With only 2.3 square meters, the accommodation has running water, windows, a bathroom, a stove and even a fire extinguisher.

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January 12, 2021 2 min read

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The Airbnb hosting platform always surprises with the type of properties it offers, from huge mansions to tiny apartments. One blogger documented his experience renting the smallest house in the catalog: a motorhome measuring just 2.3 square meters in size.

Youtuber Ryan Trahan spent 24 hours in the micro-accommodation designed by sculptor Jeff Smith . This is located in the vicinity of Harvard University, in Boston, United States.

Despite its small size, the house has basic elements such as windows, a simple bathroom, running water and even a stove for cooking.

Ryan began his adventure by ordering a pizza delivery and even invited two friends to hang out. Later, a police officer approached him to inform him that the small motor home could not be there. So Trahan asked Jeff Smith and two unknown girls for help to move the house closer to the university.

During the night, the size of the apartment was the least of his problems, as a stranger tried to open the door. Since he was awake from the scare, the youtuber tried to make popcorn and almost started a fire.

Despite setbacks, Trahan overcame the challenge and spent an entire day in Airbnb’s smallest house. In the morning he made a whole bean coffee and shared his final thoughts.

“I entered this challenge to overcome one of my great fears. Realistically, it is not difficult to stay in a small space for 24 hours, it is just a mental challenge for me , “said the blogger. “It was actually super fun,” he added.

In just 10 days, the video that gives an account of Ryan’s adventure has accumulated more than 523 thousand views.

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