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That Speak The TRUTH!” 
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From The Desk of: Roland Millaner
Time: Wednesday, 6:09 PM

What is the one missing element…an element that is sorely lacking from the majority of sales copy? 

It’s a problem that has existed for 100 years or more.

There was a man at the turn of the last century who knew about this key element.

He wrote some of the greatest ads of the 20th century.

Today he’s nothing more than a forgotten guru from olden times.

That’s a shame because his ads were not only hugely successful, but very instructive for anyone wanting to know the master key to effective marketing.

Bruce Barton had discovered the golden key that unlocks that special door in people’s minds. 

This door is usually closed and unless it is opened with a special key no sale takes place.

Once the Door is Opened,
Then You Have A Receptive
Audience and the Reader
Will Listen to What You Have to Say.

The presence of this essential element, this golden master key was not known prior to its discovery by Barton in the 1920’s.

Since Barton’s death in the 1960’s it has once again vanished into the sands of time.

Believe it or not, some of the most famous and successful sales letters are missing this key element.

I’m talking about letters from the likes of John Caples, Maxwell Sackhiem, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, etc.

Powerhouses in the field of direct response copywriting and yet this critical element is missing from their writings.

Who knows how much more powerful and successful their letters would have been if they contained this one “secret” and missing element.

John Caples was a master at writing ads.

Yet, deep down inside he knew his writing was flawed.

He even said so.

When asked who he thought was a better copywriter than himself; he said without hesitation, “Bruce Barton!”

Caples said that Barton had one thing every copywriter should have but doesn’t.

Keep in mind that without this essential, missing element ALL your copy has the potential to reek of a peddler selling his magic elixirs.

You’ll Be Reduced to a Hired Assassin.

Numerous studies have proven that there is one key component that keeps people from buying…


Bruce Barton regarded sincerity and truth as the #1 ESSENTIAL for effective copywriting. 

Without sincerity you are lying to your customers.

If Barton didn’t believe in a product, he wouldn’t write about it.

If you don’t believe in a product it’ll show, customers will feel it too and they won’t buy.

You know this is true.

Every time you read an AD your BS Meter goes into High Gear.

You’re always asking yourself, “Is this true?” “I wonder if these testimonials are real?”

Statistics show that you are more likely to read a news story than you are to read an AD because you just don’t believe a word of it.

Do you have a deep, passionate belief in what you are selling?

If not, then you should STOP!


When you seriously believe in what you are doing the copy just flows.

It’s easy, sincere, informative and helpful.

Your readers FEEL your honesty. 

They sense your passion and they believe you.

Bruce Barton created marketing campaigns that broke all records. 

He sincerely believed in the products and causes that he represented.

For example:

•    In 1925 Barton wrote an appeal letter for Berea College. Although the letter was only sent to 24 people it received a 100% conversion rate (the only one in history) and brought in over $30,000 in contributions…

•    Between 1944 and 1960 Barton wrote a series of 21 letters raising funds for Deerfield Academy. These letters were so sincere and moving that they are regarded as some of the finest examples of sincere writing ever compiled.But…

Perhaps his GREATEST WORK where the ads he did for the Alexander Hamilton Institute.

They hired the absolute best copywriters in the world and their ads were different, really different.

The majority of the ads for the Alexander Hamilton Institute told stories; sincere, honest, heartfelt stories.  

Storytelling is what separates a competent copywriter from a master copywriter. 

So, if one were to concentrate of learning to weave sincere and honest stories into his/her copy they would immediately be vaulted to the top of the copywriting world.

What Do I Mean?

Here’s an example…

In 1975 Martin Conroy was working at BBDO, (the same firm co-founded by Bruce Barton that did the original ads for the Alexander Hamilton Institute).

As a senior copywriter, he was given the assignment to create a new ad campaign for the Wall Street Journal.

He wrestled with it and wrestled with it.

Coming up with an idea and a concept and then quickly trashing it.

Then while looking through his library of advertising and copywriting books he came across “Advertising Copy” by George Burton Hotchkiss.

This book is one of the greatest books on copywriting ever published.

Having been out of print since the late “40’s, it is almost impossible to find today.

As he flipped through the pages of the book he came across an ad that ignited a light bulb in his brain. 

It was a 1919 ad for the Alexander Hamilton Institute written by Bruce Barton…

Bruce Barton Copywriting Swipe File

Martin Conroy had discovered Bruce Bartons “secret.” 

He had discovered the missing element.

That ad above was the springboard for the most successful sales letter of all time.

With this ad as his inspiration, Conroy went on to write the famous “two young men” letter for the Wall Street Journal

That letter generated $1.5 billion dollars in revenue over a 28 year period…

That’s right this letter created by literally swiping an ad from 1919 became a 28 year control piece and brought in $1.5 billion in revenue. 

So how does one take a 56 years old ad and transform it into a conversion power house?

It’s really quite simple, my 8 year old daughter could do it, in fact she does do it and all children do.

Children are the greatest storytellers.

That is what Martin Conroy did.

He tapped into his childlike nature of curiosity and inquisitiveness to weave a SINCERE tale that led to over $1.5 billion dollars in sales…and you can do it too!

