You’ll have an enhanced reputation as a rock-solid-perfect copywriter by the end of your very next assignment…GUARANTEED!

Not if you ask most copywriting pro’s.

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Ask the guy who just WON the most recent Gold Radio Lion For A Recent Campaign..

From: Roland Millaner- Copywriter

It is unlike any story of hardship and success you have ever heard but Manish has never shied away from hard work.  

When the administrative officer at Mumbai-based ad agency Ambience Publicis, mentioned that the only vacancy was that of a head peon, Manish Patel took up the offer. 

In the few seconds it took to make up his mind, his heart sank.

He had applied for the position of accountant, and his answer shocked the interviewer.

But since his father, a stock broker, had just lost his job, he had no options left.

He had applied to several firms after graduation, but Ambience was the only company that responded. 

Three years later, Manish relocated to the fourth floor and became a copywriter, he quickly went on to win a Gold Radio Lion for an incredible ad campaign for BullZi Placement Consultancy. 
They now call Manish “The Beast“… because he breaks long standing controls at will. 

He proved it when he won the Gold at Goafest 2006… and then proved it again when he took the Gold at the 2008 Cannes championship. 

Completely humbling every world class copywriter in attendance. 

Just in case anyone thought the first time was a fluke.

When “The Beast” writes copy… any competition is over, creating a control piece that out performs for years, exactly as planned.

What’s this got to do with you?

Everything… if you want to tap directly into the hidden untapped power inside you. 

And start launching your own breathtaking profitable advertising controls of stunning accuracy.

Here’s the good part: Once you learn a few simple secrets of maximum performance…It’s EASY To Add Another $30, $40 or Even
$50 Thousand Dollars of Profit to Every Campaign!

I know I’m losing a lot of copywriters here… because most guys just refuse to believe it can be so simple and easy to master powerful performance techniques.

So remember… I CAN’T be pulling your leg. 

The entire professional copywriting world is watching.

They Would Sue The Faded Jeans Right Off My Ass If I Was Lying!

I love sticking it to the “powers that be” like this.

You know who I mean — all the arrogant “copywriting experts” who make a living convincing people you need to work long and hard perfecting your craft, without any fun, if you ever wanna get good at it.

They’re the guys behind all the boring articles in the magazines… and they’re the guys you’ve probably already spent a fortune with on copywriting courses and seminars. 

And you still feel you’re years away from your first assignment.

Well, listen up. 

You can start launching stunning, direct, jaw-dropping control pieces on your VERY NEXT PROJECT! 

What’s more…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a line of ad copy…

It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or any debilitating ailment that prohibits you from using a writing instrument…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rank beginner, or have been struggling at copywriting for decades…

And… it doesn’t matter if you still think I’m lying to you about how easy this is.Nope.

The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to start smacking home run advertising campaigns, the longest and most accurate controls pieces the ad world has ever seen. 

You bring the desire.

I’ll provide the simple, easy secrets. 

And… overnight… your entire copywriting life will change forever.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get: In the spirit of Manish “The Beast” Patel I have done all the hard work for you.

Long ago, I took 8 weeks to discover every secret that Manish used to annihilate every control in his path. 

If there was a killer control ad from 1964, he hunted it down.

If there was a killer copywriting technique being taught in some God-forsaken corner of the country, Manish found it.

If there was a rumor of a secret anywhere, Mr. Patel devoured it.

After that intense research… I had Hundreds of hard-core tips on power copywriting, a massive collection of swipe files and copywriting research papers

Then came the hard work — I tested them all out.

Tossed out the ones that simply didn’t work.

Tossed out the ones that required any kind of extraordinary skill.

Tossed the ones that required too much research.

Tossed everything that wasn’t straightforward, provable and easy.I ended up with just 7 Core Manuals.

Just 7…

The exact  documents and manuscripts that Manish used to create his killer formula are all here.  

What’s more it is relatively easy for you to duplicate his system.  

Life leaves clues and this is a huge one!

There is nothing in Manish Patel’s system that is difficult, hard or even that rare, it’s just that he organized it in such a way as to create a fool-proof system one that is east, straight-forward and above all else DUPLICATABLE!  

Manish’s system is a complete one and one that will have you running to the bank, wheel barrel in hand, full of freshly minted profit.  

“The Copywriter’s Competition Annihilation System” Is Simple To Use, Straightforward and Effective!

Would you like to get started as a highly paid copywriter?  

I mean really get started on the right foot?

You can!  

You can reinvent yourself and “install” these copywriting skills into your mind almost overnight. 

Just study and apply these 7 simple and straightforward manuals in the exact sequence that Manish used them… and then go and knock off a control piece and send it out of the park….

Still don’t believe me?

That’s okay.

I totally understand.  

Copywriting courses are a dime a dozen, so I would be skeptical too.  

All I ask is that you keep an open mind…

Listen: Not only do you not risk a penny by giving these secrets your own “trial run”… (because I offer the best 100% money back guarantee on the net)… but… if you do order this course, and you decide it’s all a bunch of bunk…

I Will Return Every Penny
Of Your Purchase Price

That means… you can learn all of these copywriting secrets… even try out some campaigns with them… and do it all with “No Risk”.

Just see if “The Copywriter’s Competition Annihilation System” really can turn you into a monster of copy.And here’s the big secret no one else will tell you: Just by writing out the swipe files contained in this package… you will train your subconscious to write like a master of copy.  

That one act alone will load your writing with more UNCONTAMINATED POWER than you ever believe you could have. 

That’s another $20 thousand dollars of pure profit right there.

It’s just going to change your life forever.

You will earn respect… and learn to love copywriting all over again.

