What is the best day to send email marketing

What is the best day to send email marketing

One, two, three, mother caught a flea.

Put it in the teapot.

And make a cup of tea.

Ooops! where are my manners.

Pardon my counting.

It’s near Christmas already and I can’t help but count the days.

How many days till Christmas day.

Speaking of which.

‘Tis the time where all businesses are scrambling to get ahead.

They are preparing for the BIG day.

Profit will be made for those who prepare for it.

We are all caught up with this yuletide season.

Loads of marketing mumbo jumbo and plenty of campaigns.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram – not to mention Tik Tok.

All of which we spend a heck a lot of moola for advertising.

But there is one marketing camapign that stood the test of time.

… And that is Email Marketing.

All the gurus agree that to succeed in email marketing, you should have a list.

That is true in a sense.

But if you do have a list, do we know when should we send it?

At what day?

And time?

Do you ever wonder which day is best to send your emails?

As it turns out – it’s not all that important!

According to our latest findings, the difference in the average open rate observed among emails sent on different weekdays is only around half percentage point.

That said, you should probably limit your communication around weekends when most people choose (or try!) to disconnect and relax.

Also, don’t forget that you can ask your audience about their preferences.

After all, they’re the ones you want to engage with your emails – so let them have a say!

Find out how often you should send out emails to your subscribers.

How to determine the right frequency and timing and more importantly: how to send the right kind of emails.

That means you’ll be able to increase your email marketing sales by mastering four different factors.

The first factor is Timing.

When is the right time to send your emails and there is no definitive answer to this, since it is different from email list to email list.

A study by Hubspot found Tuesday as the optimum day to send emails, while a similar study from GetResponse had the same result.

MailChimp, on the other hand, found Thursday as the right day to launch the most important emails of your email marketing campaign.

The second factor is Frequency. Should you send out emails multiple times a week or only once a month?

Again, it is different from email list to email list, but sending out emails too frequently is one of the top reasons why people unsubscribe from email lists.

But, on the other hand, if you email your subscribers to rarely, they might forget who you are an unsubscribe as well.

It is all about balance!

Next is Segmentation and this is the key to a healthy email list.

You have to segment your subscribers since each and all of them have different needs and wants.

Even though it is much easier to send the same emails to your entire list, this is a very bad strategy.

The last factor is Consistency.

When sending emails to your list it is crucial to be consistent.

It is, for example, a very good idea to tell your email list subscribers how often you are going to email them.

This can be an attempt to match expectations and, if you do this in your welcome email, they will know what they have subscribed to.

Lastly, I will give you a little BONUS tip: Make sure to be testing all of these factors and use the data to develop the perfect email marketing campaign for YOUR subscribers.

And that’s only the start, because . . .

Millions of followers and thousands of likes don’t always equate to conversions.

And let’s face it – most of us are not celebrities with millions of followers… nor would we want to be!

Social media is a big waste of time for most of us.

The conversion rate can be abysmal!

It all comes down to intent. 

And social traffic doesn’t have intentions to buy.

For example…when people come to Facebook…they scroll through their feed looking for items that are funny or filled with drama.

They’re not looking to purchase.

So you have to work hard to get them in the mindset of buying…which can be expensive with paid ads…or can take forever through any organic reach Facebook MIGHT allow you to have.

I do paid ads on Facebook – but it is hard… and my goal is to get them off Facebook and get their email address!

Contrast social media with email conversions that are as high as 5X as social with a return on investment that’s phenomenal.

This is because emails are delivered in a personal space. 

You’re not competing with 50 items in a news feed, memes, or even addiction tactics that sites like Facebook use.

People actually read email and don’t get distracted so easily.

Focusing On Email For Guaranteed Traffic

A common practice among people is to look for something new. 

This is why social continues to attract entrepreneurs for marketing purposes because it’s constantly changing something to keep people engaged.

However, email is almost the same as it was 20 years ago…yet, it’s still just as effective.  

Social will continue to be a fad and always have an uphill battle of trying to keep the masses attention.

Email on the other hand is ingrained in the minds of the population as a primary method of communication much like the cell phone.

This is why it makes sense to focus your efforts on email marketing for your business.

When you combine effective email marketing with targeted offers…the results can be incredible!

Plus, you’ll know that the intent of the email recipient is what you expect it to be from the email message.

If you’re sending a promotion and the recipient clicks the link in the email…they’re not wondering what’s on the other side of the link.

That’s why email traffic is one of, if not the best forms of traffic.