More People Will Read It.

This is one of the most important lessons in all of human relationships and communication.

If you really want folks to listen to what you have to say….then perhaps taking the time to craft a SINCERE, tight, interesting, entertaining and MEANINGFUL STORY, is something worth doing.

What Martin saw in the above ad was sincerity in story. 

Here look at this eample:

“From a certain little town in Massachusetts two men went to the Civil War. Each of them had enjoyed the same educational advantages, and so far as anyone could judge, their prospects for success were equally good.

One man accumulated a fortune.

The other spent his last years almost entirely dependent upon his children for support.”

The “Civil War ad” appeared in “Advertising Copy” under the section titled “Story and Dramatic Copy.”

And that is exactly what it is, a sincere and dramatic story, as told by one of the greatest story telling copywriters of all time, Bruce Barton.

In fact his ability to sincerely weave a story into the copy, or was he weaving copy into the story, made him not only one of the most successful admen of the 20th century but also one of the most remembered.

When done with sincerity, story telling is the most important skill that you can acquirer as a copywriter. 

It will make you a fortune as it did for Martin Conroy, and it really only takes one letter to make you a hero.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a great storyteller but you need to be TOTALLY SINCERE.

Conroy was not known as a great copywriting storyteller, he died in 2006.

I know of no one who can name another ad by him, though he wrote countless others.

This one ad brought Martin Conroy wealth beyond belief and was enough to put him in the copywriter’s hall of fame…


Bruce Barton Swipe File - Marti Conroy Wall Street Journal LetterOnce Conroy made the discovery of Bruce Barton’s “secret” he went on to study more Alexander Hamilton Institute ads as further evidence that he had uncovered the “secret sauce” to effective copywriting. 

The “Civil War” ad isn’t the only example of Barton’s use of the essential elements. 

There were many others. 

Most of the stories are centered around “two men.”

This was the kernel, the raw spark that started the creative juices flowing.

It is all anyone needs to write sincere, wonderful, compelling copy.

Conroy went on to write this:

“On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two men graduated from the same college.

They were very much alike, these two young men.

Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both — as young college graduates are — were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these men returned to their college for their 25th reunion…” 

Are You Seeing It? 

Are You Seeing the Similarities? 

Are You Seeing It?

Conroy continues with his narrative in the letter sincerely showing the enormous difference in success achieved by these two men; one going on to become the President of his company while the other only rose to the position of an entry level manager.

As you read the Wall Street Journal ad and compare it to the 1919 Bruce Barton “Two Men/Civil War ad,” both included with this package, you will quickly see that ANYONE can revolutionize their writing with sincere storytelling.

The brilliance of Conroy’s copy is that he didn’t swipe just a headline, there is no headline in Conroy’s letter…there are subheads but no headline.

He didn’t just swipe from one letter. 

This is what most amateur’s do they completely miss the point of what to do with a swipe file.

They will just swipe a headline that has worked in the past and try to make if fit their product or service.

Or, they will swipe a whole letter and just re-work it to fit.

Master copywriters, like Martin Conroy do things completely differently.

They reverse engineer a selected swipe piece.

In fact, they will reverse engineer several pieces that are similar in nature and not to steal the words, that is unethical, wrong and boarders on plagiarism.

No, what they are looking at is the story plot, the story idea, the concept; in order to sincerely apply it and weave it into their copy. 

What Conroy discovered was an entire missing element. 

An element missing from the majority of copy for nearly 100 years.

A swipe file in its most brilliant use is a storyboard tool.

Apple, Microsoft and countless other companies use storyboards to flesh out a product or service before they ever bring it to market.

It is a process that they borrowed from the greatest storytellers on the planet…HOLLYWOOD!

Here are some other AHI ads that Conroy may have used as fodder for his Wall Street Journal letter:

“…The story concerns two young men who owned very modest homes in a middle western city.

Their wives were friends.

In the winter they played bridge together and tennis in the summer.

One worked in a railroad office, the other for a manufacturing concern, and their incomes were almost the same.

On Saturday afternoons they mowed their lawns shouting good naturedly to each other across the fence.”

By now you should be noticing a similarity in these ads.

If not go back and study them again.

Did You See It?

Do You Get It?

There are two things going on.

All the ads mention two men.

Both men have similarities; both men have a major difference.

The similarities are spelled out; the major difference is implied, it’s not specific.

In the AHI ads one man studies and applies the Alexander Hamilton Institute lessons and becomes a high ranking executive the other man stays at the same position he was at in the beginning of the story.

With Conroy’s Wall Street Journal ad a contrast is drawn between the two men.

One went on to become President of his company while the other man floundered as an entry level manager.

As you read the copy, the inference is that reading the Wall Street Journal made all the difference in the world to the man who becomes company president.

Also remember The Civil War ad mentions “two men” but the ad quoted above mentions “two young men” — exactly like the Wall Street Journal ad.

This is why I think Conroy used a number of Bruce Barton’s ads to construct the Journal letter.

The majority of the ads for the Alexander Hamilton Institute were written by Bruce Barton they are filled with sincerity and are written in an everyman style that is both down to earth and inspiring.

