Learn how to start a successful blog on blogger” and make money by monetization with AdSense and Affiliate Marketing, start a blog for FREE

Hello, friends, Do you want to create your own blog on Blogger for FREE? but have no idea, How to do so and how to give it a professional look?

Don’t worry, today here you will learn “how to start a successful blog on blogger” and make money by monetizing it with Google Adsense and Affiliate Programs, Step by step tutorial for beginners.

Before creating a blog, I would like to tell you what is a blog and what is the difference between a Blog and a Website.

What is a blog:-

Actually, blogs are a kind of website where blogs are regularly updated with new content displayed in a reversed a chronological order “newer posts comes first”.
But typical websites are static in nature where content is organized in pages, and they are not updated frequently.

A blog is dynamic website just like a diary, and usually updated more frequently and regularly. Some bloggers publish multiple new articles a day. A blog could be a part of the larger website but the website can’t be merged into a blog.

Learn More:-

One more thing to remember about “Starting a successful blog on blogger” it’s ok for beginning as you know nothing about blogging and for learning purpose you can start a blog on blogger for FREEAnd while doing so you may acquire skill, confidence, and money making tactics. and it has some very cool feature…

  • Simple to get started
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Hosted by Google so no installation issues
  • Don’t have to worry about software updates
  • Options to monetize with Adsense and promote with Adwords
  • More on here you can get SSL Certificate totally FREE.

But for the long run, I won’t recommend keeping working on blogger, as it has limited tools and customization inbuilt.

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

More importantly, if Google thinks your site not serving any purpose, it can block your access any time. in other words, you don’t have complete authority on your site and you always depend on google.

WordPress is more flexible and advanced, Here you can easily move your website anywhere you want.

You can move your WordPress site to a new host, change the domain name, or even move your site to other content management systems.

Also, more customization available and have tons of plugins inbuilt. but on blogger, you can’t do so. Also here are some more limitations as…

  • Here social media sharing is limited to Google+ and for social signal sharing you need some third party codes in HTML/CSS.
  • Google have full control over your site and it can suspend your blog at any time, or in the future it can cancel the Blogger service as well just like google+ account totally removed by google.

Here is another Cool and Dynamic Website Builder For Free.

Top Money Making Niches for Your Blog:-

Before creating a site you should know about the best and suitable niche for your blog on which you should start writing.

A Perfect niche should have these given elements to go with.

  • There should have great demand in the market 
  • Your Ability to fulfill that demand
  • There you should have a relevant product or service with that you can make money.

Here are some best ever niches for Multi-million dollar businesses

  • Health & Fitness
  • Wealth Creation/ How to Make Money
  • Relationship

How to Choose Best Domain Name for Your Site


If you want to choose a great domain name for your business, then you should consider these points…

  • Keep it short (7-15 words) and relevant to your business.
  • It should be easy to spell and write
  • Use Business Keywords in Your Domain Name
  • Choose always domain extension .com if Available

Process of “How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger?”

Step 1:– Go to Site blogger site and click on button CREATE YOUR BLOG

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Step 2:- Now Here on this page use your existing mail id or create NEW, I suggest to create new Gmail ID with the Customer user name, for example, choose your username “passive income ideas” then your mail id would be “passiveincomeideas@gmail.com”

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Step 3:- Now on this window, you have to set your Google Plus Profile, Remember this step only comes when you start with fresh mail id. If you use an existing mail id, this step won’t come. Please complete all these steps and click on button continue with blogger.

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Step 4:- Here this window will appear and you should click on the button “CREATE NEW BLOG

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Step 5:- Now on this window put you Blog Name in Title and same name in Address Bar, which will be your unique blog URL and select any theme below Click on Create Blog Button.

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Now you have created your blog on blogger so blog creation process is completed
Now Next Steps to follow…

Give Your Blogger Blog a Professional Look

Do you know? Many bloggers work wholeheartedly and share valuable content, but people do not like to read them. Apart from this, Google Adsense does not accept those blogs. Why?

The answer is very simple …Appearance or Look! Therefore it is very important to give your Blogger a professional look and reader-friendly appearance so that you get high good quality traffic and engagement. Also, Google Adsense considers the presence of your blog before applying Adsense.

The most important thing is that it is very easy to do so, you can get readymade hundreds of professional-looking custom blogger templates for FREE.

Upload Custom Blogger Template to Your Blog

Steps to Follow for Updating Custom Theme to your blog…

Step 1:- Go to Blogger  Side Manu bar and select theme option
Step 2:– On the theme page, go to side upper corner button”Backup/Restore” and click on it.

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Step 3:- Now here this pop up will appear, now browse your downloaded blogger theme and click on upload.

How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Step 4:- Here your theme is uploaded, Now manage your mobile theme setting… Go to mobile option and click on little gear in the bottom.
Now choose the mobile theme and select the custom option at the bottom of the drop-down menu and save it.
How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Now your theme or template fully uploaded in both Mobile & PC version.
so the next step would be your theme customization.

Your theme customization includes these elements…

  • Social Media Buttons URL Updates
  • Set Your Blogger Legal Pages, About Me, Contact Us Page.
  • Set Your Resource & Tools, Products, Niche Content Pages
  • Setup Your Logo, Widgets, and Banner
  • Setup Your Footer Content

Customize your blog in these categories and start your blogging career.
Here I shared as many pieces of information as I can, you are free to share your ideas and suggestions here to provide more data and content.

Use Your Blog as central hub and create multiple streams of income

I hope you will get lots of values from this “How to Start a Successful Blog on Blogger and Make Money” post. if you like it please let others get learn from here. Keep Share…

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