How To Make £100,000 or More Each Year As A Used, Rare and Out-of-Print Book Dealer! The EASIEST Business That Really Makes Money On The Internet! 

Most people are not aware that everyday books, maybe even books you have in your house right now, are actually worth a lot of money!

Not all books are valuable, but how would you know the difference?

Until now, there was no easy way to tell.

I’ll give you the ‘inside’ story on how to setup your own business buying and selling certain used books that could earn you more now than you ever thought you could working from home! 

Dear Friend (if not now – soon!), 

My name is Roland Millaner.

I own and operate a rare and out-of print book business for almost 15 years. 

It hasn’t always been this way. 

I’ve been an information junkie, avid book reader and lover of books since I was very young.  

 A few years ago I discovered that certain books are highly valued by collectors worldwide and that you could make a living, even £100,000 or more each year buying and selling …used books!

I couldn’t believe it, until I discovered this ‘hidden market’ for used books in my local library. 

I was in my local, public library one day looking for any information that I could use to make some money.

I came across a book called, “Collected Books, A Guide To Values”. 

 Since I loved books I was curious about this book and what it was all about.

I picked it up and started reading it. 

I almost dropped the book on the ground, when I read that a certain book, in my own collection, was worth almost £3,500 and I NEVER knew it! 

I decided to purchase a copy of this Guide and when I got it I went through my entire library of books to see if any of my other books were ‘valuable’…. 

It took me several days, but when I was done I realized had a Gold Mine on my hands.

I had 22 books that were valued at £200 or more, and the total value of my ‘collection’ was £6,275! 

The scary part was I didn’t even know how valuable some of the books in my collection were.

Well, let me state that another way- I didn’t have a ‘collection’ at least I didn’t think they were a ‘collection’.

I bought books because I liked them… I didn’t even know they could be VALUABLE.

I had NO CLUE. 

Over the next several months I read as much as I could about used and rare books.

I also picked the brains’ every well-known and respected book dealer in my area that I could get to talk.

I tried speaking anyone and everyone in this business, but most weren’t willing to give up any of their secrets… except one old-time dealer. 

Maybe he was ready to retire, or he just wanted to help me get started in this business.

I don’t know.

But he told me enough to get me started in this business and even make a small fortune. 

That was over 10 years ago… 

Today the market for used and rare books is HUGE and growing each year.

The Internet has made it so much easier to buy and sell books.

The market is huge and many are making a small fortune in this pleasant “gentleman’s” business. 

Not made much money in your business? 

Have you bought an ebook, affiliate programme or licencing deal, used it, and not made the money you’ve hoped for?

Maybe you’ve tried to promote them and not had much luck?

Of course you haven’t made money.

This is perfectly normal, but… 

Don’t Worry, It’s NOT Your Fault… 



You’ve never been properly trained on how to buy and sell rare and out-of-print books that’s why. 

 Let’s face it, to become a doctor, learn how to ride a bike, or do anything worthwhile takes a little time. 

Why should learning how to buy and sell rare and out-of-print books be any different?  

But in time, you can become a highly skilled book dealer

You just have to be shown how to do it.

And once you’ve developed your skills, you’ll never forget them.

Just like riding a bike. 

It’s also a FUN business to be in, especially if you love books!

I think it’s one of the easiest businesses to start, one of the most profitable and one of the most pleasant. 

If you’re looking for information, that’s detailed enough to get you started, I have just completed a report on how to sell used and rare books online. 

One person who purchased the report from me recently wrote and told me her and her husband made an extra £1,000 in their first month (see below)! 

 This report is really a… 

a complete STEP-BY-STEP guide to starting your own online bookselling business! 

 I show you how to start and run a bookselling business out of your home – without having to set up and manage your own website.

That’s right NO website… 

The first 3 years I was on the Internet I used this exact same system to make a FULL-TIME living online! 

This is a REAL business you can start today… yes, today! 

Look, there are a lot of ‘systems’ you can purchase that show you how to make money online… frankly I haven’t seen one that you can use to build a ‘real’ business with… this is a REAL business you can build and build equity in that will be more valuable the longer you’re in this business.

It is not just an ‘online business’… it uses the Internet to sell and market your inventory, but you’re also going to auctions, meeting people, ‘scouting’ for books and doing something in the real world that is just, plain, a lot of fun! 

This is an affordable way for anyone who wants to get started in the most pleasant business I can think of, Online Bookselling, 

What’s so great about this kind of business? 

STOP and let me count them…! 