They Remain to This Very Day, Among the Finest Examples
of Sincerity and Storytelling in Copywriting.

The correspondence schools of the early 20th century were the absolute best at crafting advertisements that drew the reader in by the shear curiosity of the story narrative; the best of the best being the ads written by Barton on behalf of the Alexander Hamilton Institute.

The reason? 

Bartons real and honest sincerity. 

These were the ads that were used to teach budding young copywriters how the masters did it.

You can find a few of these ads online if you look but to be quite honest the quality is deplorable.

I downloaded a PDF that contained a few of these ads and they were absolutely unreadable.

It was horrible.

So, basically these ads have virtually vanished, they’re gone, they’ve disappeared and are no longer apart of the copywriting school of mastery curriculum, a least not in any form that is usable to learn from.

I think that this is an outrage a crime and a shame.

So, I decided to put out an all points bulletin to locate every single Alexander Hamilton Institute ad written by Bruce Barton that I could find.

Well I’m happy to report that we have found almost all of them from their original sources.

These are High Quality Graphics from the Actual Pages of the Magazine They First Appeared in; First-Generation, Hi-Rez Scans.

All the other sources, you know the ones who have all crappy scans; well they only have like a dozen at most, of these AHI ads.

But we, at the Copywriting Hitman have uncovered over 50 ads.

Now, to be honest, l know that Barton isn’t responsible for all of these but we are quite certain from the sincerity in style and narrative that he created the vast majority of them.


Bruce Barton Swipe File FolderThis wonderful collection of over 50 ads is a treasure trove of copywriting “secrets.”

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Bruce Barton Wipre File


Not only that but you are also going to get The Bruce Barton Quick Mastery Storytelling Course; a brand new publication of the Copywriting Hitman. 

This course lays out in plain and simple terms exactly how you, using your sincere, honest voice, can weave the storytelling techniques employed in the Alexander Hamilton Institute ads into your own writing.

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But that’s not all…

Bruce Barton Swipe File - Berea College Letter


One simple letter written in 1925. 

This letter is nearly impossible to find today, which is rather strange, because apart from the fact that it was written by Bruce Barton, it has the distinction of being the only sales letter to receive a 100% conversion rate.


You heard that right, a 100% conversion rate.

I know, I know; unheard of, and yet it’s absolutely true.

This letter that Bruce Barton wrote as a fund raising piece for Berea Collage is conservatively valued at $297 studying this letter will be a tremendous boost as you strive for copywriting perfection and mastery.

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BONUS #3:The 1925 fundraising letter Bruce Barton Swipe File - Deerfield Academy Lettersthat Barton wrote for Berea College wasn’t the only fundraising letter that he wrote.

In fact he wrote an entire series of letters for The Deerfield Academy from 1944 – 1960.

These VALUABLE and EXTREMELY RARE letters are nearly impossible to find although they were used as a master course in writing appeal letters.

We at the Copywriting Hitman have located 15 of the 21 letters written.

I have am certain that we will eventually uncover all 21 letters.

The letters we did find are an absolute treasure trove of tips and techniques for using sincerity in your copy.

When we found the letters they were in abysmal shape.

However I was determined to see these letters restored to their original luster.

I am happy to report that we have returned these very valuable and historic letters to nearly mint condition.

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You’re also going to get a copy of Martin Conroy’s Wall Street Journal AD.

So that you can study for yourself and compare how Conroy did it.

Again if you look online, most versions of this ad are in poor resolution and you can hardly read the text of the ad.

Not with our version.

This copy of the famous ad is hi-rez and very, very readable. 

It’s valued at $77

But that’s still not all…

Bruce Barton Swipe File - Templates

Because you’re also going to get…


Seven plug ‘n’ play copywriting TEMPLATES. 

These templates were taken directly from the Alexander Hamilton Institute ads.

Each one basically gives you a blueprint to use the style of the ad for your very own product or service.

Just one of these templates alone is worth $97 and the whole set is valued at $587 which again is, more than the entire cost of the package.

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This is the most important package I have ever released.


Because every package I produce is done out of a sincere desire to become a better copywriter.

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Copywriting is a huge industry. 

There is no way in the world I could write every letter that needs to be written. 

There is a real need for sincere, world class copywriters, like you.

Sincerity is the magic key that is missing from 99.3% of all sales copy. 

Even when most copywriters try to inject sincerity into their copy, you can smell the stench a mile away.

Their sincerity is not genuine. 

That is why I’m releasing my entire research on Bruce Barton, the most sincere copywriter ever, at a very special price.

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Roland Millaner
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PS. This material has never been available before in such a complete system. 

Never has the magic of Bruce Barton’s genius been laid out in such a step-by-step, paint by the numbers fashion. 

There has never been a copywriting course quite like the Long Lost PRIVATE Copywriting System of Bruce Barton.

But you need to order now to LOCK in the great savings. 

The regular everyday price of this tremendous resource is $2997  $77 [TODAY ONLY]

Act fast and grab this unique package for just $2997  $77 [TODAY ONLY]…There are only a few left! 

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