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Because of the ultra secret nature of these files and the fact that to the trained eye it spells out in detail stuff that will empower you beyond anything you have ever experienced before, that these are identical to the original notes I used when I was perfecting these techniques for faster growth as a copywriter (it’s priceless stuff)

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“I just never realized how important it is to study successful sales letters in business building especially those businesses that have plateaued and hit a growth wall. This was a shock — but a good one, because now I know there are no limits to how big my business can grow!”
Stephen Wright

“What got me is how EASY it was to weave the techniques and secrets I uncovered into my own marketing specialty!  It’s not even 10% of the work I imagined it would be from Jason’s letter… in fact, it’s so simple to look at these extremely successful letters and see it…I ‘got’ it after just one session!”
Derryl Terry