It’s predictable, highly targeted, and converts better than anything else.

With the first-ever at-home holiday season upon us, email marketing campaigns will be an even more important tool for marketers.

But how to cut through the noise of what might be record-setting volumes of emails?

First, marketers need to understand that campaigns ideally need to have already started; or […]

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With the first-ever at-home holiday season upon us, email marketing campaigns will be an even more important tool for marketers.

But how to cut through the noise of what might be record-setting volumes of emails?

First, marketers need to understand that campaigns ideally need to have already started; or at least have a launch date of sooner than later.

“A lot of marketers are actually predicting that instead of having a Black Friday or Cyber Monday in November, that the entire month of November is going to be [a] holiday season,” said Validity email Strategist Tori Garcia.

“This is so consumers can buy their gifts early enough in time to have them shipped and ready for Christmas.”

Watch Garcia’s entire presentation here.

Making a list

Before you can hit send, marketers have to make sure their email list and content are both optimized.

“Remove unknown users,” said Garcia.

“This is a great way to proactively preserve your sender reputation, because you can, with the help of a list validation service, pinpoint unknown user email addresses and remove them from your list.

It is painful to remove email addresses from your list, but if they are not good email addresses, there is no point in having them.”

Mistyped domains should be removed too, and the cleaned-up list that remains should be targeted with gradual distribution and slow increase of volume of emails over time, and not all at once.

“Avoid scheduling any type of full blown ESP migration or a warm up of a brand new IP,” said Garcia.

“During the holidays the volume is already really high because of the number of emails that retailers and brands are sending.

Mailbox providers are already having a hard time handling the influx of emails.”

Keep a close eye on content

Subject lines need to be optimize by emphasizing action verbs to get consumers to open email and pre-header text also needs to be optimized.

No matter the season, personalization is still the key to increasing email conversions.

Personalization means more than just customizing email content with the receiver’s first name, it means triggering messages based on consumers’ multichannel behavior.

Triggered messages can substantially increase conversions.

Triggered messages can be prompted by consumer actions, like abandoning a shopping carts, or from shipping and payment confirmations, or announcements like flash sales or a high-demand product being back in stock.

With an extended holiday season that will be more competitive than ever, making sure the foundation of your email marketing campaign is solid with efficient lists and creative content comes before building elaborate product promotions.

In Conclusion

We’ve all heard the headlines… “Email is king!”

“Email is dead!”

“Email, the most addicting drug on the planet”

“How to handle inbox overwhelm”

And on, and on they go.

In the blue corner you have “Expert #1” claiming social media is the way of the future.

And email is obsolete and ineffective.

And in the red corner you have “Guru #2” stating that email is the ONLY channel you need to use.

And that it has been, and will continue to be the most effective form of digital marketing available.

So who’s right?

Well… Neither (but the edge in this argument goes to Guru #2).

Which is why in this episode we’re talking all about email marketing, and why it’s more important than ever.

So is email marketing important?

Does it work?

And most importantly,

Is email marketing something you should invest your businesses precious time, money, and resources into?

To answer this, let’s look at a few simple facts.

Fact #1:

Email Works

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter.

So what makes it just so darn effective?

One, We all use email for both personal, and professional.

And two, Email is a medium that allows the development of a relationship by telling longer stories, including videos, and getting your customers to take action with embedded links.

Fact #2:

Email Is Everywhere

92% of online adults use email.

I’ve always wondered about the other 8% that don’t use email.

Who are these people?

I mean, Even my grandparents who are 85 years old have (and use) email.

Fact #3:

Be Seen and Be Heard.

A message is 5 times more likely to be seen in an email than through Facebook.

If you thought your email inbox was overwhelming, just take a quick look at your social media feed.


It’s like a high school talent show with everyone trying to get attention and be heard above the noise.

You also have a limited time to grab your prospects attention, make your point, and get them to take action.

Fact #4:

Show Me The Money

Email marketing has an ROI of 3800% And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that an ROI of 3800% is HUGE!

(Some statistics show the ROI is as high as 4300%)

In my opinion, email marketing is one of the best marketing campaign ever – bar none.

Your email goes straight to the customers inbox.

Which Facebook, SEO, Twitter – and who knows what – can’t even come close.

Email is personal.

Email can be a straight conversation between you and your customer.

And it produces a very big ROI for your marketing investment.

This Christmas season, give email marketing a go.

You won’t be disappointed.

Till next issue chaps.

One, two, three …

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