do just that. So, as you consistently post, you can also click on the share link which will do exactly what it states; share your post to other people on the internet, via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Now, that’s another level of engagement!

4. Follow a branching Path As with any type of marketing, you should try to compel both new and existing customers to continue engaging with your company, through social media.

It’s never too early to increase your rank within the fashion of online marketing.

Alongside your main brand, you can continually journey down a new path. By engaging with new types of individuals and posting interesting content, you won’t fall in the habit of only being one dimensional.

Having a variety of different followers will ultimately help you uncover new opportunities.

5. Don’t Lose track of your goals You can do everything your market can think of to enhance your brand ranking and visibility.

You might have come up with a plan only to skip a big step or have not been able to cut through all of the hype and engage your customers.

So, it’s imperative that your marketing activities are not too promotional and not too base on developing your business.

The point is, your brand needs to be actively working in the background of a intimate and vast world.

Too much of either one, will be seen in a negative light in which the wrong person can also choose to thrive on.

As a marketer, your ultimate goal should be to help people connect with the need for your product or service.

If you’re looking for additional channels to market your brand, which of the following are you thinking of using?

Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest?

Did you know that none of those channels has beaten Facebook in terms of engagement?

With 800 million monthly active users, Facebook’s Instagram has gone beyond […]

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If you’re looking for additional channels to market your brand, which of the following are you thinking of using?

Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest?

Did you know that none of those channels has beaten Facebook in terms of engagement?

With 800 million monthly active users, Facebook’s Instagram has gone beyond flaunting fashion trends; now many different niches enjoy the potential engagement Instagram has to offer.

In a recent survey on 2500+ micro-influencers, 60% believed that Instagram is the best platform for engagement.

Instagram users are also in a buying mindset, and people share more on Instagram about the latest trends — that’s why it is the best avenue to promote your brand and attract more ideal customers.

So, how can you use Instagram to its full potential?

How can you make the most out of the millions using this platform to drive sales to your website?

Here are some tips to attract your ideal customers from Instagram:

Post eye-catching images

A picture is worth a thousand words; nothing else can describe or explain the essence of a message at just a glance. Instagram was made to share your interests as quickly as possible.

That’s why it’s important to create attention-grabbing and high-quality photos to promote your products — you only have a fleeting chance to make yourselves known to them.

A high-quality, high-resolution product photo will effectively communicate its features.

Create a worthwhile Instagram contest

Now that you’ve gained a decent audience on your channel, it’s high-time to run an Instagram contest.

Before planning a contest on Instagram, make sure that you go through their Promotion Guidelines, Platform Policy, and Community Guidelines.

A worthwhile Instagram contest has these following qualities:

  • A branded hashtag – helps in tracking qualified entries about your contest.
  • An amazing photo or video – it entices people to participate.
  • A relevant prize for your brand – could be a product you’re currently promoting, gift cards, or discount vouchers.
  • Easy mechanics to join.
  • Is time-bound – contests usually run for a week.
  • Has public involvement – this helps in organically spreading the word of your contest, and increases engagement as well.

A contest boosts your reach and engagement, therefore boosting your branding organically, without adding any paid efforts to make yourself known.

Improve your Instagram reach

It is important to gain more visibility for your brand via your Instagram account.

Through this, you increase your reach — therefore opening opportunities to engage Instagram users and eventually convert them into customers.

To increase your reach on Instagram, you should be knowledgeable in using hashtags to make your posts more visible.

Using hashtags isn’t only limited to Instagram; you can also use it on Facebook!

Here are some tips on how to improve your Instagram reach via hashtags:

  • Consider using three to five hashtags in your post to avoid looking too spammy.
  • Use your company’s brand name for local targeting.
  • Use your product’s name if you’re marketing it or promoting it.
  • Use something distinctive to whatever you’re promoting; make sure it is relevant to your target group.

Build customer relationships

Engagement isn’t just likes and comments.

Engagement shouldn’t be solely a metric, but a means of reaching out to your customers to strengthen your relationship with them.

It’s not enough to just gather audiences; it’s important to get them involved with your brand.

You must woo your viewers into liking you!

