Is Jason Fulton A Scammer

Before deciding to buy a product or trust a make money online opportunity, you’ll always need to turn to the owner to see if it’ll be a worthy buy or not. 

If you’ve heard of Jason Fulton before you probably know he has peddled several make money online products with Seun Ogundele or Mosh Bari, and occasionally promotes a solo venture. 

But is Jason Fulton a scammer or is he a legit affiliate marketer you can trust?

So today we’re going to take a closer look at Jason and his track record to see if he’s a guy you can rely on or not. 

I’ve done over 100 make money online opportunity reviews and a couple of those are Jason Fulton’s products so I have a good idea about his marketing strategy pattern which I’ll show a later on. 

By the end of this, it’ll be easier for you to decide whether you should buy an affiliate offer especially is Jason’s name is attached to it. 

If you’re ready for some jaw-dropping truths about Jason, then let’s jump right in!

What We’ll Cover In This Review:

Who Is Jason Fulton?

Jason Fulton is an affiliate marketer who partners with either Mosh Bari or Seun Ogundele to create their own product to promote. 

But he isn’t limited to promoting his own products, he also promotes other affiliate marketers’ products like Brendan Mace’s so he can earn a commission. 

Basically, what Jason does is take a mediocre strategy, dab it with it some glitter to make it shiny, sell it to you for a dime, squeeze you off with an arm and leg worth of upsells, and in the end leave you with a lousy idea that can’t generate income near what he promises you. 

Sad ending isn’t it? I don’t want you to be the next victim so thumbs up to you for checking out this review.

Now here’s a jaw-dropping fact:

Jason Fulton has been banned in WarriorPlus, the marketplace where he sells his affiliate offers. 

Jason Fulton Banned In WarriorPlus

Banning usually happens when your products have over the top refund rates. It’s not shocking for something like this to happen to Jason. 

Apparently, Jason has a Twitter account but barely has any followers even though the account is almost a year old.

Think about it:

If his products we’re really outstanding, he’d have a whole lot of buyers rallying to follow him on social media. 

But as you can see, he’s only got 5. 

Jason Fulton Twitter And Website

If you check out the banner behind his image, you’ll see he has a website called Appallingly, it doesn’t exist. 

I guess he has no budget for domain and hosting?

It won’t be a problem if his products we’re selling well, right?

So, what does this tell you? I’ll leave that for you to answer. 

Jason Fulton’s Scammy Products

Remember when I told you earlier about how his products are rooted from mediocre ideas, hyped enough, and sold for a dime to get you to opt in? 

I’ll show you what I mean as I go through each of Jason’s products.

1. Profit Whirlwind

Profit Whirlwind is Jason’s 1st solo product. He introduces it as a “brand new method” in making $1,195.57 in only 3 days or $3,800 per week. That means more than $15,000 per month!

He sells for just $7. But again, as I said earlier, he’ll rake more from you on the upsells, for Profit Whirlwind, he’ll entice you to pay $158 to make the best out of this course!

And finally, what you’ll actually get is just a low-quality email marketing course.

2. Prequell

Prequell is a product Jason partnered with Seun Ogundele with. He describes it as a “new software” that creates “hypnotizing money pages” so you can make $515 every day. 

There’s the glitter. 

He’ll sell it to you for $23.59 but then you’ll end up spending a whopping $672 for the upsells so you can “unlock” this product’s maximum potential.

And what do you get?

Lousy quizzes and surveys which are supposed to the funnel to drive traffic. 

The reality? Nobody will even be interested in taking those quizzes. 

3. Jacked ATM

Another product Jason made with Seun Ogundele. Jacked ATM supposedly “ethically hacks” people’s websites so you can pitch your offer. 

He’ll make you believe you’ll just spend $14 but end up getting raked with $475 more. 

What does this product do for you?

Put scammy ads on other people’s website thorugh a link you share on social media?

The chances anybody will click on it? Next to none. 

4. Kash Kow

Jason and Seun’s Kash Kow is said to be a “loophole hidden in plain sight”. You’re also told it’s the “#1 creator of internet millionaires” dragging Tai Lopez and Neil Patel to the picture even though these guys never even heard of Kash Kow. 

You’ll get Kash Kow for $25.54 but you’ll be lured to pay a staggering $682 to earn the biggest potential in this system. 