  • Sales come through existing online bookselling portals! 
  • You do NO SELLING (all you do is “list” books for sale)!  
  • Work at home!  
  • Watch the kids, play golf or take a nap while the business keeps working for you!  
  • Your store is open 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) without you!  
  • Your store keeps selling, even while you sleep!  
  • If you want, you don’t even need to leave your home for supplies, inventory or sales!  
  • No worries about not getting paid (you get paid BEFORE you ship a book)! 
  • No running to the bank to cash checks (using online payment methods like PayPal, 2CO, etc.)!  
  • No book theft (physical stores have BIG problems-you won’t)! 
  • Your store is online so you don’t have to baby-sit the merchandise!  
  • You don’t need to leave your day job (until you’re ready)! 
  • Home office expenses are tax deductible (consult your accountant)!  
  • Reduce your taxable income by deducting travel, meal gas and other expenses related to your business!  
  • Shut down your store whenever you want!  
  • Take a vacation with the click of a button! 
  • Run this business from anywhere! 
  • Move anywhere in the world without losing your business! 

This is the PERFECT business to operate now or in your ‘retirement’ years… it easy to do, very low stress, excellent income and requires very little of your time compared to most other types of businesses. 

 My guide leads you step-by-step, showing you how to set up and run an online bookselling business.

I tell you everything you need to know about this business WITHOUT leaving money on the table: where to sell, how to pack and ship, how to identify super-valuable books for .50 cents, how to manage your inventory, what to buy and where to buy. 

 This is a REAL business you OWN and OPERATE…it’s not an affiliate program or commissioned sales program… 

 Did I mention this is a FUN business…?

It really is.

You work as little or as much as you want… part-time or full-time it’s a great way to make money in your own business. 

 Testimonials like this are the reason I am offering to teach you about this business! 

“…able to Gross approximately £1,000.00 in our first month” 

Dear Roland: 

“…. I purchased a copy of a book you were selling about used and rare bookselling. 

My husband and I read the book and applied the lessons and have been able to Gross approximately £1,000.00 in our first month. 

First and foremost we wanted to thank you for your lessons. We are truly blessed to have gotten it.” 

Amira Rostami 

Try it for yourself right now and make some easy money. 

Would you walk down the street and not stop if you saw a £100 bill sitting on the ground?

Of course, you wouldn’t… but I guarantee you have walked past used books at yard sales, estate sales or even in used book stores that were worth $100 or more, maybe even £1,000’s that you could have purchased for a few pounds or less! 

 STOP walking past FREE MONEY!

Books are everywhere and almost NO ONE knows they are valuable! 

 With this kind of business you don’t have to operate it full-time!

You can do it part time.

When you’re out and about keep an eye out for used books, pick them up for pennies and sell them in your leisure for £100’s, maybe even £1,000’s! 

Quite frankly, whether you take this offer or not will not affect my finances but it will affect YOUR financial future!

 Oh yes, and another thing . . . 

You can rest assured there’ll be NO pictures of red 
Lamborghinis or desert island mansions in
 How To Make A £100,000 Or More Each Year As A Used and Rare Book Dealer On The Internet 

Let me tell you what you’ll receive if you order this Bookselling Manual: 

  • How To Make A £100,000 Or More Each Year As A Used and Rare Book Dealer On The Internet. This 153 page manual gives you every detail of this business and includes step-by-step instructions for making at least £100,000 a year in the used and rare book business starting today. 
  • How To Make A £100,000 Or More Each Year As A Used and Rare Book Dealer On The Internet – AUDIOS. The entire course on MP3 audio! Over 2 hours and 20 minutes of audio on exactly how the system works and how to make money in this business! Listen to these on your iPod, burn them on CD and listen in the car… it’s a great way to learn the business when you don’t have time to sit down and read the manual. Use it in addition to the manual to absorb the system and make sure you don’t miss a single money-making opportunity! 
  • SPECIAL BONUS: A Rare 33 Minute interview with David Vallieres, a widely recognized marketing expert in the used and rare book business. David shares his extraordinary successful techniques for buying and selling used books. He relates several stories how he was able to buy books for .50 cents each that made him thousands! It’s a rare opportunity to view the business from an expert’s point of view. 

 Order this course now and start your business today!

Here’s a terrific turnkey business you can start today! 



Sincerely yours, 

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Don’t forget. You get everything you need to start making money from this ‘hidden’ market today! 

You get the huge 153 page £100,000 Used and Rare Bookselling manual, the 2+ hours of MP3 audios and the BONUS interview session with rare and used book expert, David Vallieres