Build customer relationships with these tips:

  • Write action-driven, attractive captions – encourage them to engage with your brand.
  • Get your followers involved in relevant contests.
  • Respond to comments, and thank followers for using your product! Customers want to feel appreciated.

Improve your response rate

Why is responding to comments so important in increasing engagement?

Because customer experience is a make-or-break point in retention.

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

According to “CX for Executives” by Esteban Kolskycustomers with a positive customer experience will likely share their good experience with 6 people or more.

On the other hand, a customer with a negative feedback will more likely share it with 15 people or more.

While Facebook is best known for its unparalleled reach, Instagram’s advertisement channel assists in retaining customers, therefore winning in terms of brand loyalty.

Build rapport with influencers

Influencers are those people already established in your chosen niche.

If you want to advertise on Instagram and attract more attention to your brand, these influencers are your best bet.

Think of your relationship with influencers as a network — tap three to four influencers and you will engage their followers.

Branding awareness through influencers works similarly to word-of-mouth marketing — people believe reviews and comments more than the actual description on your website.

Do you know which specific companies are currently in-market to buy your product?

Wouldn’t it be easier to sell to them if you already knew who they werewhat they thought of you, and what they thought of your competitors?

Good news – It is now possible to know this, with up to 91% accuracy.

Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more.

In Conclusion

Audience research is critical when you are creating new marketing or advertising campaigns, content marketing, or any type of promotional materials.

In the old days, this was accomplished by compiling expensive focus groups and making a best-educated guess as to what the consumer ultimately wants. 

Luckily, the internet has opened up a myriad of ways for us to gain valuable insights into our target audience without spending tons of money or even having to have an existing audience. 

Still, many people are not taking advantage of the free tools that when used properly can help you get that edge for your marketing to create a more compelling message that drives the desired action you’re looking for. 

Here are two of our favorite “ninja” ways to research a target audience and really learn about their online behaviors, challenges, desires, lifestyle, and even the way they speak about your industry. 

1. Facebook Audience Insights Tool Audience insights is a great tool that Facebook offers to advertisers that utilize the platform.

However, the good news is that you do not need to spend money on Facebook Ads to utilize this tool.

All you need to do is set up a Facebook Ad account (which is free to set up) if you don’t already have one. 

Audience Insights is great because it allows you to find out some really valuable information about the audience that you’re looking to reach.

You can learn about things like: -Basic demographics like age, location, and gender -Lifestyle information like relationship status, job roles, and education level -Audience interests like publications, influencers, brands, etc -Online behavior including the devices that your audience use

All you have to do is open up the Audience Insights tool, then start adding interests, job roles, and any other information that you already have on your target audience.

Then Facebook Audience Insights will show you valuable data gathered from Facebook users. 

Be sure to watch the video to learn how to use the tool and see some examples. 

2. Review Sites (Amazon, Yelp, etc) Another great way to learn about your target audience is by looking at online review sites like Yelp and Amazon. 

You can look at not only your own reviews but also the reviews of competitors or other products/services that your target audience may use.

By spending time reading reviews left by your target audience you will gain a lot of valuable insight into what their challenges, pain points, desires, and frustrations are. 

The other really great thing about reading review sites is that you begin to learn the language of your audience. 

As marketers and business owners, we can sometimes fall into the trap of creating our own “sexy” language of what we think our audience wants to hear.

We use phrases like “innovation” or “technologically advanced”. 

However, as humans, we resonate stronger with people (or brands) that look and sound just like us.

As you are looking through reviews on your products or related products, be sure to pay attention and take note of the phrases that people are using to describe their challenges or the benefits they are seeking.

These will be powerful for you to keep in mind when writing copy for ads or marketing materials. 

Audience research can actually be a lot of fun when you start to get real data and information that will help inspire new ideas for content, advertising, and even product development.

Take advantage of these tools and let us know how it works out for you!

Having a new target audience strategy is essential to our current time of being at home.

These strategies to target your audience will help shape your social media follower and how to attract competitors customers on instagram.

So, how to find your target market in instagram of discover the best social media strategy for targeting your audience?

You can start with learning how to build a strong brand with a target audience and narrowing down your keyword searches.

The best instagram strategy for brand market research is the research that involved building a connection with like-minded individuals.

That’s all for today chaps!

Until next time …

See ya later Alligator …

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