The sad ending for you is getting low-quality funnels which will never move people to convert of even to give their email addresses up. 

5. Profiteer

Jason now partners with Mosh Bari for Profiteer. They’ll tell you it’s a “revolutionary software that gets you $100 every day for just 15 minutes of work. 

The front-end is merely $12.94 but you’ll get a big hole in your pocket for the $248 upsells. 

All you get for spending more than $250 is a shabby site with rubbish content with no ranking that will never get you to earn a single dime. 

6. Traffix Z

Traffix Z is Jason and Mosh’s autoblogging software which supposedly takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders in making great content for your website to drive traffic.

For Traffix Z you’ll initially pay $22 but end up getting forked out with a whopping $607 for the upsells. 

What do you get?

A rotten content spinner that spurts complicated and confusing articles no one will dare to read. The method doesn’t work a decade ago, more so today. 

7. Fast Profit Jacker

Again, Fast Profit Jacker is another team up of Jason and Mosh Bari. Actually, this is by far the most decent in the list. What it does is give you a list of local businesses who need to scale their online marketing efforts. 

After you get a list, you can offer these businesses their own website created by you, SSL certificates, work on their SEO to make their brand visible on the web and manage their social media campaigns. 

The front-end costs $27 but then again the upsells go up to a daylight robbery cost of $515. 

The problem is, the list won’t be any good if you don’t have online marketing skills to offer. Although it’s a good business idea, it doesn’t have the actionable training you’ll need especially if you’re just starting out to learn online skills. 

Good, but not for everybody. 

The bottom line is,  none of Jason’s offers live up to the income hype he proudly tells you in the sales page. 

Either it’s impossible to make money with it or the chances are next to none. As I’ve told you, they’re just shiny shortcuts that ultimately gets you nowhere. 

All Jason did is lure you into a bubble that pops the moment you realize what you just paid for. 

Jason Fulton’s YouTube Channel

Evidently, Jason has a YouTube channel with an impressive 16,000+ subscribers. 

But does this prove he’s a legit guy to work with?

Let’s check out one of the videos for his offer called Clickitz

If you go down to the comments section, you’ll find an enraged user named Sarah Vargo who initially had high hopes in Jason and his products but ended up with all guns blazing after finding out Jason’s products are not as easy to make money with as he claims it to be. 

Jason Fulton Duped User Rants

She says Jason took her money and never made a dime back. And this goes for all those who got duped and asked for refunds which led Jason to get banned in WarriorPlus. 

Here’s more:

Prior to making this review, I turned the internet upside down to find more enraged users. I wanted to include everybody here, but this review will end up too dragging so I’ll just show you one more to represent everybody else’s ill-feelings.

Apparently, this Paul Samuel relied on Jason’s promises enough to opt in to the upsells as well. He ended up disappointed with what he got and asked for a refund and unlike others, he wasn’t able to process his which ended up getting more frustrating for him.

Jason Fulton User Experience

I think by now you realize your future if you buy any of Jason Fulton’s products.

Is Jason Fulton A Scammer?

Jason is definitely a con artist. He claims to help you make $100s easily by simply working a few minutes per day if you just pay up for any of his lousy systems. But the end is all too predictable. You’ll end up with a lousy product that’s never going to make you money. 

Don’t Fall For Jason’s Shiny Promises

I’m pretty sure I’ve laid down enough facts for you to decide if you should trust you money with Jason Fulton’s bogus shiny shortcuts or not. 

I get it that you want to make money online and as a beginner it’s challenging to figure out where to start.

The fact is, affiliate marketing is a great business model with outstanding potential. But making money from it doesn’t happen after a few clicks of after copy and pasting stuff. 

You have to learn the ropes yourself and invest time and effort to see sustainable results.

A good way to start is by learning how everything works with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. It’ll teach you every lesson a beginner has to know. 

If you want to make sure you’re making the right investment, the 1st 10 lessons are free for you to try. 

To know more about this sustainable training, know more about it in this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to gauge if it’s the right fit for you.

Enraged? Enlightened?

What do you feel about Jason Fulton now? Do you think he’s worthy to receive your hard-earned money or is it best spent in a legit training like Wealthy Affiliate?

Share what you think in the comments below. 

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