I’m HOT to get this entire set of materials The “Copywriting Competition Annihilation System” to you. 

The main reason I’m even sharing these incredible secrets — especially for such a ridiculously low price — is that I can’t stand to see so much wrong information being taught out there anymore

I HAVE the secrets.

I can teach them to you, quickly and easily.

It’s high time I got the word out.

Lemme tell you: I’ve seen a lot of copywriting courses that purport to teach you the real art of writing drop-dead copywriting controls, and they simply do not deliver the goods. 

This is the real thing. 

I’m passionate about teaching you the exact skill set you need to write control busting copy, and I’m totally invested in teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know.

Manish Patel is a mild mannered copywriting genius.  

He has never revealed his system to anyone.  

He has never written a course, never appeared at a copywriting or Internet marketing seminar and never done any personal training (as far as I know).

But today you have the rare opportunity to sit at his feet and be given a guided tour through his system.  

If Manish were to personally train you in “The Copywriter’s Competition Annihilation System” it would cost you upwards of $25,000 because that’s how much time I have invested into the system.

In fact any training course on copywriting or copywriting workshop worth its salt would cost you $10,000 – $15,000 plus airfare, hotel accommodations, and food.  you’ll learn 101 times more from using this package than any week long training course. 

And you aren’t even going to pay one tenth of what a weak-kneed training course would cost.  

In fact you aren’t going to pay one half of that, no not even a third.  

What you pay for The Copywriter’s Competition Annihilation System is $5997 $297!

So here’s what you need to do now: Simply click on the button below:

The price for these amazing materials are just $5997 $297!… and it includes…

The Course Materials: Study These Manuals In Exact Order! 

Varying The Order of Study Will Have Adverse Effects On Your Results!

Manual #1 : No BS – Business Success Book – This is the book that started it all off for Manish.  

It is your core business building book for life use it to build a business that will totally annihilate your competition. (126 Pages)

Manual #2: Copywriting Firepower – Marketing Secrets of the Gods – This rare manuscript was Manish’s first step in codifying his game plan for winning the copywriting wars.  

It will enable you to destroy anyone in your path. (11 Pages)

Manual #3: Secrets of Writing Headlines That Could Make You Rich – Manish then began to work on his craft.  

He knew that rich and powerful headlines were his key to attracting maximum attention and exposure so he began to pour himself into it.

As you do the same you will catapult your copywriting into the stratosphere. (41 Pages) 

Manual #4: 140 Headline Ideas – 140 Easy-To-Use Tips, Techniques and Ideas for creating Powerful, Riveting Attention-Grabbing Headlines! 

With this awesome step by step guide to crafting mind boggling headlines, Manish was able to hone his laser-like craft to an even sharper more focused vision.

This manuscript and the previous one provide you with a one-two punch, taking out all competitors.  (21 Pages.)

Manual #5: THE CHECKLIST – Manish’s CORE checklist which enable him to make sure he had covered all bases, even the one his competition never thought of addressing!

Manual #6: Online Marketing That Works – Knowing that without a thorough understanding of online selling he would be at a severe disadvantage with regards to his competition,

Manish set out to dominate the Internet and social marketing with his advertising messages utilizing this incredible resource. (47 Pages)

Manual #7: Million Dollar Online Advertising Strategies… – 13 unusual differentiated examples that Manish used to supercharge his results and dominate his competition. (106 Pages)

But That’s not all, not by a long shot, because I’m going to include the essentials out of Manish’s vast collection of swipes. 

Every great copywriter has an ever increasing collection of swipe files and this, his core collection will be handed to you on a silver platter.

The Swipe Files: These are Manish’s Personal Swipe Files The Ones He Uses To Craft His Control Busting Letters
100 of the Greatest Sales Letters (225 Pages).

The Sample Use Only – Do Not Copy Swipe File (1178 Pages).Dan Kennedy’s Personal Swipe File (324 Pages).

Ken McCarthy’s “Famous” System Letter (16 Pages).The “Incredible” Dr. Nielson Letter (1 Page).

The Greatest Sales Letters of All Time (457 Pages).The Billion Dollar Ad Collection (373 Pages)


You read that right you get 2574 pages of swipes.  

It really doesn’t matter how many of these you may already have with a collection of 2574 pages of swipe files valued at $193,050 you are bound to find dozens and dozens of incredible swipes that you have never laid eyes on.

This entire package has a real world value of over $200,000 but it can all be yours today for just $5997 $297!

And you don’t risk a penny. 

Because you have our…9-Month 100% Money-Back No-Risk Guarantee!

Order “The Copywriter’s Competition Annihilation System”, and take 9 full months to decide if you even like what I’m is telling you. 

If you want your money back — for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason at all — simply give me the word, and I’ll promptly send you a full refund.

No questions asked.

No hassles, either.

Your word is gold.

Plus… if you do ask for a refund…

You can still keep and use everything in this package…after all it’s already on your hard drive.  

I assume all the risk and you can effectively rip me off, if that’s what you want to do. 

That’s how much I believe in this course.

So take action NOW!

Today, while you are still reading this letter. 

Just imagine yourself pumping out control busting copy in a few days… smiling so hard your cheeks hurt… because you’ve just launched another dead-solid, laser-targeted campaign deep into the heart of your closest competition.

In just a few hours, this offer will vanish like smoke.

Simple secrets.

Easy to use, no matter where your current skill level is. 

Add $30, $40, even $50 thousand dollars of extra profit to every campaign.

It’s all waiting for you.

If you hurry.

To YOUR Copywriting Success,

Roland Millaner
a.k.a. “The Professor”
CIO, Copywriting Hitman

P.S. Remember… you have a 100% money back guarantee

You cannot lose.