“What Could You Possibly Learn From a Bunch of Old ADs Written by a Marketing Legend Who Only Worked 4 Hours a Day From Home?”

By the way his ads generated over $2 Billion in Sales!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Imagine you have an idea about a business that you could run from home.

You’ve thought up this great idea … its a dream that you believe in … you have all the ambition you needed to see it through too.

But you don’t have any financial backing and you don’t have any sales.

Now picture the struggle of trying to communicate the tremendous value and benefits of your product to your market.

As you agonize over it, trying to get it all down on paper, out from the shadows steps a copywriting legend.

Who is this mystery man and how can he help you with your marketing?

Well if you were to call up Eugene M. Schwartz from the grave he would be that special someone. Gene Schwartz is the one man you would want in your corner.  He had the PROVEN ABILITY to create EXPLOSIVE sales growth basically out of thin air.

Not only would Schwartz be able to write an advertisement for your company…

He would meet with you, and get right to work, you would talk explaining all you could about your big idea while Schwartz would sit and take notes, this would go on for hours.

Then Schwartz would go home and write the ad.  He would literally launch you and your company.

The headline would be like any of the other thousands of INCREDIBLE headlines that he had written over the course of his career.

Headlines like:

“Did You Ever See a Robin Step Up Behind Another Robin
and Kick Its Legs From Under It?

Which is a headline only Eugene Schwartz could have come up with.  This one for Audubon Books.

When your headline hits, your life will never be the same.

The profits of your company will literally explode.  

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Wait a minute.


What’s going on here…

What changed?  

The product is still the same.  

You didn’t redesign it or reformulate it.  

It’s not new and improved.  

So what changed?  

You’re still as enthusuastic about it as you were on day one.

Did the market change?  

No the market is the same as it was.

There was only one change made and that change was Gene Schwarz ability to communicate all the value and benefits of your product to the market.

How would you like to turn 80%
of your marketing efforts into BIG WINNERS?

This sea change that has just taken place with your business is no fluke either. Gene Schwartz preformed these feats of magic all the time.  

In fact, Gene was so successful at writing direct advertising copy that his hit ratio was 80%. 

For every 100 promotions he wrote, 80 were winners.

Big winners!

His success was not limited to a particular product or industry either.

Gene simply knew how to sell.

He understood people … what makes them tick … and what makes them buy.

Gene sold everything.  

He sold newsletters.  

He sold millions and millions of books!

He sold cosmetics, health products, fertilizer, cassette tapes, toys, even coffee.

So the question I have for you is, “Do you want to tap into the GENIUS of EUGENE SCHWARTZ?”

“Do you want explosive profits?”  

“Would you like to have hundreds even thousands of customers for your products?”

If the answer to any of these three questions is YES then you MUST GRAB this collection of 27 RARE and EXTREMELY VALUABLE swipes files.  

It wil not be available for long.  

There is a tremendous amount you can learn from them and from Eugene Schwartz. 

Picture this happening to you…

These are homeruns attributed to Gene.

  • One ad he wrote sold 1.98 million copies of a single $25 book.
  • He wrote an ad for flowers that exhausted the supply in nurseries.
  • He generated an avalanche of over 2 million orders for a single fishing lure!
  • For another company, he opened the financial floodgates, pulling in $150,000 in three days for a book on car repair!
  • He created $25,000 in sales from an ad in one newspaper for a children’s toy.
  • Another company received a windfall of nearly $50 million as a result of Gene’s work to sell its natural health book
  • Gene sold 600,000 copies of a book about how to improve your child’s grades.
  • One campaign he created for television resulted in 1 out of 14 television owners purchasing the product!

This is just a small sample of the type of breakthrough sales successes Gene experenced throughout his career.

He revived flagging markets and he can revive your’s.  

He took products that nobody else could move and turned them into bestsellers and he can do the same for you.

Heck, he even sold poetry through the mail, SUCCESSFULLY!

Eugene M. Schwartz may no longer be with us physically but through the GENIUS of his REMARKABLE copy we are able to learn from him and graft his molecular genius right into our own DNA!

This collection is your first step.  

There is more to learn but this ONE-OF-KIND Collection will go a long way towards giving you a life that will never be the same.

You might be asking why in the world I would be willing to part with this literal gold mine.  

It represents some of the finest copywriting materials on the planet.  

There is so much incredible value packed in these 27 swipes that at $47 you would have to be crazy to pass it up.

When you really think about it,it is madness…

The main reason I’m making such a WILD OFFER, is that I live, eat, and breathe this stuff and if you’re REALLY SERIOUS about become a world class copywriter than YOU need to do the same. 

I MUST BE THE CRAZY ONE to make and offer of this magnitude, but there is a method to my madness. When you begin to study these ads you will never look back.  

It’s a crazy offer and my strong recommendation is that you ACT NOW, Before I come to my senses! 

To YOUR Copywriting Success,

Roland Millaner – Copywriter
aka “The Professor”
CIO. Copywriting Hitman

P.S. Remember, this collection will put you on the fast-track to the copywriting big leagues as you look directly into the mind of someone who’s been there and produced an astonishing 80% success rate with his direct mail ads.

So, I am doing something that I have never done before…I am opening up my file cabinet and making available for the very first time this RARE collection of 27 Eugene Schwartz long copy print ads.

P.P.S. This great swipe file will be YOUR own little treasure chest provided in a separate folder and containing all the ads so you can learn from them and study them up close.  

Disassemble them and scrutinize every aspect and technique used.

The offers alone will give you millions of dollars in marketing ideas.

You’ll be able to read every word and then apply it immediately in your own offers.

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